Hey everyone. With the June Patch come the updates detailed in my previous article, most importantly the Abyssal Skill Tree. This skill tree will likely redefine the game’s combat and PvP as we know, and bring many new class archetypes into the scene. Enjoy!

Skill Changes

The main focus of the June Update is skills, with the highlight being that of the new Abyssal Skill Tree and Passive Changes.

Abyssal Changes

For the longest time, Archeage players have had ten skillsets to utilize, with the occasional skills being added on to those ten, with some of those additional skills being the Abyssal Skills added in Patch 3.0. Along with the release of 3.0, XL had promised to explore new directions for skills, but these promises were mostly empty – until now.

With the June Update, XL introduced a new skillset – Abyssal. The skills and passives are in the section below.


Combat skills

Mana Starsattachment image1Instant Cast
Mana: 6
Range: 0-20m
Target: Enemy

Damage: 0 + 71% of your Magic Attack

With each attack, damage increases by 2% and can increase by up to 20% when used continuously.If a player is under the effects of Rage (From Rising Hatred), each Mana Star will stack a single stack of Hatred.

Serpent’s Sightattachment image3Cast Time: 0.5 Seconds
Mana: 274
Cooldown: 1 minute
Target: Self

Damage: 778 + 180% of your Magic Attack

Grants the caster a buff that lasts 10 seconds which modifies their Mana Stars, turning them into Abyssal Wave, which inflicts [778 + 180% of your Magic Attack] Magic Damage and knocks back all enemies it touches. Pushed enemies are Staggered, briefly stopping movement and canceling all Cast Time and Channeled skills.

Serpent Strikeattachment image10Instant Cast
Mana: 102
Range: 0-20m
Cooldown: 26 seconds
Target: Enemy

Damage: Currently Unknown

If a player has 5 or more stacks of Rage (From Rising Hatred), Serpent Strike’s damage is increased by +100% and that damage is also dealt to all enemies within a 7m radius.
If a player has 10 stacks of Rage (From Rising Hatred), Serpent Strike’s damage is increased by +100% and that damage is also dealt to all enemies within a 7m radius, as well as Petrifying all enemies that radius for 2 seconds.

Cruel Bindingattachment image15Cast Time: 0.2 Seconds
Mana: 28
Range: 0-10m
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Target: Enemy

Creates a crystal at the target’s location for 5 seconds with a radius of 5m, which pulls the target back to that location for the duration of the crystal as long as the target is within the radius.

Rising Hatredattachment image20Instant Cast
Mana: 29
Range: 0-20m
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Grants the player a buff for 10 seconds, which grants a stack of Rage each second for the duration of the buff.
Rage stacks last for 5 seconds, and can be used for combos with other Abyssal skills. Stacks are consumed when using them for a combo (Which means that if you had 6 and used a combo for 5 stacks, then you would be left with 1 stack of Rage). The duration is refreshed whenever a player receives another stack of Rage. 

Soulbound Bladesattachment image25Instant Cast
Mana: 246
Range: 0-12m
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Target: Enemy

Damage: 1087 + 241% of your Magic AttackThrows otherworldly blades that sorround the target, dealing Magic damage to the target and all nearby enemies. Each time that damage is dealt, the target’s Physical Defense and Magic Defense is decreased by 150 per stack, which lasts for 5 seconds.
Players under the effects of Cruel Binding receive an additional 50% damage.

Hunting Packattachment image30Instant Cast
Mana: 124
Cooldown: 18 seconds

Damage: Unknown at Max Rank of 9 (492 + 301% of your Magic Attack at Rank 7)

Launches two lions in a straight line from you for up to 50m, dealing Magic Damage to all enemies in their path.

If a player has 5 or more stacks of Rage (From Rising Hatred), three lions instead of two are launched.
If a player has 10 stacks of Rage (From Rising Hatred), four lions instead of two are launched, with enemies being Pushed and Interrupted,
cancelling all Cast time, Channeled, and Ongoing skills.

