Hey all. This has been a long time in the making, but here is finally the non-bland article on Patch 5.0. Enjoy!

Western Hiram Mountains

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In the Hidden Era, the Twelve Heroes first gathered to form the legendary expedition with the goal of finding the Garden, the rumored birthplace of the world. Unfortunately, following the great migration, all mana in Auroria was depleted, and as a result the expedition was left unfinished, with the mythical Garden yet to be found. Once the energy of Archeum had seeped into Auroria from the New World (Nuia and Haranya), the Garden was made further inaccessible to the civilizations of the Archeage world. But, unbeknownst to that of outsiders, a new, mysterious power rose in the Garden during this time. The Kirvatha (Or as they’re known in our version, the Corrupted from which Hiram gear drops) noticed it, and began to congregate in the area.

The greater regional area in which all this lies in is called the Hiram Mountain Range. The western part of it, the Hiram Mountains, will be released in the July Update in Korea. Certain members of the Kirvatha will be present in the region, as well as other, neutral inhabitants of the area.
Due to the Hiram Mountains being so close to the Garden, special energy has filled the area, creating unique minerals which are said to have helped the Hiramians have such sophisticated knowledge in manufacturing weapons and armor (The Hiram gear currently in the game being a product of theirs).

The region itself has a recommended level of Ancestral Level 7+, and has several Aurorian-specific climate, those being Temperate, Cold, Tropical, and Dry. In order to enter the area, players must first venture into the north of Reedwind.

The region regularly enters into War, with Conflict lasting for 10 minutes, War lasting for 50 minutes, and Peace lasting for 60 minutes. 

Expansion of Ancestral Levels

With Patch 5.0, XLGames has began to expand the Ancestral Level system, raising the cap to Ancestral Level 34, but not yet implementing any new skills, with those slated for release in August.

The experience required to reach Ancestral Level 34, beginning at Level 55, is shown in the table below.

LevelExperience Required
Level 551,094,800
Ancestral Level 11,234,800
Ancestral Level 21,374,800
Ancestral Level 31,514,800
Ancestral Level 41,654,800
Ancestral Level 51,794,800
Ancestral Level 61,934,800
Ancestral Level 72,074,800
Ancestral Level 82,214,800
Ancestral Level 92,354,800
Ancestral Level 102,494,800
Ancestral Level 112,634,800
Ancestral Level 122,774,800
Ancestral Level 132,914,800
Ancestral Level 143,054,800
Ancestral Level 153,194,800
Ancestral Level 163,334,800
Ancestral Level 173,474,800
Ancestral Level 183,614,800
Ancestral Level 193,754,800
Ancestral Level 203,894,800
Ancestral Level 214,034,800
Ancestral Level 224,174,800
Ancestral Level 234,314,800
Ancestral Level 244,454,800
Ancestral Level 254,594,800
Ancestral Level 264,734,800
Ancestral Level 274,874,800
Ancestral Level 285,014,800
Ancestral Level 295,154,800
Ancestral Level 305,294,800
Ancestral Level 315,434,800
Ancestral Level 325,574,800
Ancestral Level 335,714,800

With the total being over 115 million experience, the experience required from Level 55 to Ancestral Level 34 comes out to be just about 10 times more than the current amount required from Level 55 to Ancestral Level 7.

Due to the large increase in the total amount of Successor Levels, XL removed the need for Honorforged Medals when leveling up, instead changing it so that players only need 1 Honorforged Medal when leveling up from Level 55 to Ancestral Level 1, while all other Ancestral Levels automatically level up once the required experience is reached, just like with regular levels.

Additionally, XLGames implemented a new system to help balance PvP that gives certain stats each time a player advances an Ancestral Level. With each Ancestral level up, players will receive a permanent increase of 20 Resilience, 10 Toughness, 0.1% Reduced Damage, and 0.05% Accuracy. With 34 total Ancestral Levels, at level cap, players will gain an additional 680 Resilience, 340 Toughness, 3.4% Reduced Damage, and 1.7% Accuracy.

