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These are the full patch notes for the September Update, the overview of is here

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Arena Changes

Added a new arena: the Halcyona Arena. 

Added 21 new achievements related to the Halcyona Arena. 

In Halcyona, the Battle for the Golden Plains (Halcyona War) was removed. 

  • Removed the Battle for the Golden Plains quest.
  • Removed the forming of automatic raids for when Halcyona enters war. 
  • Removed the achievements related to the Battle for the Golden Plains. 

Balanced Arenas had the following effect implemented into them:

  • Weapon Ability (?) reduced by 50% and damage increased by 20%. 
  • Sleep time reduced by half. 

Pirate Changes

If a member of the Pirate faction has not connected for 7 days, they will automatically be removed from the Pirate faction and returned to their original faction. 

Changed the quest that players must complete in order to go Pirate to be available on all days of the week instead of just Sunday.

  • The restriction on the number of players a week that can become Pirates remains.

Hero Changes

Decreased the number of Hero candidates from 20 to 10. 

Changed the Hero Cape Effects.

  • Due to Epherium-level Heroes being removed, the Reduced Damage effect has been added to Heroes ranked Delphinad or above. 
  • The Delphinad-level or above Hero’s increased Movement Speed effect on their cape has been removed and instead added to Erenor Heroes. 
  • Added Toughness to all Hero Capes.
    • Delphinad Hero Cape: Increases Toughness by +4000
    • Ayanad Hero Cape: Increases Toughness by +4500
    • Erenor Hero Cape: Increases Toughness by +5000

Removed Hero Effects from all Arenas. 

Removed Hero Statues from the game (These were revamped and added back in the November update).

Added the Summon Raid ability Heroes. 

  • This is done by using a Raid Flare, a number of which are given to every Hero when they are elected.

Added the Flag of WarFlag of Peace, and Flag of Choice, a number of which are given to every Hero when they are elected. 

  • You can read more about these here

Added a number of daily missions exclusive to Heroes. 

  • Currently, there are only 4 in the game, and each reward 200 Leadership upon completion. 

Character Changes

Changed the effects of certain Basis Stats.

  • Spirit: Increased Mana Recovery from 0.2 to 0.3. Removed the increasing of Magic Defense from Spirit. 
  • Stamina: Now increases both Physical and Magic Defense by a certain ration with each point of Stamina (Seems to be a 1:1 ratio but this isn’t confirmed).

Changed the limit (cap) on some stats.

  •  Critical Chance: Now capped at 100%. 
  • Critical Damage: Increased Critical Damage limit by up to 300%. 
  • Attack Speed: Decreased Attack Speed limit from 4000 to 2000. 

The effects of Resilience have been changed, and Resilience has been made stronger overall. 

  • The value of Critical Hit Chance reduction per point of Resilience has been increased by 8%.
  • The value of Critical Damage Reduction per point of Resilience has been increased by 40%.
  • Changed the minimum rate of Critical Damage Reduction as a result of Resilience from 0% to 150%.


Skill Changes


Precision Strike

  • Changed Critical Damage to a fixed 70%. 
  • Changed Critical Chance to a fixed 35%. 
  • Changed Melee Attack Success Rate to 100% when attacking from behind. 


Earthen Grip

  • The combo with Enervate now only affects Mana. 
  • Removed the combo with Snare.


  • Duration increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. 


  • Increased the duration from 3 minutes to 10 minutes. 
  • Changed the increased Magic Defense buff to provide Fear Immunity instead. 
  • Changed to prevent Evasion, Shield Blocking, and Parrying when cast on an enemy. 

Focal Concussion

  • Changed the Slow debuff to the Sleep debuff.
  • Range decreased from 15m to 8m. 


Boastful Roar

  • Distressed now reduces Healing effectiveness by -60% for 7 seconds. 


  • Now gives increased Aggro.


  • Skill Level and Damage coefficients changed from 2.0, 0.3, to 1.6, 0.8. 
  • Duration decreased from 10 seconds to 8 seconds. 


  • Cooldown decreased from 120 seconds to 60 seconds. 


  • Cooldown decreased from 100 seconds to 60 seconds. 



  • Increased the duration of the buff from 16 seconds to 20 seconds. 


  • Now reduces the Healing of enemies within the radius by it by -60% for 4 seconds. 


  • Now silences enemies within the radius for 3 seconds. 

Absorb Damage

  • Changed to be active for 9 seconds when triggered, and now has a 20 second cooldown after the timer expires. 


Crippling Mire

  • Targets are now immediately Stunned. 

Absorb Lifeforce

  • Reduced the skill level damage coefficients from 4.8 to 1.5. 
  • Added a 60% Healing Reduction to the target while under the effects of the skill. 

Impale Debuff

  • Changed the duration of Impale from 1.5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Now a flat duration for all Impaling skills. 

Summon Wraith

  • Movement Speed reduction has been reduced. 
  • Attack Speed reduction has been reduced. 
  • Cast Time reduction has been reduced. 


Endless Arrows

  • Damage multiplier has been decreased from 52% to 50%.
  •  Slowed targets now receive an additional +26% damage instead of +42%. 

Charged Bolt

  • Slow duration increased from 2.5 seconds to 3 seconds. 

Blazing Arrow

  • Cooldown increased from 9 seconds to 16 seeconds. 

Double Recurve

  • Duration increased from 12 seconds to 20 seconds. 


Freezing Arrow

  • Cast Time decreased from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds. 

Arc Lightning

  • Skill Level and Damage coefficients changed from 2.7, 2, to 4.4, 2.2.
  • Cast Time has been fixed to 2.5 seconds. 

