Hey all! Long time, no see. I’ve been busy the last two months, but don’t think that I’ve forgotten about Omnom. Omnom has transitioned fully to omnom.gg, and I am back with articles. This article is about the September Update over in Korea, but I promise that the October and November Update articles are coming soon as well.

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Halcyona Arena

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With the September Update, XL introduced an instanced, arena-version of the Battle for Halcyona. Much like other arenas, this instanced version of the open-world event can be queued for via the Arena Queuing interface.

A single instance of the Halcyona Arena can have up to 100 Nuians, 100 Haranyans, 25 Pirates, and 25 players from Player Nations (It seems that the system groups all Player Nations into one category), with a minimum of 50 Nuians and 50 Haranyans being required for the battle to start.

When players enter the arena, they will automatically be grouped in a raid with players from the same faction, and in the event that a group of players queued up together through the pre-made queuing system, that entire group will be merged with the raid. Additionally, the Arena is cross-server, but the implications that this will have on players from Player Nations queueing up is unclear.

The image below is of the map of the Halcyona Arena, along with the bases of each respective faction.

The objectives of the battle remain the same: the opposing sides (Nuians and Haranyans) must destroy each other’s relic, and in the due process, defend their own. The arena has a time limit of 20 minutes, and players level 30 or higher can participate. Victory is achieved when one side destroys the other’s relic, or in the event that time runs out and this does not occur, the side with the most score will be declared victorious. A draw is possible if both sides have the same score. It is unclear as to what the objectives of Pirates and Player Nations are, aside from killing enemies.

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Players can track the progress of each side by looking at this UI, which is displayed at the top of the screen.


The table below shows the rewards for each outcome of the battle.

Arena ResultImageNameQuantity
First Place
attachment imageHonorable Victory Rank 41
attachment imageHiram Reinforcement Chest
(1 Unidentified Hiram Infusion
3 Abyssal Enhancer Rank 2)
Second Place
attachment imageHonorable Victory Rank 51
attachment imageHiram Reinforcement Chest
(1 Unidentified Hiram Infusion
3 Abyssal Enhancer Rank 2)
Third through Fourth Place
attachment imageHonorable Victory Rank 61
attachment imageHiram Reinforcement Chest
(1 Unidentified Hiram Infusion
3 Abyssal Enhancer Rank 2)
Drawattachment imageHonorable Victory Rank 61
attachment imageHiram Reinforcement Chest
(1 Unidentified Hiram Infusion
3 Abyssal Enhancer Rank 2)

Hero Changes

With the September Update, XL has revamped the Hero system, reducing the number of heroes in each faction, changing the Hero buffs, as well as revamping the rewards Heroes obtain.

Epherium Heroes were removed completely, thus reducing the number of Heroes to 6 per Haranya and Nuia, 3 per Player Nation, and only 1 for the Pirates. Additionally, there will now only be 10 candidates per election cycle, instead of the original 20.

Upon being elected, Heroes receive the following package (Depending on their Hero tier):

Hero TierItemQuantity
ErenorErenor Hero Cloak1
Raid Flare20
Flag of War5
Flag of Peace5
Flag of Choice3
AyanadAyanad Hero Cloak1
Raid Flare15
Flag of War4
Flag of Peace 4
Flag of Choice1
DelphinadDelphinad Hero Cloak1
Raid Flare10
Flag of War3
Flag of Peace3

New Hero Items

As you might have noticed, there are several new items on there, including the Raid Flare Flag of war, Flag of Peace, and Flag of Choice.