New Tempering System

With Patch 5.0, XL completely revamped the Tempering system, replacing all old items and percentages with a new, number based system, much like that of the enchanting system in Black Desert. Instead of the relatively random old system, this new way of Tempering items is progression based. Players Temper their items by using items to raise a number on their gear, which goes from +1 to +30. With each successful Temper attempt, the Temper of the item goes up by 1. From Temper tier +1 to +20, stats are increased by a ratio of 1%, while from +20 to +30, stats increased by a ratio of +0.5%. This means that at the maximum of +30 Temper, the base stats (Attack, Magic Attack, Defense, etc.) of an item are increased by 25%, a 7% increase from the old Temper system.

Additionally, Hiram gear can also be Tempered with this new system.

How to Temper

With the new system, players require one of the following items: Sunlight or Moonlight Abrasive, or Lucky Sunlight or Lucky Moonlight Abrasive. The regular Abrasives are obtained from Prince’s Crates, Queen’s Crates, and Ancestral Crates, while the Lucky versions of the Abrasives can be produced by using 10 of the respective Abrasives and the respective Lucky Point (Whether that be Lucky Sunpoint for Lucky Sunlight Abrasive, or Lucky Moonpoint for Lucky Moonlight Abrasive). Unlike regular Abrasives, Lucky Abrasives have the chance of Great Success, which can result in the increase of Temper by +2 instead of the default +1. Also, as you may have guessed, Sunlight Abrasives are for Weapons, while Moonlight Abrasives are for Armor. Do be warned that regular Abrasives are Bind on Pickup, but the Lucky Abrasives are tradable.

In order to Temper a piece of gear, players must first open the Temper UI and insert the item that they wish to Temper, as well as the respective Abrasive. The UI then shows the Success Chance, as well as the chances to Fail, Downgrade, or Crystallize. Tempering a piece of gear costs 200 Labor per attempt, so it can become expensive in terms of labor fairly fast at higher tiers.

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As you may have noticed, to the right of the slot for the Abrasive is another slot. This slot is for Abrasive Charms, which increase your Success Chance. Four charms exist in total, with two for Sunlight, and two for Moonlight. The Arcane regular Abrasive Charms increase the Success Chance of Tempering an item by 1.5 times, while the Celestial Glowing Abrasive Charms increase the Success Chance of Tempering an item by 2 times. These items are available exclusively from the Cash Shop, where they are sold for 5,000 and 15,000 Credits, respectively, which translates to an Auction House price of roughly 900 Gold and 2,700 Gold, respectively.

attachment imageattachment image

Tier 3 Hiram Gear

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With the release of Patch 5.0 comes Glorious Hiram Gear, or what will more commonly be referred to as Tier 3 Hiram Gear. With a max grade of Epic and stats comparable to that of Mythic Ayanad gear, it is bound to be a popular gear choice among all players.

In order to Awaken your Tier 2 Hiram Gear to Tier 3, one needs either of the following items: Tier 2 Hiram Awakening Scroll or Lucky Tier 2 Hiram Awakening Scroll. Additionally, players must bring their Tier 2 Hiram items to Divine before attempting to Awaken it. Tier 2 Hiram Awakening Scrolls are obtained as their predecessors: by farming mobs in Auroria. They have an Awakening Success Chance of 10%, and there is a chance of Crystallization, as well as a chance for the downgrading of Temper. The maximum downgrade of Temper is -2 Temper tiers, but the downgrade cannot go below +20. So, if the item at +21 Temper, the Temper can only go down to +20.

Meanwhile, Lucky Tier 2 Hiram Gear Awakening Scrolls prevent Crystallization and Temper Downgrades, but require 100 Tier 2 Hiram Awakening Scrolls and 1 Tier 2 Quill of Knowledge to craft. They have an Awakening Success Chance of 25%. Both scrolls do not grant any Karma stacks.

All Tier 3 Hiram stats (and experience info) is available in this tool that I made.

