Hey all! With the May Update came Weapon Updates, the restructuring of damage in accordance with weapon DPS, grade buff updates, dungeon gear synthesization, and more. I will be releasing a bland article on the fully translated Patch Notes for this patch down the line, so keep your eyes open for that.

If you missed my last article on Hiram Awakening, you can read more about it here.

Anyhow, enjoy!

Weapon Updates

With the May patch, XL has decided to revamp the weapon system, removing all hidden passives and replacing several formulas for calculating damage and global cooldowns, as well as revamping several important stats for weapons. As a result of this, cooldown and damage now directly correlates to the weapon types.

XL explained that due to the fact that Archeage has no ‘general’ attack (with the exception of basic attacks, which no one uses), most damage came from that of skills, and as a result, a weapon’s Attack Speed had little to no effect on gameplay. However, they continue, with this update, the Attack Speed on a weapon (Not to be confused with the Attack Speed stat that one has) gains a new role in the game as both Global Cooldown lengths and overall Damage now depend on a weapon’s Attack Speed. For example, a faster weapon, such as a Dagger or Katana, will have shorter Global Cooldowns than a slower weapon, such as a Greataxe, but the Greataxe will deal more overall damage.

However, it’s important to note that these updates only apply to Physical attacks, meaning that Magic attacks are unaffected by this update.

Additionally, due to weapon procs being removed, XL updated the system of armor penetration, adding in a 50% chance of each weapon type dealing an extra percentage of damage to a respective armor type. Due to Mages not being affected by this update, XL reasoned that Cloth should be unaffected by this extra damage, and as a result, they only added extra damage against Leather and Plate armor.

Finally, all weapons and magic abilities (Read: All Physical and Magic Damage abilities) now have a minimum damage of 1%. This means that for Melee and Ranged damage, this is at minimum 1% of your damage, while for Magic damage, this is 1% of your Magic damage.

Formulas and Stats

The following are the changes for the formulas and stats.

Attack SpeedSlashingPiercingBlunt
0.8 secondsDagger
1 secondKatanaSword
1.1 secNodachiShortspears, GreatswordAxe
1.2 secondsLongspearGreataxe, Club, Scepter
1.3 secondsGreatclub, Staff

The probability of the following occurring is 50%.

Armor TypeSlashingPiercringBlunt

Grade Buff Updates

With the May patch comes an update to the buffs given for grades of armor. Instead of Critical Rates and varying stats unique to each armor type, the buffs will now give Health, Mana, as well as Skill Damage and Healing for every type of armor, with the exact amounts varying from the armor type and grade, as well as the type of armor (i.e Delphinad, Ayanad, Obsidian Tier 7).

Additionally, XL has added Grand and Rare buffs.

In the table below, one will find the ratios with which stats on grade buffs get increased with respect to the grade.

Armor TypeGradeHealthManaSkill Damage and Healing


Below are some examples of the new Grade buffs.

Ayanad Buff Stats

In the section below, you’ll find the different stats for Ayanad Grade Buffs.


GradeHealthManaSkill Damage & Healing
Grand27632763 1.36%
Arcane4615 46152.73%


GradeHealthManaSkill Damage & Healing


GradeHealthManaSkill Damage & Healing

Dungeon Gear Synthesization

In the May patch comes a new way to upgrade the grade of Dungeon gear: Synthesizing. Much like that of Erenor and Hiram gear synthesizing, Dungeon gear can be synthesized with other Dungeon gear, although unlike Erenor gear, players can use Dungeon gear of any grade and type (Weapons, Armor, etc.) to synthesize their equipment (So one can use a Unique Weapon and a Divine Armor piece on a Mythic weapon, for example).

An example of the synthesization of dungeon equipment is shown in the image below.

The maximum grades of each type of equipment are listen in the table below, with Tier 4 Mistsong weapons (Which are covered further in the next section) having the maximum grade of Legendary. Therefore, Mistsong weapons can only be synthesized up to Eternal if you successfully Awaken them.

DungeonMaximum Grade by Synthesizing
Ancient DungeonsDivine
Serpentis / Sea of Drowned LoveEpic
Mistsong Gear (Tiers 1-4)Legendary
Awoken Mistsong/ Taris GearEternal

With that being said, the experience values for Mistsong Tier 4 when going from Mythic to Eternal are ludicrous, both for feeding and for the amount required to get to Etenral. In order to obtain an Eternal Supreme Deadly Elegance Staff when going from Mythic, one needs to feed it over 4 million experience! That being said, a Divine Shadowsong Shirt gives 55,984 experience, while a Unique Pledged Vengeful Wings gives 40,638 experience. Additionally, the gold costs for synthesization seem to depend off of the grade of the items being synthesized, as is seen below, and this can amount to quite a gold cost.

Awakening Mistsong Gear

While the process for Awakening a piece of Mistsong gear resembles that of Hiram gear (Which you can read more about in this article), the way in which a Mistsong item enters its Awoken state is different. While Hiram gear becomes Awoken, literally, upon a successful Awakening, Mistsong gear simply skips tiers in terms of upgrades. In order to Awaken a Mistsong item, one must first have one of the following Tier 2 Mistsong Weapons. If the Awakening succeeds, the Mistsong weapon immediately is upgraded to Tier 4.