The Raid Flare is essentially a Guild Flare, but instead of summoning Guild members, it summons members of the Hero’s raid (Which he must be the leader of in order to use the Raid Flare). Up to 50 Raid members can be summoned with one Raid Flare. This item is exclusive to Heroes, and can only be obtained via the Hero Package received upon being elected. Hero Flares are timed and expire upon the Hero’s current term running out.

attachment image

Meanwhile, the new Flags are items that can be used by Heroes in order to change the level of Danger in the following regions:

  • Nuia: Cinderstone Moor, Halcyona, Hellswamp, Sandeep
  • Haranya: Ynystere, Rookborne Basin, Perinoor Ruins, Windscour Savannah
  • Auroria: Reedwind, Western Hiram Mountains

The Flag of War immediately changes the region’s level of Danger to War, while the Flag of Peace changes it to Peace, and the Flag of Choice changes the level to the choice of the Hero. In order to do this, Heroes simply must place the Flag on the ground in that region. After using a Flag on a particular region, a cooldown is put in effect for that region, during which time no Heroes can use Flags on the region. It seems that these Flags are reusable, and can be picked up after use. They expire upon the Hero’s current term running out.

Hero Cloak Changes

The Hero Cloak equip effects were changed, with much of the aura part of the Cloaks being removed. Instead, Hero Cloaks will give large buffs to Heroes that have them equipped.

The new equip effects are listed below.


Increases Stamina +100.
Increases Toughness +4,000.
Decreases damage received by Allies and their Pets/Summons by -4% within a 25m radius.


Increases Stamina +100.
Increases Toughness +4,500.
Decreases damage received by Allies and their Pets/Summons by -4% within a 25m radius.


Increases Stamina +100.
Increases Toughness +5,000.
Increases Attack Speed of all Allies within a 25m radius by +4% (Includes the Hero).
Decreases damage received by Allies and their Pets/Summons by -4% within a 25m radius.

Hero Missions

XL added 4 new daily missions exclusively for Heroes in order to help with Leadership. They are listed in the table below.

Mission NameObjectivesReward
Monster EradicationNo clue200 Leadership
No clue
No clue
Marine Warfare SupportComplete the Lusca Awakening Quest200 Leadership
Participated in the kill of the Abyssal Kraken
Defense SupportNo clue200 Leadership
No clue
War SupportComplete the The Battle of Mistmerrow Basin Quest200 Leadership
Complete the Assault on Mistmerrow Quest

Lunagem Enhancement

Players can now enhance their Lunagems in a system similar to that of the new Tempering one. Thus far, XL has only implemented this system for Tier 1 Lunagems, but it is likely that they will implement this for Tier 2 and Tier 3 Lunagems in the future.

A Lunagem can be enhanced up to 5 times, with a maximum tier of +5. In order to enhance a Lunagem, players must first obtain a Lunagem Growth Stone, with each tier having its respective version. Therefore, there exist 5 total Lunagem Growth Stones, one for each tier (0 to +1, +1 to +2, +2 to +3, +3 to +4, and +4 to +5).

The Tier 1 Lunagem Growth Stone is purchased from the Honor Shop for 1,500 Honor per. Further tiers of Lunagem Growth Stones are crafted, and their recipes are shown in the table below.

ImageEnhancement PhaseObtaining MethodCrafting Recipe
+0 → +1Honor Shop or Metal Boxes1,500 Honor
+1 → +2Crafting: Alchemy2 Tier 1 Growthstones
3 Superior Galeglow Lunarite
+2 to +3Crafting: Alchemy3 Tier 1 Growthstones
5 Superior Galeglow Lunarite
+3 → +4Crafting: Alchemy4 Tier 1 Growthstones
10 Superior Galeglow Lunarite
+4 to +5Crafting: Alchemy6 Tier 1 Growthstones
20 Superior Galeglow Lunarite

One Lunagem Growth Stone can enhance one Lunagem, and it is important to note that socketed Lunagems can be enhanced without having to be unsocketed, as shown in the image below.

attachment image

Each Lunagem enhancement takes 200 Labor, but it seems that enhancement occurs with a 100% probability of going up. Multiple Lunagems can be enhanced at once, as long as the player has the required number of Lunagem Growth Stones, and has selected all Lunagems that he wants to enhance, as shown in the interface above.

