On January 19, 2017, Korea will be getting a new patch. With the name translating to “The Beginning”, this patch will balance a variety of things, such as promote maritime trade, introduce a new level cap and further gear progression, and overall provide a more convenient and enjoyable way to play Archeage. In addition to this, the patch will introduce new lore; the details about the lore are currently not well-known (And I won’t go into them as I don’t care; someone else can do that), but several sources have implied that the story will travel to the beginning of Archeage, which is reflected by the title of the patch.


Level Cap Changes and the such

Two years after the level cap was increased from 50 to 55 (On January 2014 in KR), XL intends to increase it once again. It is not currently known to what level they will increase it to (I am suspecting that it is 60), but, XL has indicated the new level cap will not just be about leveling; the new level cap will create a new “level up goal,” which will further the experience of the players.

XL has also stated that they intend to make this future leveling process unprecedented, and that there will be new ways to level your character. There will be more details on this next week when XL releases this info.

New Zones and Changes to Zones

In 3.5, a new zone will be released called “Whale Songs.” The zone will feature new mobs that players will be able to kill, as well as the new methods to levelling your character. The mobs in this zone will also drop better loot than mobs in previous zones, and there will be some new way to earn honor points in this zone.

There may also be other new zones being released in Auroria. I have found some resources on XL’s site about them, but will not publish them at this time, as they may create speculation (Which I discourage).

Moving along with the topic of zones, Golden Ruins will now have Peace and War periods, meaning that you will be able to receive honor from within it. Reedwinds, the new zone in 3.0 that is yet to be added, will also undergo Peace to War periods, and loot from the Three-Legged Crow will reflect off of the state of the zone.

Boss Spawn and Loot Changes

Kraken: Appears on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 22:35 and disappears after 3 hours.

Red dragon: Appears on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 22:40, and disappears after 3 hours.

Leviathan: Appears on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 22:30 and disappears after 10 hours.

Delphinad Ghost Ship: Two appear every day at 22:45.

XL has said that they are implementing these changes in order to stop large guilds and alliances from monopolizing boss rotations and free-farming servers. They hope that this will create more PvP and that it will encourage players to contest these bosses more.

In addition to that, the spawn timers and despawn timers of Morpheus, Hanure, and Rangora will be adjusted.

The loot from these bosses will also be adjusted. In order to keep up with the progression of crafted gear, boss gear will also have a new progression system (Seems to be similar to the dungeon gear progression system). You will be able to upgrade the loot of bosses such as the Kraken, making the Delphinad-level gear into gear that is a higher level than that. You will also be able to upgrade the armor that Meina and Glenn drop.

Red Dragon loot has been nerfed to a certain extent. From now on, you will have to grind your way to obtain items that reflect the ones that are on the current live version of the game. That being said, the end result will be the same as the weapons currently on live servers.

In addition to all that I have mentioned, PvE bosses will become slightly harder. With 3.5, when you approach a boss, your PvE damage will decrease, and so will the effectiveness of healing. However, you will be immediately flagged for PvP within the radius of the boss, no matter if the zone is in peace or not.

Upgradeable Boss Loot

  • Rangora Cold Anguish
  • Morpheus Searing Oath
  • Jola Shield
  • Kraken Weapons
  • Vyrava’s Scepter


The above image is for a new boss present in the new Whale Song territory. He will be revealed next week, so keep your eyes out for that, as I will post when he is revealed.

Changes to the Hero System

In 3.0, XL redesigned the rewards of the hero system, taking out the gold that it rewarded, and instead substituting it for honor. In 3.5, XL will add special rewards to that system in the form of special, timed weapons. These weapons will not have great DPS, but they will have unique passives, not available to any other weapons. The passives include things such as a large health increase.

Skill Queue Changes

It would appear that KR is getting a better and smoother skill queue system. I don’t know if it will be implemented on Trion’s version (Everyone on KR has sub-20 ping, so it is much easier to work with such things in their region than in ours). That being said, Inven describes it as a system that mitigates the difference in attack speed caused by the player’s network, so perhaps it will be a good fit for NA.