Cloak Changes

With Patch 5.0, XL has revamped certain tiers of Cloaks, replacing the upgrading of Cloak tiers (i.e upgrading from Delphinad to Ayanad) via Awakening instead of Crafting. All new Synthesized Cloaks (Epherium, Delphinad, Ayanad) will be upgraded through Awakening instead of Crafting, while preexisting Cloaks (Before Patch 5.0) can still be upgraded via Crafting, although they can also be upgraded by Awakening them.

Cloaks are Awoken by using the following two items: Honorable Awakening Scroll for Ephreium to Delphinad, and Glorious Awakening Scroll for Delphinad to Ayanad. The following are their crafting recipes:

  • Honorable Awakening Scroll: 6 Honorforged Medals, 3 Moonlight Archeum Crystals
  • Glorious Awakening Scroll: 12 Honorforged Medals, 6 Moonlight Archeum Crystals

Awakening Cloaks costs 300 Labor, and has a 20% base chance of Succeeding, with each Karma stack increasing the Success chance by +5%.

Additionally, certain Cloaks were changed and regrouped. Specifically, all Flaming subtype Delphinad and Ayanad Cloaks were removed and instead replaced with the regular, non-Flaming Cloak types. That being said, these new Cloaks have the possibility of having the respective Flaming Cloak’s basic stat.

Delphinad Cloak Changes

Delphinad Cloaks have been rearranged in the following fashion, and players can obtain them once they have Synthesized their Epherium Cloak to Epic.

CurrentPost-Patch 5.0
Delphinad Windsong CloakDelphinad Windsong Cloak
Delphinad Flaming Windsong Cloak
Delphinad Twintail CloakDelphinad Twintail Cloak
Delphinad Flaming Twintail Cloak
Delphinad Bastion CloakDelphinad Bastion Cloak
Delphinad Flaming Bastion Cloak
Delphinad Arrowflash CloakDelphinad Arrowflash Cloak
Delphinad Flaming Arrowflash Cloak
Delphinad Hatchetblade CloakDelphinad Hatchetblade Cloak
 Delphinad Flaming Hatchetblade Cloak

Ayanad Cloak Changes

Ayanad Cloaks have been rearranged in the following fashion, and players can obtain them once they have Synthesized their Delphinad Cloak to Epic.

CurrentPost-Patch 5.0
Ayanad Windsong CloakAyanad Windsong Cloak
Ayanad Flaming Windsong Cloak
Ayanad Twintail CloakAyanad Twintail Cloak
Ayanad Flaming Twintail Cloak
Ayanad Bastion CloakAyanad Bastion Cloak
Ayanad Flaming Bastion Cloak
Ayanad Arrowflash CloakAyanad Arrowflash Cloak
Ayanad Flaming Arrowflash Cloak
Ayanad Hatchetblade CloakAyanad Hatchetblade Cloak
Ayanad Flaming Hatchetblade Cloak

Erenor Cloaks remain unchanged, and are still Crafted instead of Awoken.

Boss Gear Awakening

With Patch 5.0, XL has slightly changed the way in which players upgrade some of their boss gear, both in tier and in grade. Instead of regrading certain Tier 2 Boss gear to increase the grade, players can now synthesize that gear with Crafted gear (With the exception of Erenor gear) and other Boss gear, and Awakening has replaced Crafting in terms of upgrading that gear to Tier 2. Each piece of gear requires a specific type of Awakening Scroll, as shown in the table below. It seems that attempts at Awakening Boss gear always succeed, but that being said, there is a chance for the downgrading of Temper. The maximum downgrade of Temper is -2 Temper tiers, but the downgrade cannot go below +20. So, if the item at +21 Temper, the Temper can only go down to +20.

