This article will differ a little from my previous articles, as it is exploring features that are coming to our game quite soon.

Today, I’ll be going over the synthesis of Undergarments, which will be implemented into NA and EU at the end of this month. More stat bonuses are awaiting you, as well as some sweet, extra gear score. Let’s get into it.


The synthesizing process is similar to that of synthesizing costumes. To start, you will need a Basic Undergarment. On the Russian version, one is available for 800 Merit Badges, or from the Cash Shop.

Once you have the Basic Undergarment, you will need to infuse it with Synthium stones. As a reminder, Basic Synthium Stones are for Basic to Grand, Vivid Synthium Stones are for Rare to Arcane, Lucid Synthium Stones are for Heroic to Divine, and Radiant Synthium Stones are for Epic to Mythic.

In the process of improving your undergarment, you will receive random stats. One will be unlocked at Grand, two at Rare, three at Arcane, four at Unique, and finally, five at Legendary.


The stats on the undergarment depend on the level of the item.


A full list of possible attributes is shown below.

  • Melee Attack 18.6-20.0
  • Ranged Attack 18.6-20.0
  • Magic Attack 18.6-20.0
  • Healing Power 18.6-20.0
  • Defense 605-659
  • Magic Defense 605-659
  • Health 790-855
  • Backstab Melee Damage 6.0% -6.8%
  • Melee Skill Damage 2.7% -3.2%
  • Ranged Skill Damage 2.7% -3.2%
  • Magic Skill Damage 2.7% -3.2%
  • Healing 2.7% -3.2%
  • Melee Critical Rate 3.3% -4.0%
  • Range Critical Rate 3.3% -4.0%
  • Magic Critical Rate of 3.3% -4.0%
  • Healing Critical Rate 3.3% -4.0%
  • Focus 530-585
  • Defense Penetration 415-461
  • Magic Defense Penetration 415-461
  • Shield Defense Penetration Rate 8.5% -10.0%
  • Melee Damage Reduction 5.5% -6.0%
  • Ranged Damage Reduction 5.5% -6.0%
  • Magic Damage Reduction 5.5% -6.0%
  • Resilience 655-727
  • Toughness 293-328


If you’re not satisfied with what stats you got, you can replace them when going from one grade to the next, as shown in the image below.

If you’re still not satisfied, you can Evenstone the undergarment. If you do, you will get some Alchemic Powder (Not Lunarite. Not sure what it is), and if the undergarment is Heroic or below, you will obtain a new Basic Undergarment.

It is not mentioned whether or not the scrolls for rerolling stats on costumes will work on undergarments.

Gemming and Maintaining Your Undergarment

Yes, you heard that right: You can gem your undergarments.

You can put a Lunafrost on them, as well as gem them with the following Lunagems.

  • Tempest (Attack Speed)
  • Torrent (Cast Time)
  • Pierce (Defense Penetration)
  • Breakthrough (Magic Defense Penetration)

You can gem them with any type of those gems, so the Prestige ones work as well, as do the T3 ones.

The number of slots of lunagems depends on the grade, with one slot on Grand undergarments, to four on Mythic undergarments.

Undergarments are available for 30 days, after which you will have to wash them with a Synthium Soap for Undergarments, which are available from the General Merchant for 20 gold.

It’s not long now until they are released in our version. You just gotta wait!

In the coming week, I will be releasing more info on 3.5, such as Crafting Changes, Trading (With some exclusive info!), Armor Changes, and more! Keep your eyes out for that.

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  1. Paul

    Awesome, I’ll start saving Merit Badges just in case!
    In another topic, is there a stat chart of Erenor gear? We know what stats can be put on an Erenor piece, but no numbers.

    • Mark

      The problem is that there is currently one Divine Erenor piece on all of KR, and that is it. Otherwise, no one has anything near getting maxed out Erenor.

      • Paul

        Well we can start to get lower grades stat chart then, as it will be important to us NA/EU players to see what we should work towards.

      • Mark

        When I have this kind of info available, I will publish it. As of right now, it is not available.

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