No, this is sadly not the skill update. Sorry to get your hopes up.

Hey everyone! Today, I’ll be introducing you to the Korean September Update, which was implemented on September 21. Mostly, the changes were to systems implemented earlier this year, although there were some changes to older things as well.



Changes to Tier 1 Lunagems

Let us recall back to the Lunagem overhaul back in Patch 3.7. As you might recollect, there were two tiers of Lunagems in this rework, both being crafted, with the crafting of the Tier 2 Lunagems requiring Tier 1 Lunagems. When calculated, the total amount of materials required to craft a Tier 2 Lunagem from scratch was quite high, especially when taking into account that many of the materials took a while to grind out.

In this update, XL has scrapped the crafting of the new Tier 1 Lunagems, instead making them directly purchasable from the Honor Store for 10,000 Honor per Tier 1 Lunagem.

You can see that in the image below, courtesy of MaTT.

New Crafting Recipes

But that’s not the only thing that XL has changed with Lunagems this patch. Also changed are the crafting recipes for Tier 2 Lunagems. In order to craft them, you need 20,000 Handicrafting Proficiency and 250 Labor. The recipes are as follows:

TypeCrafting Recipe
T2 Green Lunagem1 T1 Green Lunagem
20 Fine Green Lunarite
50 Charcoal Stabilizer
10 Anya Ingot
4 Copper
T2 Red Lunagem1 T1 Red Lunagem
20 Fine Fire Lunarite
50 Charcoal Stabilizer
10 Anya Ingot
4 Copper
T2 Blue Lunagem1 T1 Blue Lunagem
20 Fine Wave Lunarite
50 Charcoal Stabilizer
10 Anya Ingot
4 Copper
T2 Yellow Lunagem1 T1 Yellow Lunagem
20 Fine Yellow Lunarite
50 Charcoal Stabilizer
10 Anya Ingot
4 Copper
T2 Brown Lunagem1 T1 Brown Lunagem
20 Fine Brown Lunarite
50 Charcoal Stabilizer
10 Anya Ingot
4 Copper
T2 Pink Lunagem1 T1 Pink Lunagem
20 Fine Pink Lunarite
50 Charcoal Stabilizer
10 Anya Ingot
4 Copper

Now, some of you might be asking how exactly you obtain the new types of Fine Lunarite that are listed in the crafting recipes above, specifically the Fine Green Lunarite and Fine Pink Lunarite.

Fine Green Lunarite can be bought from the Prestige Store for 30 Prestige per, and Fine Pink Lunarite can be crafted from Lord’s Coins, with 1 Lord’s Coins creating 2 Fine Pink Lunarite. The rest of the Fine Lunarite (Fire, Wave, Brown, etc.) are still obtained in the same way that they were being obtained before this patch. That being said, XL has slightly increased the drop-rate of Fine Yellow Lunarite, which can be obtained from the Mistsong dungeon, and have also slightly increased the maximum amount of Lunarite that one can obtain from an Aurorian Metal Crate.

Recipe Images

You can see the images for the crafting recipes below, courtesy of MaTT.

The Fate of Flux and Catalyst Stones

Ok, so far, so good. But there’s one more thing: What about Flux Stones and Catalyst Stones? For those who don’t remember, these were the Base Materials, with the Flux Stones being available from the Prestige Store for 20 per, and the Catalyst Stone being available from a General Merchant for 10 gold per.

Due to the changing of the crafting recipe, these items have simply been removed from the game. 

Title System Changes

As you may recall from the Title System section of my 4.0 Reveal article, XL revamped the title system in Archeage into a more customizable interface. One drawback of the revamped system was that every time one wanted to change titles, they had to buy an item from the Kyrios’ Medal store and use it in order to change their titles.

XL found that that was uneeded, and remade that item into the Seal-Changing Scroll, which is available from the Kyrios’ Medal Store for 50 Kyrios Medals. The function of this scroll is to change the special icons that can be displayed next to your name and are unlocked along with your Title Level, but now with this item, one no longer has to buy an item each time they want to change their title, and instead can change their titles freely, without any cost.

It is important to note that icons, like some titles, do give you stats.

An image of this title and what it changes is shown below.

An example of how an icon looks in action is shown below.

Cloak Changes

A common complaint among players was that after buying a cloak from the Guild Prestige Store, one could not change the cape to another roll. Instead, they were stuck with an Arrowflash Cloak, or if at Delphinad and above, it might have been a Flaming Arrowflash Cloak, perhaps by accident.

With the September Update, XLGames introduced resealing for Cloaks. As usual, one will use a Transmuter for the resealing of a Cloak, but how the resealing works is a little different for cloaks when compared to that of regular gear such as Weapons and Armor. All Epherium, Delphinad, Ayanad, and Erenor cloaks can be resealed with a Transmuter.