Call of the Abyssattachment image35Cast Time: 1.5 seconds
Mana: 110
Range: 0-35m
Radius: 10m
Cooldown: 1 minute

Summons a ring with a 10m radius around the caster which, after a brief cast time, teleports the caster and up to 10 other allies to a selected location within the range.
or players with trade packs on their back will not be teleported.
Cannot pass through walls.

Void Leapattachment image40Instant Cast
Mana: 47
Cooldown: 21 seconds

Teleport to a random location 5m-15m away. If the location is within 5m, then the active cooldown of the skill is reduced by 50%.

Abyssal Ringattachment image45Instant Cast
Mana: 142
Range: 0-10m
Cooldown: 28 seconds
Target: Enemy

Damage: Unknown at Max Rank of 3 (574 + 120% of your Magic Attack at Rank 2)

Launches a bouncing projectile at the target, Shackling the target and disabling their Melee and Ranged attacks for 3 seconds, as well as bouncing to up to 3 other enemies within a 10m radius, dealing Magic Damage but not disabling them.

If a player has 5 or more stacks of Rage (From Rising Hatred), the projectile bounces to up to to 6 other enemies within a 10m radius, dealing damage to them but not disabling them.
If a player has 10 stacks of Rage (From Rising Hatred), the projectile bounces to up to to 6 other enemies within a 10m radius, dealing damage to them and disabling their Melee and Ranged attacks for 3 seconds.

Assassinationattachment image50Instant Cast
Mana: 72
Cooldown: 1 minute and 10 seconds

Summons a cloak of magic that deflects eyes and minds for 3 seconds, granting the following effects:
Cannot be targeted for the duration.
If used while Stealthed, caster remains Stealthed.If a player has 5 or more stacks of Rage (From Rising Hatred), the duration of the buff is increased by an additional 3 seconds.
If a player has 10 stacks of Rage (From Rising Hatred), the duration of the buff is increased by an additional 5 seconds.

Swordfallattachment image55Instant Cast
Mana: 323
Range: 0-15m
Radius: 8m
Cooldown: 35 seconds

Damage: Currently Unknown but should be a lot

Calls down swords from the sky to deal up to a certain amount of Magic Damage to the primary target and all other enemies within the radius.

If a player has 5 or more stacks of Rage (From Rising Hatred), the attack count of Swordfall is increased by 3 times.
If a player has 10 stacks of Rage (From Rising Hatred), the attack count of Swordfall is increased by 4 times and targets are Impaled for 1.5 seconds.


Required PointsImageNameDescription
2attachment imageSpiteful CursesEach time you receive a Critical Damage Hit, you receive 1 stack of Rage. 
3attachment imageWrathful CastingAll Abyssal Skill Damage increased by +7%.
4attachment imageGleeful DestructionWhenever you deal a Magic Critical Hit, your target receives the following a debuff that decreases their Accuracy by 1%. This debuff lasts for 5 seconds, and can stack up to 10 times.
5attachment imageWrathful CastingAttack Speed is increased by +35 when a player has stacks of Rage.
6attachment imageIndomitable RageReduces the cooldown of Serpent’s Sight by 10 seconds whenever using a skill that consumes Abyssal charges.
7attachment imageMurderous IntentMagical Critical Damage increased by 16%.

Required Point Skills

Based on the number of skills that a player has learned (Read: invested points in) in each skill tree, the skills in the table below will be unlocked for learning. Note that although these require points invested into a skill tree (Like passives), they still require a skill point per to learn.

Skill TreeAbility NameRequired Points
BattlerageWhirlwind Slash3
Tiger Strike4
Behind Enemy Lines5
WitchcraftInsidious Whisper3
Fiend’s Knell5
DefenseBoastful Roar3
AuramancyVicious Implosion3
Shrug It Off4
Bracing Blast5
OccultismCursed Thorns3
Hell Spear4
Death’s Vengeance5
ArcheryFending Arrow3
Concussive Arrow4
SoceryArc Lightning3
Chain Lightning4
God’s Whip5
ShadowplayPin Down3
Throw Dagger5
Deadly Refrain4
Battle Hymn5
Fervent Healing4
Healing Circle5
AbyssalCruel Binding3
Crushing Grasp4

Skill Changes


Weapons Mastery: Increases Melee Skill Damage by 10% → Increases Battlerage Skill Damage by 10%

Warrior’s Strength: Increases Strength +12% → Passive removed.