In order to attempt to Awaken a Mistsong weapon, one needs a Mistsong Awakening Scroll, the recipe of which is in the spoiler below.

Crafting Recipe
30 Sunset Portalstone
5 Prismatic Pearl
4 Sunlight Archeum Essence
1 Taris’s Soul

This scroll has a 30% chance to Awaken the weapon, and upon failure, players will receive a stack that will increase the success probability of their next attempt at Awakening a Mistsong weapon +5%. Crystallization is possible.

An example of the Awakening of Mistsong gear is shown in the image below. As one can see, the item gets downgraded to Epic, and there is a 30% chance to succeed.

The following table shows which Mistsong weapons are Awakable, and to what they Awaken to.

Awakable WeaponPost-Awakening
Superior Stealthfang SpearSupreme Stealthfang Spear
Superior Deadly Elegance StaffSupreme Deadly Elegance Staff
Superior Wicked Whisper DaggerSupreme Wicked Whisper Dagger
Superior Doomshadow NodachiSupreme Doomshadow Nodachi
Superior Stealthfang ShieldSupreme Stealthfang Shield
Pledged Vengeful WingsFlamespite Bow
Excrescent MaliceMistsong Eternal Malice


Fresh Start: Phase 4

With the May patch, XL added the following to their Fresh Start:

  • Mistsong Gardens dungeon added (With the exception of Taris)
  • Delphinad Ghost Ships now appear
    • DGS packs are now turned in for Charcoal Stabilizers instead of Gold
  • Reedwind area opened
  • Thunderwing Titan added at its normal difficulty
  • Delphinad gear released (With the exception of Delphinad cloaks)
  • Frozen Anguish, Burning Pledge, Heartless Warrior’s Sleeves/Guards/Vambraces, Proven Warrior Necklace (Daier and Evernight) Rank 11 & 12, Tier 2 Kraken Equipment (Bleak Arcadian Sea) are now crafteable

Changed the way that Kraken works on Fresh start:

  • Tuesday: Only Harani can participate in the Kraken raid.
  • Thursday: Only Nuians can participate in the Kraken raid.
  • Saturday: Everyone can participate in the Kraken raid.

Halcyona was limited to 150 people each per Nuia and Haranya, with no participation from Pirates.

Farming Update

Meanwhile, XL expects many players to be pleased with the most recent update to Farming. The update makes it so that plants are bound by the boundaries of a plot, thus making it easier for a player to plant a crop. This update is shown in this GIF.

Additionally, it seems that there is now a chance (About 7-7.5% when harvesting Rice bundles) to obtain Royal Seeds from bundled crops. In fact, a player on Korea with 237,000 Farming mastery points did some testing with Rice Bundles. His results, with each separate trial in its own box, are in the image below. In total, for 3,148 Rice Bundles, he obtained 225 Royal Seeds.

So, I hope everyone enjoyed that! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the Comments section below, and be sure to join the Discord for the latest news!

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  1. Greg

    The Kraken changes… Was there any mention of that coming in some form to Legacy?

    • Cifer

      I will assume that since we both have T4 mistong(mine is epic shield) we just have to feed items to make it legendary/mythic/eternal(good luck on mythic/eternal) and the gold we will use rip 😀

  2. John Arne

    Can you still make a legendary gha weapon into a legendary mistsong weapon, or has this new dungeon synth systes takes over it?

  3. Emperor

    What about that Hp/Mp/Skill damage-Healing rates regarding gear tiers (epherium delphinad etc)?? The tables you have here are for which armor tier?

    • Mark

      The ratios are the same for all tiers, but it all depends on the Grand buff, which I only know for Ayanad.

  4. Evyoung

    2 Questions:

    1. Will a fast offhand weapon make a slow mainhand weapon faster? I mean does dagger mean shorter GCD with a Shortspear?

    2. “Finally, all weapons and magic abilities (Read: All Physical and Magic Damage abilities) now have a minimum damage of 1%. This means that for Melee and Ranged damage, this is at minimum 1% of your damage, while for Magic damage, this is 1% of your Magic damage.”

    What does minimum 1% dmg mean here? Does it mean low GS no longer do 1,1,1,1 dmg on high GS?

  5. Redz

    Hey !

    I have a stupid question…. Is this update already applied on EU/US fresh start too (weapon revamp, etc..) ? Or this is only applied in Korea ? Because on fresh start we got the Hiram update too.. And no official informations from Trion so… :/

    Thank you

  6. Etoual

    Hello, what about legendary buff with t7 x3 and ayanad x4 ? Same as full ayanad ?
    I don’t understand they « destroy » longspear, there is no difference between LS and greataxe except attack speed
    Same with shortspear/axe
    But 5% more dmg on plate.. !
    Just for change weapon and more p2w?
    What are the divine buff with 10k hp ? Did I miss something ?
    Which impact if you play shortspear/ dagger or shortspear/katana ? More attack speed with dagger and same dmg ?

  7. Leeloo

    Is it right thats Katanas are in piercing dmg ?

    and btw great job i check this like everyday <3

  8. Hype

    I notice that when it comes to Synth on mistsong gear you use weapons as the only examples. Does this mean armour is out of the question or can that be upgraded to mythic etc as well?


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