Hi everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus. Decided to take a little break. But I’m back now, and with me being back, so are the translations from Korea!

This article will be going over the changes to Erenor items that will be implemented tomorrow, on March 23, 2017. Remember, this is for Korea, and there is no guarantee that this will be our system.

As many of you may know, on launch in Korea, obtaining Erenor items and synthesizing them was a task for only the biggest of whales, and in the end, was not worth it at all. You can read more about that in my article about synthesizing Erenor items. But, as detailed in the XLGames Player Conference, XL intends to make it easier for players to obtain high-grade Erenor items, and as such, their March patch will have to do with just that.

Statistics of Erenor before the Update

Before delving into the changes, let’s take a moment to examine the statistics that we received from XLGames about how many Erenor items were made prior to this update in all of Korea.

Below is a table of the number of Erenors crafted in Korea.

TypeQuantity Made
Erenor One-Handed Weapon38
Erenor Two-Handed Weapon11
Erenor Bow25
Erenor Armor3
Erenor Accessories13
Erenor Cloak296

As you can see, a very small amount of Erenor items has been crafted. Only 74 total Weapons were crafted, and most telling of all, only 3 Armor pieces. This just goes to tell how bad the Erenor system was, and how inefficient it was to craft and level up an Erenor item.

XLGames stated that these numbers were much smaller than their original estimates, and that they hope the crafting and synthesizing of Erenor items will be more accessible after this latest patch.

The Changes

The Stats of Erenor Items


The first thing that XL are changing with Erenor items are the stats on them. Due to Erenor being only slightly better than Ayanad and Obsidian Tier 7 items, a player could obtain a slightly worse item in terms of stats for a fraction of the costs.

XL recognized this problem, and as a result, they are increasing the base stats on Erenor items. In essence, XL is increasing the attacks, those being Melee Attack, Magic Attack, Ranged Attack, and Healing Power, on all Erenor weapons by about 7%, and the armor values, those being Physical Defense and Magic Defense, by about 3%. On Two-Hander Erenor weapons, that  Let’s explore that for a moment.

Below are two images of an Erenor Dagger at Divine and its basic stats. The top image is that of the Dagger that is currently live on Korean servers, and the image on the bottom is that of the newer version.

As you can see, the current version of an Erenor Dagger gives 674.8 Melee Attack at Divine, while the new version gives 719.4 Melee Attack, which is a 6.6% increase in Melee Attack to be precise.

In order to see just how large this change is, let us compare it to weapons that we know: Ayanad and Obsidian Tier 7 weapons. At Legendary, an untempered Ayanad Dagger gives 703.9 Melee Attack, while at Mythic, it gives 741 Melee Attack. So then, the new Erenor weapons will be between Legendary and Mythic at just Divine!

In terms of T7s, an Epic T7 Dagger currently gives 672.1 Melee Attack, while a Legendary T7 Dagger gives 751.2 Melee Attack. Again, the new Divine Dagger falls in between the two, making a Divine Erenor weapon superior to both Legendary Ayanads and Epic T7s, while slightly worse than Mythic Ayanads and Legendary T7s.

Also, let us look at the Healing Power on an Erenor Greatclub. The left image is that of the Greatclub that is currently live on Korean servers, and the image to the right is that of the newer version.

Again, it is about a 6.6% increase in terms of Healing Power and Melee Attack, with the newer version providing 863 Healing Power at Divine.

A Legendary Ayanad Greatclub gives 845 Healing, while a Mythic Ayanad Greatclub gives 890 Healing Power. An Epic T7 Greatclub gives 807 Healing Power, while a Legendary  one gives 902 Healing Power. As you can see again, a Divine Erenor Greatclub will be between that. One can only imagine how good a Legendary Erenor weapon will be.

In addition to all that, base attributes, those being Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intelligence, and Spirit, have been increased for most Erenor items, with the exception of Two-Hander Weapons, which have been altered slightly in terms of those stats.

Gear Score

Also changing is the amount of Gear Score that an Erenor item gives.