Changes to Crafting

The crafting system present in Archeage will be undergoing some changes in order to easen the ability to obtain crafted gear, as it is currently much more straightforward, and to a certain extent, easier, to obtain a T7 Obsidian item (Which is slightly better than Ayanad) than obtain an Ayanad item of the desired grade and proc.

For that reason, XL has decided to simplify the crafting process by removing some of the gear that nobody uses from the process in general.

Current System: Apprentice’s – Craftsman’s – Artificer’s – Artisan’s – Conqueror’s- Illustrious- Magnificent- Epherium- Delphinad – Ayanad

Changed System: Illustrious – Magnificent- Epherium- Delphinad – Ayanad – Erenor

This is actually basically the same thing as using an Armorer’s house, so the change is a little redundant, but is one that should have been implemented a while ago.

In addition to those changes, there will now be a new special proc when crafting, where you will be able to choose the exact proc of the item (You will be able to choose if it goes Flame, Wave, Lake, etc.). The images for such a proc are shown in image 1.

Changes to Gear

As you may have noticed, there is a new tier of weapons after Ayanads. As many may know, Erenor was long rumored to be the next, highest grade of crafted weapons. In this patch, the wait for Erenor equipment is finally over; they are getting released!

Erenor equipment is (According to XL) a much stronger tier of items than both Ayanad and T7 Obsidian. From what I know, an example of an artist’s rendering of the Erenor gear is shown in the image that I used to introduce this article. XL has stated that you may need to “grow” Erenor items, and that Erenor items will take some time to obtain, but this may be a fault of the bad translation, so this last part is sort of speculative.

Also, with Erenor being released, XL has decided to add more space for lunagems! The current maximum of seven gems in your chest will be increased to eight (Might be nine?). This is in order to progress your characters further as XL expands the levelcap and adds new gear. I do not yet know how other pieces of armor/weapons will be affected.

Overall, XL has expressed their wish to decrease the RNG present in obtaining better gear. They also said that the success rate of lunagems going in will be increased.

Changes to Regrading and Gear Grades

As you can see in image 2, the overall interface has changed. Instead of showing some sort of image for the proc chance, the proc percentage is now actually shown. Also, one can observe that regrading costs in gold are getting increased by a large factor of about 2.7 times (At Celestial Delphinad level). This is probably due to the changes to regrading chances in this patch, which can be seen in the table below.

Regarding Chances in 3.5

Starting GradeCurrent Proc Chance (No Lucky or Charms)Proc Chance in 3.5
Basic → Grand100%100%
Grand → Rare100%100%
Rare → Arcane50%100%
Arcane → Heroic30%50%
Heroic → Unique25%50%
Unique → Celestial20%35%
Celestial → Divine10%30%
Divine → Epic7.5%10%
Epic → Legendary5%8%
Legendary → Mythic2.5%3%

In addition to this, there are some minor balancing changes to how the stats of an piece of equipment (Melee attack, Magic Attack, Ranged Attack, Healing Power, Defense, Magic Defense are affected) are affected by the grade of the item. The changes are only for Epic and Legendary grade items, and are characterized by Epic items being 1.7 times as strong as Basic items and Legendary items being 1.9 times as strong as Basic items, instead of them being 1.65 times as strong, and 1.8 times as strong, respectively. Other grades of items are unaffected. XL states that this is being done in order to bridge the gap a little between Mythic weapons and Epic/Legendary weapons, the latter being much easier to obtain than Mythic grade weapons.

Maritime and Auroria Trading

With 3.5 comes the implementation of the ability to actually run packs in Auroria. You were able to craft packs before in Auroria, but in 3.5, it seems that they have added actual turn ins for the pack in Auroria itself, making hauler runs possible.

Cross-continent trade (Ocean trade) is also getting changed. From 3.5 onwards, there will be a period of time that cross-continent trade pack turns will be possible. The turn ins of cross-continent packs will be only possible during this period of time. XL hopes that this encourages more naval PvP, as well as more pirating, in addition to having a nice and adventurous way to do merchant runs on the open sea.

More info on this will come later.

Other Changes

  • The labor cost for planting things outside of private land has been removed in Nuia and Haranya.
  • Some of the vegetation in Nuia and Haranya has been moved around to better suit the area that it is located in.


Image 1: New Proc for Crafting


Image 2: New Regrading Interface (Old vs. New)


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