Scroll NameScroll Crafting RecipesItem NamePost-Awakening
Anguish Awakening Scroll12 Honorforged Medals
8 Bitter Teardrop
Cold AnguishFrozen Anguish
Oath Awakening Scroll12 Honorforged Medals
8 Fierce Vow’s Blood
Searing OathBurning Pledge
Arcadian Awakening Scroll12 Honorforged Medals
12 Kraken Ink Sac
Arcadian Sea PillagerBleak Arcadian Pillager
Arcadian Sea SovereignBleak Arcadian Sovereign
Arcadian Sea GuardianBleak Arcadian Guardian
Red Dragon Awakening Scroll12 Honorforged Medals
12 Red Dragon Spinal Ridge
Enraged Red Dragon Tail-ReaperBerserk Red Dragon Tail-Reaper
Enraged Red Dragon Wing-ReaperBerserk Red Dragon Wing-Reaper
Enraged Red Dragon RoarBerserk Red Dragon Roar
Enraged Red Dragon EyesplitterBerserk Red Dragon Eyesplitter
Enraged Red Dragon FireguardBerserk Red Dragon Fireguard


Pet Collection and the New Mount
attachment image

With Patch 5.0, XLGames released a new category of Achievements based around a player’s mounts and pets. The goal of this system is to provide incentive for players to grow their pet collection. Each Achievement rewards the player with rewards and a unique Title.

Below are the achievements and requirements for each, as well as rewards. Do note that this is information is directly from Korea and is bound to change.

RequirementsReward ImageReward NameQuantity
Achieve all of your collection goals in the classificationattachment imageArcane Drake1
Pegasus, Typhoon Drake, Frost Dragonattachment imageManastorm Crystal50
Flaming Soulscar, Soulmule, Flamedancerattachment imageLarge Gift Box1
Thunderdash, Steel Lightning,
Cloudstrike Panther
attachment imageKyrios Medals300
Freezing Soulscar, Brown Reindeer, Moonfeather Griffinattachment image500 Credits1
Vanhi, Hellwing Pegasus, Crimson Lightningattachment imageHonorable Victory Rank 11
Moonlight Kitsu, Stormwraith Kirin, Black Arrowattachment imageGilda Stars250
Gweonid Vine Giant, Carrot Wings, Mirage Bjorne, Phoenix Phishattachment imageGolden Token300
Candy-fueled Bestcargot, Coral, Fuchsiafinattachment imageHonorable Vocation Potion Rank 11
Whitetail Leomorph, Snowmane Snowlion, White Elk, White Horseattachment imagePet Storage Bag1

The final achievement reward is of course the Arcane Drake, an exclusive mount in the form of a magical steampunk-inspired Drake. As shown in the image below, this majestic mount has the grade of Arcane, 21,236 Health, but alas, it cannot be equipped with armor or other items. It has the following skills:

  • Run: Increases Movement Speed by +50% for 15 seconds. While Gliding, this increases the mount’s Glide Movement Speed by +30% for 15 seconds.
  • Breakthrough: Charges at the enemy for three seconds, pushing back all enemies and tripping them.
  • Glide: The Arcane Drake Glides for a maximum of 5 minutes.

attachment image

Trade Changes

XLGames has once again revamped Trade, this time removing Certified Cargo Packs and changing how Specialty and Cargo packs function. Additionally, Daru Trade Outposts were removed from the game, save for the ones at Two Crowns, Solis Headlands, and Diamond Shores. As such, Specialty packs can only be handed in at the continent’s one Daru Trade Outpost, while Cargo packs can be handed it at any of the four traders (Including Freedich Isle).


Specialty packs now only serve the purpose of lowering the purchase price of Cargo packs, and are exchanged for Gold. The Freshness factor remains, and the system of lowering the percentage for the purchase price of Cargo Packs has remained the same as well, with 50 Regular Specialty Pack, 30 Compost Specialty Packs, and 10 Larder Packs required to lower the price, the amount by which is covered in the Cargo section.


Instead of stock being the limiting factor in the amount of Cargo packs players can acquire, price now increases with each additional Cargo pack purchase, with 130% being the maximum purchase price of the Cargo pack, while stock is infinite. An indicator is now present to the left of the Cargo purchase price, and displays the affect of the theoretical supply and its impact on the price of a Cargo pack, as shown in the table below.