Once enhanced, Lunagems will also go up in grade, with +1 being Arcane, +2 being Heroic, +3 being Unique, +4 being Celestial, and +5 being Divine.

All Lunagems except for Sunglow (Pink) and Evenglow (Boss) Lunagems can be enhanced, and once enhanced, Lunagems can no longer be extracted (It seems).

At the moment, I do not have the full stats of enhanced Lunagems, but will have them up under the Tools section very soon.

Obsidian Changes

XL has decided to discontinue all Obsidian equipment. Existing Obsidian gear can either be used or converted into Infusions for Erenor or Hiram gear.

Converting Obsidian equipment can be done in one of two ways: either into Sealed Hiram Infusions, or into Sealed Erenor Infusions. This is done by using an Obsidian Convertor, which can be made at Mirage Isle from 1 Stone Brick, and can be used to convert all Obsidian equipment.

The table below describes the process.

Infusion TypeRequired Obsidian Tiers and GradesRemarks
Sealed Hiram InfusionAll Obsidian Tiers/Grades
  • Depending on the grade of the converted Obsidian gear, the quantity of Infusions obtained varies.
  • When converted, players obtain Refined Hiram Infusions.
  • Refined Hiram Infusions give a set amount of 1,000 experience, and can be used on any type of Hiram gear, regardless of the grade.
Sealed Erenor InfusionTiers 5, 6, 7/Celestial or above
  • Sealed Erenor Infusions are tradeable as long as they remain sealed.
  • Depending on the grade of the converted Obsidian gear, the quantity of Infusions obtained varies.
  • The obtained Sealed Erenor Infusions are of the same grade as that of the Obsidian that was converted.
  • Upon unsealing, players received Purified Erenor Infusions, which can be used on all Erenor gear (Except Cloaks) of the same grade.
  • Purified Erenor Infusions give 100 experience, regardless of grade.

In the tables below, the conversion ratios between Obsidian gear to Hiram and Erenor infusions are shown.

Hiram Conversion Table

TierTypeBasic to CelestialDivineEpicLegendaryMythicEternal
Hands & Feet555668
Hands & Feet88891113
Hands & Feet111112131518
Hands & Feet161718212430
Hands & Feet252629334052
Hands & Feet373942485774
Hands & Feet687999132187283

Erenor Conversion Table

Hands & Feet111213141415
Hands & Feet242527283031
Hands & Feet404245475052

Other Changes

  • If a member of the Pirate faction does not log in for 7 days, they will automatically be returned to their original faction.
  • The price of Tier 1 Lunagems was changed to 7,000 Honor per.

So, I hope everyone enjoyed that! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the Comments section below, and be sure to join the Discord and follow our Twitter for the latest news!

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  1. GeorgeNoX

    Hm interesting, do you know if old Halcy still gets Halcyona war campaign or is it now done only through this instanced version? As for new Hero flags, i can see these being missused so that for instance Reedwind is constantly pushed to war as to maximize loot drops for infusions or is there something in place to prevent that and still allow a period of peace?

    • Mark

      Yea, Halcyona War is still a thing. It’s important to note that the Halcyona Arena is only open in a window of time every day in Korea, but this is normal for Korean arenas, and has never been implemented in our version, so I didn’t mention it.

      I also thought about the abuse that could come out of the flags, and have no idea how they combat it. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. Rich

    So… any indication if, after a lunagem is enhanced, it actually keeps that enhancement score when you upgrade it to splendid or glorious? Or do we not know yet?

    Also, nice to see you back.

    • Mark

      It won’t as the enhancement doesn’t exist for Tier 2 and 3 Lunagems. In fact, once you enhance the Lunagems, it’s very likely that you can’t upgrade the Lunagems to Tier 2 and Tier 3 at all.

  3. Goethe

    Hey man, about Obsidian items, any info, if the T7(new T4) will still be able to be cloaked and traded?

  4. Nemanja

    Hey Mark, did you get more specific info about lunagem enhancement? I wonder how much will enhancing increase the stats!

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