Psychic Blades: Grants Crippling Rebuke whenever you suffer a Critical Strike, removing the Cast Time for Earthen Grip and Stillness for 6 seconds. → Passive removed.


Shield Slam: Increases your Block Rate +20% for 3 seconds after using the skill → Increases the chance of blocking the next attack by +100%.

Guardian: Permanently increases your generated Aggro +150% → Passive removed.


Improve Targeting: Increases all Accuracy by +5% → Passive removed.


Reprisal: Each Critical Strike you receive increases Melee, Ranged, and Magic Critical Rates +2% for 4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 10 times. → Passive removed.

Mana Stars: Moved to the Abyssal skill tree.

Cursed Thorns: Moved from Abyssal skills to the Occultism skill tree.

Crippling Mire: Mana cost reduced by 50%. Skill no longer targets additional nearby enemies as it levels up.

Crippling Mire – Stone: New Ancestral skill in the place of Mana Stars.
Range: 22m
Mana: 93
Cooldown: 18 seconds

Reduces the Movement Speed of target by 80% and Attack Speed by 600 for up to 6 seconds.

Crippling Mire – Quake: New Ancestral skill in the place of Mana Stars.
Range: 0-8m
Radius: 10m
Mana: 279
Cooldown: 36 seconds

Deals damage to target and four other enemies within a 10m radius, reducing their Movement Speed by 50%.

Targets under the effects of Deathmark Aura are Stunned for 3.6 seconds when this skill ends.


Relentless: Serpent’s Sight removed from the skill list that the passive affects.

Marksman Increases Ranged Skill Damage +10% → Increases Archery Skill Damage +10%

Perfect Pulse: Increases Agility +12% → Passive removed.


Aranzeb’s Infusion: Decreases Cast Time -8% → Decreases the Cast Time of Sorcery Skills -8%.

Mana Fountain: Duration increased from 8 seconds to 12 seconds.
Decreases Physical Defense -20% → Removed from the passive.
Duration is refreshed whenever a Sorcery Skill is used → Removed from the passive.

Heir to Ayanad: Increases Magic Skill Damage +10% → Increases Sorcery Skill Damage +10%.

Arcane Knowledge: Increases Intelligence by +12% → Passive removed from the game.


Lethal Toxins: Increases the duration of Poison, Deadly Poison, and Bleeding effects you inflict +70% → Increases the duration of Poison and Bleeding effects you inflict +70% (No longer affects Deadly Poison).

Evasive Counterattack: Whenever you evade an attack, reset the active Cooldowns on Drop Back and Overwhelm → Passive removed.


Zeal: Duration decreased from 6 seconds to 5 seconds.
Critical Damage and Critical Healing bonus decreased from +60% to +50%.

Accurate Chords: New passive. Dissonance from Dissonance and Discord from
Critical Discord always hit.

Resonating Harmony: Dissonance inflicts Resonating Harmony, reducing the target’s Max Health -30% for 8 sec → Passive removed.


Vibrant Casting: Increases Healing +10% → Increases Healing on all Vitalism skills +10%.

Martyr’s Way: Sacrifice buff name changed to Miracle.
Sacrifice (Miracle) no longer consumes Health.
Duration decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.

Spirit Growth: Increases Spirit +12% → Passive removed.

Passive Changes

With the advent of the Abyssal skill tree, the total number of passives in each skill tree has been changed from 5 to 6. The requirements to activate these passives are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 skill points invested into a skill tree. That being said, once you reach a required number of skill points, the passive automatically is activated, without using up any skill points.