Searing Rain

  • Skill Level and Damage coefficients changed from 1.8, 1.3, to 2.1, 1.3.
  • Cast Time has been fixed to 2.5 seconds. 
  • Players are now immune to all debuffs while in the Channel status. 


  • Radius increased from 4m to 5m.
  • Increased damage coefficients on Wave Meteor.
  • Decreased damage coefficients on Lightning Meteor.

Mana Fountain

  • Duration increased from 12 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Now extendable for up to 60 seconds. 
  • Attack Speed Increase decreased from +150 to +100. 
  • Cast Time decreased increased from -10% to -15%. 


[Perform] Quickstep

  • Changed the duration from 4.8 seconds to 2.8 seconds. 

[Perform] Ode to Recovery

  • Changed the duration from 4.8 seconds to 2.8 seconds. 

[Perform] Bulwark Ballad

  • Changed the duration from 4.8 seconds to 2.8 seconds. 
  •  Changed Physical and Magic Defense from 1600 – 2400 to 3800 – 4800.
  • At Level 55, the Physical and Magic Defense values were changed from 2080 – 3120 to 4940 – 6240.

[Perform] Bloody Chantey

  • Changed the duration from 4.8 seconds to 2.8 seconds. 

Sonic Wave

  • Duration decreased from 5 seconds to 3 seconds. 


  • Increased the duration from 6 seconds to 9 seconds. 
  • Decreased the Skill Damage reduction from -35% to -30.
  • Decreased the duration of the disarming debuff from 6 seconds to 3 seconds. 


  • Decreased the +50% increased Critical Damage and Strike Chance to +30%. 

Lingering Impact

  • Changed the duration from 3 seconds to 2 seconds. 


Holy Bolt

  • Damage decreased overall.
  • Range decreased from 25m to 20m.
  • Cursed damage decreased from 37% to 20%. 


  • Removed the Dissonance combo.


  • Changed so that it heals more than 4 people. 


  • Damage slightly increased. 
  • Casting time changed from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.

Martyr’s Way

  • Changed the duration of Prayer from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. 
  • Changed the duration of Sacrifice from 8 seconds to 24 seconds. 

Item Changes

Released Tier 2 Lunagems on the Fresh Start Server. 

Changed the Use Effect on Monstrous Desire

  • Restores +75 Mana every second for 30 seconds. → Recovers 70 percent of mana in 30 seconds.

Certain Regrading probabilities were adjusted. 

  • Removed the possibility of downgrading at Celestial upon regrading. 
  • Added the possibility of crystallization not occurring upon regrading Divine or higher Crafted equipment. 
  • The higher the grade of an item is, the higher the chance of Crystallization. 

Removed the ability to create Obsidian gear. 

  • Existing Obsidian gear remains unchanged, and can continue to be used. 

Added an Obsidian Converter item, which is used on Obsidian gear to convert it to either Hiram or Erenor Infusions. 

  • The number of Infusions depends on the grade and type of Obsidian item. 
  • You can find out more here

Added Refined Hiram Infusions and Purified Erenor Infusions. 

  • These items can be obtained only through the conversion of obsolete Obsidian equipment., 
  • Refined Hiram Infusions can be obtained from all Tiers and Grades of Obsidian, and can be used to synthesize all Hiram equipment. 
  • Purified Erenor Infusions can obtained from Tiers 5, 6, and 7 of Obisidian gear, and can be used on Erenor of the same grade as the converted Obsidian gear.

Certain crafting materials for Obsidian dropped by mobs in the Library have been removed from the game. 

Spellshift Orbs have been discontinued, and players can disenchant them into the materials used to create them by right-clicking on the orbs. 

Lunagem Changes

The price of Tier 1 Lunagems in the Honor Shop has been changed from 10,000 Honor to 7,000 Honor. 

Changed the equipment score of Tier 1 Lunagems from 10 per to 24 per. 

Changed the Superior Lunarite used in making Lunagems. 

  • Superior Waveglow, Superior Fireglow, Superior Copperglow, Superior Earthglow, and Superior Galeglow Lunarite have all been merged into one item: Superior Lunarite.
  • Existing Superior Lunarite can be converted into the new item as follows:
    • 1 Superior Waveglow Lunarite → 1 Superior Lunarite
    • 1 Superior Fireglow Lunarite → 2 Superior Lunarite
    • 1 Superior Earthglow Lunarite → 2 Superior Lunarite
    • 4 Superior Galeglow Lunarite → 1 Superior Lunarite
    • 4 Superior Copperglow Lunarite → 1 Superior Lunarite

(Thanks to Sirochan for creating this image)

Added an enhancement system for Tier 1 Lunagems. 

  • You can find out more about this system here

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the Comments section below, and be sure to join the Discord and follow our Twitter for the latest news!

8 Responses

  1. Farkyl

    well battlerage seems like its taking a huge hit… with the 70% crit dmg cap on precision strike along with total nerf to all crit rates and damages being capped.. is it me or does it seems like TankAge is coming back!!! well that does work for me cause I am a Tank..

    • Rich

      That, as a minimum, needed to happen tbh. No more insta-I-win for battlerage. All that’s left now is to curb the insane mage damage.

  2. Kharabakh

    The new lunarite system seems interesting. Are lunarites still going to be available through prestige or is it going to be a copper/silver/gold locked crate only kind of a thing?

  3. Darkenrahl

    monstrous desire doesn’t regen +70% of max mana in 30 sec…it actually got nerfed form +75 to +70 mana per second for 30seconds…


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