Supply StatusPrice Impact
Abundance70% (-30%)
Adequate90% (-10%)
Shortage110% (+ 10%)
Severe Deficit130% (+ 30%)

The purchase UI has also been changed, and Quality Certificates are no longer necessary for the purchase of Cargo packs, and have been removed from the game. Remaining Quality Certificates after the update can be exchanged for their purchase price in Vocation Badges.

The image below shows the new UI for the purchasing of Cargo packs.

attachment image

The sale of Cargo packs now rewards players with Charcoal Stabilizers, with the exception of Freedich Isle, where Cargo packs are traded for Dragon Essence Stabilizers. The table below shows the new exchange prices for Cargo prices. 130% price is assumed.

Location of Trading PostType of PacksTrade Price
Diamond Shores Trading PostNuian & Harani Cargo30 Charcoal Stabilizer
Two Crowns Trading PostHarani Cargo15 Charcoal Stabilizer
Solis Headlands Trading PostNuian Cargo15 Charcoal Stabilizer
Freedich IsleNuian & Harani Cargo4 Dragon Essence Stabilizer

Auroria Packs

All Auroria packs have been removed from the game. Obviously, the developers implemented them in such a fashion that they did not intend to, and as such, Auroria Packs were removed from the game.

Arena Changes

With Patch 5.0, XLGames implemented a long requested feature for Arenas: Premade Queuing. What this means is that players can now queue into all Arenas with a party of their choosing instead of being matched with random players by the system. Players can create such a Team with players from opposing nations and factions, and even different servers. Do note that Teams are different than Parties or Raids.

Forming a Team

The image and table below explains exactly how players can setup Teams.

attachment image

1Team RegistrationPress this button to register yourself as a Team Leader to the Team Recruitment Board, and thus receive Join Requests from other players. This button also brings up the UI in which 2, 3, 4 and are shown.
2Open TeamSet your Team to Open, allowing any players to join without your approval.
3Closed TeamSet your Team to Closed, allowing players to request to join it from the Recruitment Board.
4Party TeamInvite all current Party members to join your Team.

Additionally, XL has implemented a new Team chat, which can be used for both chatting within the Team, and inviting players. Players can be invited to your Team by using /Team Invite [Character Name] [Server Name] within chat. Players can also be invited by clicking on their name and selecting Invite to Team.

Players can leave teams by pressing the Leave Team button in the Arena UI. The system automatically delegates Team Leader to another member of the Team if the Team Leader leaves. The Team Leader can kick other Team Members by either using the Team UI or a chat command. Also, a Team is disbanded when the Team Leader presses the Disband button, when all Team Members leave, or when all Team Members have been offline for 10 or more minutes.

Finding a Team UI

attachment image

1Arena SelectionGo to the selected Arena Team Recruitment interface.
2Team InformationPlayers can check the Team Leader, information about the team, and team size.
3DeleteThe team leader can disband his Team via this button.
4ApplyApply to the select Team via this button.
5Team FormationCreate a Team and become its Team Leader.

Team Management

In the image below is the Team UI, through which you can see manage Team members.

attachment image

In order to queue up for an Arena, all Team members participating in the current queue must press a Ready button. You can cancel this at any time by clicking the Cancel button. A player’s Ready state is automatically cancelled when they go offline.

Entering an Arena

When all Team members are ready, the Team Leader can begin the queue for an Arena. The leader does this by clicking the Start button in the Arena UI.

When the queue pops, if there are two or more players in a Team, all players must confirm joining a match before any Team member enters the Arena, as shown in the image below.

attachment image

If a player clicks on the confirmation window, they will be placed in a Waiting status until all members confirm the queue. Clicking the Cancel button will cancel all Team member confirmations. The same is true if Team members do not accept the match in time. When all Team members accept the queue, the Team will enter the Arena.

Fresh Start Changes

The following content has been unlocked on the Korean Fresh Start:

  • The fourth room of Mistsong, Taris’ room, is now available, and Taris is now killable.
  • Level cap increased to Ancestral Level 34.
  • Ayanad equipment is now craftable.
  • Diamond Shores Trading Post added.

So, I hope everyone enjoyed that! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the Comments section below, and be sure to join the Discord for the latest news!

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