So what is different about the process? Once you reseal the Cloak, you cannot synthesize/level it any further. That means that if, for example, your Ayanad Cloak was 65% to Epic, it will stay like that forever, and even if you feed it more Synthium Stones, it will not go up in terms of experience. That being said, you get the resealed cloak with the exact same amount of experience that the cloak had when first sealed.

Also, in terms of the effects that you might get on your cloak upon opening a resealed version of the cloak, it is likely, but not guaranteed, that you obtain the default stat for your cloak type. So, for example, when opening a resealed version of a Twintail Cloak, there is a high chance that you receive Magic Defense as your stat, but that is not a guarantee. It is not known how other stats will be determined upon resealing.

Bonus: Info on the Turtle Ship

A lot of people have asked me if I had info on the Turtle Ship, and for a while, I had none. But, on September 28, exactly two months after the release of the Turtle Ship in Korea, the first ever Turtle Ship was obtained by the most geared player (Eternal buff).

The process to obtain it is as follows: First, one must obtain the Turtle Ship Design from the Kyrios’ Medal Store, the design costing 10,000 Kyrios’ Medals, and the Medals being obtained from the Naval Arena. After you obtain the design, you must go to the ruins of the original Turtle Ship under the Arcadian Sea, and then Salvage the Turtle Ship using the design. And that’s it! After that, you obtain your Turtle Ship Summon scroll.

Ship Abilities

attachment imageForewindTakes advantage of the wind to briefly increase ship speed.
attachment imageQuick TurnAllows the ship to quickly turn for 6 seconds.
attachment imageOwner’s MarkIf you get off the Steering Wheel, does not allow players to use the ship’s wheel for a certain amount of time.
attachment imageBattle Stations! (Defensive Positions)Switch the ship to Battle/Defensive mode.
attachment imageAt Ease! (Sailing Position)Switches the ship to Travel Mode.

Ship Component List

NameQuantityLocationDefault PartComments
Figurehead1Front of the shipDragon FigureheadReplaceable.
The default figurehead can be lit up, but cannot be regraded.
Cannons6On the side, inside (3 left, 3 right)Multipurpose CannonReplaceable.
Storage4Inside, in the centerZephyr Trade Pack StorageReplaceable.
Radar1Above the mast, in the Crow’s NestZephyr CompassReplaceable.
Paddle8Side (Arranged between guns)Fixed equipmentPlayers can alternate between pushing and pulling in order to
increase the speed of the ship.
Drum1Inside, at the frontZephyr DrumReplaceable.
If you used,  increases the speed of rowing.
Sail1MastTurtle Ship SailReplaceable.
Mast1CenterZephyr MastReplaceable. Also serves as a passageway for moving between the interior and the roof.
Plank1RoofZephyr PlankReplaceable.
Closing it prevents movement between the inside room and the roof.
Rudder1Stern (Back)Lutesong Zephyr RudderReplaceable.
Anchor1Inside, at the frontNot ReplacableUsing the anchor stops the ship and moor it.
Spiked RoofN/ARoofNot ReplacableEnemies standing on the roof take about 1000 damage every 2-3 seconds.

Dragon Figurehead Skills

 IconTechnical nameeffect
attachment imageDragon’s BreathSpews out a fireball from the mouth of the figurehead in a 15m cone and continuously damage enemies for 1320 – 1430 damage.
attachment imageLight of the SeaTurn the Light of the Sea on and off. (Shown in the Images section)

Rowing Options

attachment imageRowing: PushingIncrease the ship’s speed and turning speed.
The oars work quicker when the Drum or Bell is being played on the ship.
attachment imageRowing: PullingIncrease the ship’s speed and turning speed.
The oars work quicker when the Drum or Bell is being played on the ship.

Now, you might be confused as to why the effects are exactly the same. Don’t worry, I’m also confused by that! My guess is that one increases the ship’s speed when moving forwards, while the other does the same, except when moving backwards.


Anyways, thank you everyone for reading! Hope everyone enjoyed that. If you have any questions, please ask away!

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  1. Johnsmall

    So can you change a runspeed cloak to a mage cloak or is it only to change a mage cloak v1 to mage cloak v2?

  2. corsa

    great info thx! Do you know whatever happened to the pufferfish boat though? It was in a patch trailer and haven’t heard much since.. ??

  3. Birb

    What is “Light of the Sea” buff, or what does it do? Is it an extended radar or somesuch?

  4. Emperor

    Defensive and Sailing mode, do we have any info about what changes between them?

  5. Victor

    Hi Mark. I can use the articles of your blog to create posts in my group in

  6. Yao

    Hey Mark
    Do you have any info about erenor weapons, if they use less blazing sunridge ingots like obsidian T7 upgrade that went from 12 to 10?
    and if it’s from 4.0 or 4.5


  7. Eldurian

    So the big question I have about the turtle ship is how does it compare to cutters/lutesongs and the Enoan in terms of it’s speed? Is this a viable ship for cruising around the ocean hunting for PvP or are your opponents just going to get away outside places like the arena?


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