The Sea of Candles is one of the two new areas added in 3.5. Located on an island to the South-West of Auroria, the Sea of Candles is made of up of ancient ruins that are composed of pagodas. In the center is located a large lighthouse powered by candles (Thus the name), which seals the power of the mythical being called Nachash. It’s climate is cold and temperate, and the recommended level for entering this area is 55+. The mobs there are Successor Level 4-6, so they will be the strongest normal mobs in the game.

There are no residential areas in the Sea of Candles, but the area is essential to players trying to make Erenor items, as it contains a daily quest that reward players with mats needed for crafting Erenor items, and its mobs drop those items as well. To find out more about Erenor items, read this article.

Areas Within the Sea of Candles

As stated previously, the Sea of Candles is made up of a central area and four faction bases on the outside.

The central part is called the Candle Lighthouse, and it is shown in the image below.

The faction bases are called Protectors of Erenor. They are covered in snow, and it was in this place that the descendants of Erenor tried to drive away the forces of Anthalon. An example of such an area is shown below, and it is where the boss will spawn for the daily event.

Daily Quests

You can get the daily quests from an NPC named Gion, who is located in the center of the region (See image below). The aim of these daily quests is to protect the heritage of Iphir, as well as protect Erenor. This probably means that these dailies will include killing a certain number of mobs in the area, as well as defeating the boss.

Attachment image

The Shaking of the Candles

The Shaking of the Candles is a daily event that occurs in the Sea of Candles. It occurs for all players of the game, regardless of which faction they are, whether that be Nuia, Haranya, Pirate, or a Player Nation. This is because there are four faction areas located around the Sea of Candles. They are marked on the map shown below.

When the Shaking of the Candles begins, each faction raid must proceed to their area. Once a short period of time has elapsed, all the mobs around the faction bases will disappear, and a boss called Hoe-Ho-Ho (This is literally the translation) will spawn. Players must use some sort of special mechanics to slay this boss. If they do not slay him in time, the boss will simply despawn.

At this time, it is not known what he will drop.

Below is a table that details the daily quests.

Quest ObjectiveQuest Reward
Kill 20 mobs in the first wave.200 Honor
27512 Experience
Kill 20 mobs in the first wave of the daily event.300 Honor
27512 Experience
Kill 15 mobs in the first wave of the daily event.700 Honor
27512 Experience
Do the above 3 daily quests.1200 Honor
3 Acid Drops (For Erenor)

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