Skill TreeNameNeeded Points
BattlerageDeflect and Retaliate42
Reckless Charge 03
Attack Speed Training65
Weapons Mastery06
Deadly Duelist27
WitchcraftFolding time82
Homing Hexes43
Illusion’s Favor104
Augment Witchcraft26
DefenseSupplemental Block22
Spry Fortress43
Shield of Steel04
Bear’s Vigor65
Ursine Roar06
Shield Mastery107
AuramancyAbsorb Damage02
Inner Peace43
Ward Mastery65
Accelerated Casting06
Unwavering Will107
OccultismUnnatural Speed82
Burning Brand65
Death’s Beckoning06
Critical Failure07
ArcheryWild Insticts42
Feral Claws65
Eagle Eyes27
 SorceryMana Pool Increase42
Aranzeb’s Infusion103
Mind Over Matter04
Mana Fountain65
Heir to Ayanad06
Sorcery Adept27
ShadowplayShadow Training22
Become Void43
Ruthless Assault84
Bloodthirst Intensified65
Lethal Toxins06
Shadow Mastery07
SongcraftAccurate Chords02
Hold The Note43
Disciplined Performance65
Lingering Impact26
VitalityProphet’s Voice02
Quick Recovery43
Vibrant Casting04
Martyr’s Way65
Invigorated Healing26
Joyous Heart107

Skill Level Changes

Certain skills had their required level changed.


Shrug It Off: 40 → 35

Health Lift: 35 → 40


Crippling Mire: 3 → 1

Absorb Lifeforce: 15 → 3


Steady Shooting: 15 → 10

Fending Arrow: 25 → 15

Snare: 10 → 25


Wallop: 35 → 30

Stealth: 30 → 35


Startling Strain: 15 → 3

Dissonance: 3 → 15

Other Combat Changes

Changed the total number of skill points from 28 to 18.

Changed the damage increase on Slashing weapons.

  • Now Slashing weapons can give an extra 3% damage against Cloth armor. They can still give up to 15% extra damage against Plate armor.

Combat UI Changes

With the June update, XL is making strides to make the combo-oriented combat system of Archeage easier to navigate for newer players.

Combo Helper

XL has added a new UI to help learn combos and debuffs for skills. This UI can be accessed by clicking a button at the top of your Skills UI, which is highlighted int he image below.

attachment image

When clicked, the game will bring up the following window.

attachment image

1Players can left-click on a skill to see which skills the selected skill can be used as a follow-up for.
2Players can right-click on a skill to see which skills will deliver combos as a follow up to the selected skill.
3Using the drop-down menu, players can select a different skill tree.
4 Using the drop-down menu, players can select a buff or debuff, after which the UI will highlight all skills that grant these buffs/debuffs.
View Prior SkillsView Follow-Up CombosBuffs/Debuffs

attachment image

  • Green highlight: Selected skill (Left click)
  • Blue highlight: Prior skills that can be used before the selected skill in order for the selected skill to combo.

attachment image

  • Green border: Selected skill (Right click)
  • Orange border: Follow-up skills that can be used after the selected skill in order to combo with them.

attachment image

-Selecting a buff/debuff highlights all the skills that grant this buff/debuff.

Combo Indicator

XL has added a functionality to combat skills that shows the skills with which players can combo with when following up another skill. This is shown in the GIF below.

View post on imgur.com

Players can set this highlighting up by selecting the skills for which they want highlighted, as shown in the image below. I’ll be releasing a list later on for everything that triggers the highlight function.

attachment image

Debuff Indicator

XL has added a new UI that will display debuffs in a highlighted and enlarged manner, along with their names and duration. This is shown in the GIF below.

View post on imgur.com

Players can set this UI up by going into Game Information settings, as shown in the image below. There are multiple positions that this UI can be in.

attachment image

Quest Changes

Changed some of the Assault on Mistmerrow quest rewards.

  • Instead of receiving 1 Kadum’s Bark, players will now receive 600 Honor.
  • Kadum’s Bark will still drop from Kadum.

All Abyssal skill-related quests have been removed.

Crafting Changes

Fuscafins (The pink Dolphin mount from Sea of Drowned Love) are now crafteable, with the recipe as follows.

