Whale Song is one of the two new areas added in 3.5. Located to the west of Golden Ruins on the far-Western side of Auroria, Whale Song is an ancient region with a large waterfront. During the past, people used to live in Whale Song in order to fish whales. But due to the increasing presence of supernatural occurrences, most have moved away.

Much of the region looks like your standard Auroria: Little to no vegetation other than grass, some intriguing rock formations, lots of mobs. Like the Sea of Candles, Whale Song’s climate is cold and temperate, and the recommended level for entering this area is 55+. The mobs here are Successor Level 1-3, so they will be the entry level for people wanting to advance to Successor Levels.

There is a residential area in Whale Song. It is pointed out on the map below with a circle, above the text. The area is also essential to players trying to make Erenor items, as it contains a daily quest that reward players with mats needed for crafting Erenor items, and its mobs drop those items as well. To find out more about Erenor items, read this article.

Areas within Whale Song

The image below displays the general landscape of Whale Song. The bones of whale carcasses litter the ground, and some of them are even slightly frozen in this cold environment.

The waterfront has some old buildings that are currently falling apart. It used to be a place for whale fishers to skin and use the bodies of the dead whales, but now, those fishermen are gone. That being said, you may still be able to break up the bodies of dead whales. Details about this aren’t known too well yet though.

Below is an image of the whale graves. These are made up of whale carcasses that have piled up throughout time. It’s a dry atmosphere, and sometimes, you might even see a dying whale on the shore.

Daily Quests and the Boss Event

You can get two dailies (One for Erenor, one not for Erenor) in Whale Song. The location of the quest giver is shown below.

For the Erenor quest, you must slay a boss that appears in each of the faction bases. The faction bases are the four marked locations on the first map for the region (The areas with the Korean text on them).

When the event starts, all the mobs first disappear from that area. The mobs will reappear at the end of the event. The aim of the spawned mobs/boss is to destroy the Spire shown in the image above, so by killing the boss, you are protecting the Spire. If the Spire is destroyed without the boss being killed, the event ends. As the waves of this event progress, the final boss, Zakhar, appears. You have to use some sort of special mechanics in order to slay Zakhar.

In many ways, this event is like Sungold Crimson Rift, with Anthalon appearing at the end, but with one for each faction. Perhaps it will be some good, new content, or perhaps, it will get stale real fast. Either way, we will have to wait until 3.5 to experience it.

Below is a table that details those quests.

Quest ObjectiveReward
Kill 15 monsters in the first wave200 Honor
27512 Experience
Kill 15 monsters in the second wave of the daily event.300 Honor
27512 Experience
Kill 15 monsters in the third wave of the daily event.700 Honor
27512 Experience
Complete the three dailies listed above.1200 Honor
4 Armor Pieces (For Erenor)
Help with the killing of the boss of the daily event.10 Adventurer’s Growthstones
4 Gilda Stars
5 Armor Pieces (For Erenor)

3 Responses

  1. Durinsbane

    Do you know which faction base is right in front of the entrance to the only housing area in Whale Song? Seems pretty OP for whichever faction gets it.

    • Mark

      It would appear to be either Pirates or Player Nation, but I don’t know. I’ll get back to you with clearer info soon.

  2. Momento

    Hi friend,

    Thank you for sharing these information with us.

    If it is possible, with screenshots, what will be added as new and where in golden ruins for this new trade post or crafting place for the packs ?

    Trading houses will work on the golden ruins, whale song and diamond shore too ?

    In most of dead EU servers, DS/golden ruins are totally empty ;so for the 3.5 patch is it worth to make investment there ? I read somewhere that there will be a plant only accessible and usable in golden ruins to craft gold ruins trade packs, is it true ? and is it same for whale song and even DS too ? thank you very much.


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