Hey everyone. With the July Patch comes a new region, better Hiram gear, an increased level cap, and a new tempering system, among other things. Note that this is only a preview article, and an article with full details on the patch will come once more is known. The patch is set to release for July 5 in Korea. Enjoy!

Hiram Mountains and Glorious Hiram Equipment

The following is a roughly-translated Lore of the new region.

In the Hidden Era, the Twelve Heroes first gathered to form the legendary expedition with the goal of finding the Garden, the rumored birthplace of the world. Unfortunately, following the great migration, all mana in Auroria was depleted, and as a result the expedition was left unfinished, with the mythical Garden yet to be found. Once the energy of Archeum had seeped into Auroria from the New World (Nuia and Haranya), the Garden was made further inaccessible to the civilizations of the Archeage world. But, unbeknownst to that of outsiders, a new, mysterious power rose in the Garden during this time. The Kirvatha (Or as they’re known in our version, the Corrupted from which Hiram gear drops) noticed it, and began to congregate in the area.

The Garden now rests in an area known as the Hiram Mountains, in which remnants of the ancient Hiram civilization can be found. In the western part of the Hiram Mountains, everything has disappeared since the time of the Great Migration. The mountain ranges lay covered in snow and bare rock, and abandoned structures serve as reminders of the once-great Hiramians. One edifice does stand out among the rest: the shrine to the Mother, the goddess Nui. Hiramian survivors recorded a prophecy there, one which foretold the awakening of greatest warriors.

The greater regional area in which all this lies in is called the Hiram Mountain Range. The western part of it, the Hiram Mountains, will be released in the July Update in Korea. Certain members of the Kirvatha will be present in the region, as well as other, neutral inhabitants of the area.
Due to the Hiram Mountains being so close to the Garden, special energy has filled the area, creating unique minerals which are said to have helped the Hiramians have such sophisticated knowledge in manufacturing weapons and armor (The Hiram gear currently in the game being a product of theirs).


The Hiram gear that players obtained from killing the Corrupted will be further progressable through this new area. Exact details on how this new level of Hiram gear are unknown at this time, but XL states that players will find certain clues in the Hiram Mountains which will help them progress their Hiram gear to the next tier: Glorious.

Glorious Hiram Gear

This new tier of Hiram gear can be synthesized up to the Epic grade, and will be slightly better than Mythic Ayanad gear when fully synthesized, as one can see in the images of an Epic Glorious Hiram Dagger and Bow below. More information about Glorious Hiram Gear will come with the release of the patch.

Ancestral Levels Expanded

The mobs in the aforementioned new region, the Hiram Mountains, will have their levels at various Ancestral Levels, but not just Levels 1 through 7. With this patch, XL is expanding the Ancestral Level cap from 7 to 34. The mobs that appear in the Hiram Mountains will be in this range, and according to XL, will reward a hefty amount of experience per kill. Due to the Ancestral Level cap being raised in such a dramatic way, the experience per level has been lowered, so as to not make the cap of Ancestral Level 34 impossible to reach. The exact required experience per level is currently unknown.

XL has also removed the items that were necessary to unlock Ancestral Levels, making the only requirements be reaching the experience threshold.

When Ancestral Levels were released, they provided no stat bonuses, thereby making them only practical in the sense that they unlocked the Ancestral Skills. With the July update, XL is changing that by providing a certain amount of PvP-based stats per Ancestral Level, so as to help players have a steady leveling experience. The stats are the following:

Increases for the following amount per Ancestral Level:

  • 20 Resilience
  • 10 Toughness
  • 0.1% Reduced Damage
  • 0.05% Accuracy

With a total of 34 Ancestral Levels, players can acquire up to 680 extra Resilience, 340 Toughness, 3.4% Reduced Damage, and 1.7% Accuracy.

Finally, although not included with the July update, XL has promised a new series of Ancestral Skills for Ancestral Level 10. This is slated for release with the August Update.

Tempering Reworked

For the longest time, tempering has been a relatively random process, and one for which the best items were available exclusively from the Cash Shop. XL is reworking this system to be a more grind-intensive, progress-based system.

Tempering is now done through the above UI, with materials that can be acquired from mobs in Auroria. Players can temper their weapons up to +20, and tempering is now sequential rather than being something that is random and is only done a few times to each piece of gear, up until players get the desired outcome of tempering (i.e 118% temper). Players cannot immediately acquire +20 on the temper, and instead must grind up to the desired +20 on each piece of gear. According to XL, +20 is a little higher in terms of stats than 118%, with about a 5-7% increase.

In the UI, it’s important to notice that there are three chances for the following bad outcomes: Destruction, Downgrade, and Crystallization. It’s unknown how exactly this will work yet, but more info will be available once the patch goes live on July 5.

Boss Gear Awakening

According to XL, many players like to use Boss Gear for the special abilities and passives. Unfortunately, when you factor in the relative rareness of each piece of boss gear (Especially on Fresh Start) and the high chances of the gear breaking when regrading past Divine, boss gear ultimately becomes something that players use primarily for the actives. With the update, XL is implementing the synthesizing of boss gear, that being the raising of the gear’s grade via feeding it other gear for experience.

In order to Awaken a piece of boss gear and allow it to be synthesized, players must first create a Boss Awakening Scroll, which requires 12 Honorforged Medals and 12 Red Dragon Spinal Ridges, as shown in the image below.

Additionally, Awakening boss gear seems to bring it to the next tier instead of crafting it up. For example, if a player had a Enraged Red Dragon Tail-Reaper (Tier 1 Red Dragon Nodachi), he can simply Awaken it in order to upgrade it to a Berserk Red Dragon Tail-Reaper (Tier 2 Red Dragon Nodachi) (Note that this is currently unconfirmed, and may be a wrong translation. The chances are 50/50). Finally, the Awakening will for the most part not change the tempering of the weapon; it can decrease the tempering by up to -2.

Gear Adjustments

With the additions of Tier 3 Hiram Gear and Boss Gear Awakening, XL has found it necessary to adjust the basic stats on gear. Overall, Boss Gear will be improved slightly with regards to basic stats, as will Ayanad gear. Additionally, Tier 2 Mistsong Weapons have been adjusted to be slightly worse than Ayanad gear.

Erenor gear will also be adjusted slightly, so as to avoid a situation in which Erenor gear creates a massive gear gap between players who have the ability to go with Erenor gear, and players who would rather farm up their gear, and eventually reach Tier 3 Hiram Gear. Information on these changes will be clearer when released with the update.

The gear adjustments are previewed in the image below.

Fresh Start Adjustments

With the July update, the following will be unlocked on the Korean Fresh Start server:

  • Ayanad Gear is now craftable.
  • Mistsong Awakening Scrolls are now craftable.
  • Taris is now available for killing.
  • The level cap has been raised to the new Level 34 Successor Level cap.
  • Delphinad and Ayanad Cloaks are now craftable.


These are not the only updates promised in the July Update. XL has promised Trade changes, improvements to certain aspects of Synthesizing gear and cloaks, a special inventory bag exclusively for pets, and improvements to the Group Finder system.

For August, the developers are working on updates to the Ayanad Library and new Ancestral Skills, among other things.

So, I hope everyone enjoyed that! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the Comments section below, and be sure to join the Discord for the latest news!

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