  • 35 Chilled Seafoam
  • 10 Abyssal Crystal

Fuscafins no longer drop from Sea of Drowned Love.

Item Changes

Added 3 new Sunglow Lunagems for the Waist that modify Abyssal abilities.

  • Sunglow Lunagem – Serpent’s Sight: Increases the duration of Serpent’s Sight by 6%.
  • Splendid Sunglow Lunagem – Serpent’s Sight: Increases the duration of Serpent’s Sight by 8%.
  • Glorious Sunglow Lunagem – Serpent’s Sight: Increases the duration of Serpent’s Sight by 10%.

Added a new instrument for Abyssal skills, Echoes of the Abyss.

  • Increases the base skill level of Abyssal Wave, which is the derivation of Mana Stars by using Serpent’s Sight.

Vyrava’s Inferno is no longer obtainable.

Stackable items can now be continuously Evenstoned by using Shift+Right Click on them with an Evenstone.

Dye Changes

The dyeing function has been revamped. Dyes now come in a standard package, and once opened, players can select any color from a RGB-color palette, as shown in the images below.

attachment image

Existing dyes will be changed into this format upon the patch’s release.

Dyes are now shown on gear in RGB values instead of having names, as shown in the image below.

attachment image

Housing Changes

The ability to decorate buildings via UCC Crests has been added.

– It is possible to UCC the inner walls, ceilings, and floor. This is done through the building information window.

– There are 30 total buildings for which this system applies, currently including 16×16 houses and the 24×24 houses and thatched roof farm. Functionality for other buildings will be added in later updates. An image of this in action is shown below.

attachment image

Housing UCC Interface

In order to apply UCC stamps to a house, players must first enter the interface to do so. Do note that thus far, it seems that only one image can be applied to each category (Floors, Ceilings, and Walls), which means that it will be tiled all over the covered area. In order to open the interface players must click the Decorating button at the bottom of their Housing Information UI (As shown in the image below), which brings them to the next interface.

attachment image

Unsupported buildings will have this option grayed out, as shown in the next image.
attachment image

Areas in which UCC stamps can be applied to are shown in the drop-down menu below. Players will be able to preview how this will look in their house. Pressing the Decorate button will apply the UCC stamps to the selected regions of the building.

attachment image

Players will be able to remove UCC stamps from their housing areas by using the second tab in the image above (Or as shown in the image below). In order to do so, players simply should select the area from which they want to remove the decorations from, use a special item called the Decolorizing Potion, and hit apply.

attachment image

Boss Changes

Changed the respawn time of Thunderwing Titan to 72 hours.

Red Dragon now can die from Siege Damage.

Added two new quests to the fight over Red Dragon, which award a total of 3,000 Honor Points.

Fresh Start Changes

A cap for the maximum number of players at Mistemorrow from each respective faction has been applied to the Korean Fresh Start server. It is the following:

  • Nuia: 150
  • Haranya: 150
  • Pirates: 150

The wait time for the start of the Battle for Mistemorrow was changed from 20 seconds to 2 minutes on Fresh Start.

The Red Dragon boss fight has been restricted on the Korean Fresh Start server in certain ways. It is as follows:

  • Tuesday: When the Red Dragon appears in Karkasse Ridgelands on Tuesday, only the Nuian faction and their allied nations can enter the entire region. This means that only Nuians and their allied nations can fight the boss.
  • Thursday: When the Red Dragon appears in Karkasse Ridgelands on Thursday, only the Harani faction and their allied nations can enter the entire region. This means that only Haranians and their allied nations can fight the boss.
  • Saturday: When the Red Dragon appears in Karkasse Ridgelands on Saturday, the fight has no restrictions, so all factions and nations can enter the entire region, and thus anyone can fight for the boss.

Players in Karkasse during the time of the Red Dragon during Tuesdays and Thursdays who do not belong to the sides that are allowed in the region during this time will be forcibly teleported out by the game’s system. This applies to all of Karkasse Ridgelands, including the residential zones.

So, I hope everyone enjoyed that! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the Comments section below, and be sure to join the Discord for the latest news!

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