Hey guys. This will be a relatively short article, as it’s only a preview of what’s to come. More will be revealed by XL down the line, and some of what is shown might not even be fully set in stone. Additionally, these updates will be releasing over the period of several months, so multiple patches, and as a result, they will not be getting fully revealed all at once. That being said, many of these changes are welcome ones, and should improve the flow and understanding of the game, especially for newer players.

Combat Reorganization

For the longest time, Archeage players have had ten skillsets to utilize, with the occasional skills being added on to those ten, with some of those additional skills being the Abyssal Skills added in Patch 3.0. Along with the release of 3.0, XL had promised to explore new directions for skills, but these promises were mostly empty – until now.

With the June Update, XL will be introducing a new skillset – Abyssal. While this may sound redundant, it’s not as simple as one may think. The new skillset will be like any other existing one (i.e Battlerage, Sorcery, Vitalism, etc.), and will consist (mostly) of existing Abyssal skills. With Abyssal being the 11th skill tree, Archeage will now have a total of 165 unique classes. The selection of Abyssal as a skill is shown in the image below.

XL describes the Abyssal skill tree as a Magic-based one, which draws its damage from Magic Attack. The basic principles of the skills are similar to those that are currently in the game, so players will not feel alienated by this new tree.

Unfortunately, current Abyssal skills will be removed along with the update, so players will no longer be able to select Abyssal skills for a skill tree.

Finally, XL states that this is just the beginning of combat changes. During the second half of the year, XL promises that they will introduce a 12th skill tree to the game, and “show their ability to keep up with the expectations of players.”

Skill Changes

According to XL, there is a rather large deviation between the people obtaining active combat skills versus those who select many passives for more practicality and/or survivability. When players invest more heavily into active skills, fighting tends to become more difficult (Again, according to XL). Conversely, if one invests heavily in passives, it can make it difficult for players to react to various different situations.

As a result of this, XL has thought it a good idea to limit the number of available skill points anywhere from 15-19 (The actual number will be determined with more interior testing). That being said, these skill points will only be spent on active skills rather than both skills and passives.

With this change, XL expects operating in PvP to become easier, and increased diversity in that of active skills, as well as that this will make for a more enjoyable, unique experience for players.

With the change of skill points being only spent on active skills, XL is also adding a several skills (Three, to be exact) that are unlocked with a certain number of points invested in the tree (Like passives used to be). One can see them in the above image. That being said, these skills still cost 1 skill point to activate.

Contrary to that of unlocked skills, passives are now automatically activated when the requirement for unlocking them is met. No additional skill points are spent in the selection of passives, so players will be able to apply passives without any restrictions so long as they have met the conditions.

Combat UI Improvements

With the Summer updates, XL is hoping to make combat easier for players (Especially for new ones), so as for players to not lose themselves in the multitude of things they have to look out for when PvPing, or simply doing anything combat-related.

Combo Indicators

Combat skills in Archeage have a variety of effects and debuffs that are applied through the correct combinations of skills. These combos can be hard to learn, especially for newer players, especially from only the tooltips, which are limited in their scope.

As a result, XL is implementing a special UI just for the viewing of combos. It seems to work by selecting a skill (In the above case, Tiger Strike), after which other skills that go well with it are highlighted (The blue-bordered skills). XL hopes that this helps players learn more about how to combo and counter in PvP encounters.

Debuff Indicator

Archeage has many debuffs that put players in many different statuses, but it can be difficult to understand just how these debuffs work. As a result, XL has implemented a new status bar that they hope will give players an easier time with the game and its variety of debuffs and crowd-control, as is shown in the GIF below.

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Combo Indicator

Archeage’s combat is a combo-based system, and XL realizes that sometimes this in-depth system may be a little too much for some. As a result, they are adding what they hope are clear indicators for skills that combo well (Mainly those that inflict additional crowd-control effects) with previously-cast ones, as is shown in the GIF below.

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Housing UCC

For the longest time, players were able to use Crest Stamps on virtually everything but houses, with the usage of Crest Stamps being very limited for them. XL is pleased to announce they will be adding much more usability to Crest Stamps when it comes to Housing, allowing for players to apply unique pictures to their walls and floors.

An example is shown in the image below.

Dye Changes

The current dye system has limitations in the colors that one can apply, with the colors being predesignated upon purchase, and being unique for each dye item. With those restrictions in mind, XL is making changes to the system by allowing colors to be freely selected instead of being confined to one per dye. With the June update, players will be able to choose a color from a RGB palette and apply it directly to their costumes, as shown below.

Previous dyes will be discontinued, and there will be measures in place to replace outdated dyes with the new ones. Additionally, XL has stated that non-dyed clothes will come in a default of White dye.

So, I hope everyone enjoyed that! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the Comments section below, and be sure to join the Discord for the latest news!

10 Responses

  1. Virusanti

    I like the new Dye system and the houses begin able to use the Crests.

    Some questions, if abyssal skill will be removed, what will happen to those people that already have that abyssal? will they be compensated for each abyssal learned?

    And what about the titles? Will they become legacy and unable to get any more?

    • Mark

      You will be compensated for them. I’ll write up a section on this soon. Not sure about Titles yet. Likely revamped somehow.

  2. Rich

    They’ve done it, they’ve figured out how to kill their own game. Star Wars Galaxies all over again. Funny how people never learn from history.

  3. anthony southard

    Serpent’s sight moves to the new abyssal skillset? Or is it just gone? If gone, do archers gain range beyond 28 meters through another skill now? Perhaps one of the abyssal skills increases all ranges?

  4. Greg Harvey

    Not sure that these issues are the GLARING problems that XL has.. It’s like they are intentionally avoiding the elephant in the the room

  5. Zef

    So 165 unique classes but only a few will be viable and each class will be exactly the same because passive are automatically skilled. This is removing almost all customization. Everyone will run exactly the same build because they have no other options.

  6. Rich

    Mark, what has been the reaction to this disaster in Korea? Have you seen anything indicating their community reaction? I’m just really curious.

  7. Ainz

    Thy delete mana stars from occutism ? if so, why with what purpose really ? thy ruined mage so much and now again thy try to ruin it more…


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