Below are two images comparing basic Erenor daggers, and the Gear Score they give. The top image is of the Erenor currently on Korean servers, and the bottom image is of the Erenor dagger that will soon be the live version.

All in all, that is about a 3% increase in Gear Score from the values present on live servers. So for those wanting to show off their Gear Score, this is great news.

Experience Value Changes

In my previous article about Erenor items and the amount of experience that an item gives towards an Erenor item, I was not able to find the experience for all items. Luckily, XL has made all the new and updated values public, so here they are.

New Experience Values

Please note that I am assuming that these items are Basic in grade. 

Crafted Items

TierExperience Recieved (Current Version)Experience Recieved (Post-Patch Version)
Artificer’s20 28
Artisan’s63 85
Illustrious158 198
Erenor4315No change

Obsidian Items

In terms of experience, Obsidian items remain unchanged, as it seems XL wants to push forward crafting over making Obsidian items.

TierExperience Recieved
Tier 1143
Tier 2163
Tier 3370
Tier 4418
Tier 5745
Tier 6928
Tier 71988

Dungeon Items

For Dungeon items, I will only be listing some of the experience values. 


TierExperience Recieved
Tier 1118
Tier 2133
Tier 3138
Tier 4155

Mistong Armor gives 125 experience upon synthesizing them at Basic. 


TierExperience Recieved
Tier 183
Tier 283
Tier 383

Serpentis Armor 
gives 78 experience upon synthesizing them at Basic. 

 Changes to Experience Per Grade

You may have noticed that I said that the experience values shown only apply to items at the Basic grade. Why is that? Didn’t I say in my previous article that, unlike my speculation before the current version of patch 3.5 was released, experience does not scale off of grade? What changed then?

Well, perhaps the biggest news of this patch in terms of Erenor items and their synthesizing is that experience granted from items while synthesizing them now scales off of the grade.

XLGames claims that in this new patch, the amount of experience from an item will increase by about 10% each higher grade from the previous grade. This applies to all items used in synthesizing.

So let us take a Basic Ayanad item as an example of this. At Basic, it will grant 2,700 experience. With this new system, a Grand Ayanad item will give about 2,970 experience, and at Rare, it should give about 3,267 experience (If I am interpreting this system correctly). Let’s fast forward a little. At Celestial, Ayanads should give about 4,784 experience per item, which means that you’ll only need about 4 Celestial Ayanads to get from Celestial to Divine!

Well, that sounds quite nice!

Also, XL has revealed that now you will be able to use an item of any grade to synthesize an Erenor item, no matter what the grade of the Erenor item is, as long as the grade is equal to or higher than that of the Erenor item. So, for example, you will be able to use a Mythic T7 on a Rare Erenor item, but you will not be able to use Rare items on a Legendary Erenor item.

Anyhow, that just about concludes today’s article. I will be providing updated costs of how much an Erenor costs to synthesize later this week. I hope you enjoyed hearing about this update as much as I did!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the Comments section below.

21 Responses

  1. Tweaked

    Thanks for the Article.

    Looks like solid changes that make Erenor more viable.

  2. Rama

    Looks like great changes making Erenor actually viable and obtainable compared to original instance of erenor.

  3. kee

    You said that two handers stats for str/agi/stam..etc got altered rather than increased like other items. What do you mean by thata?

  4. Intress

    Thank you for putting this article together, these changes please me. I now have higher hopes that I will be able to obtain an erenor weapon!

  5. Cazimaha

    What is the change that is diffrent by the 2-handed weapons ?

    looking forward to your post how the changes affect the costs.

  6. Ophelia

    Looks like Erenor still isn’t worth the cost and time that it’s going to require, unless Trion significantly reduces the amount of exp each grade is required ALONG with the amount of mats needed to make just the basic Erenor item.

    • Mark

      Like I have said on many, many occasions, this system is only for the biggest of the whales. It was and never will be intended for people who aren’t at the top of the top in terms of gear.

      I don’t really see any reason to be upset here. Average players still have good gear, such as Obsidian and Ayanad, to get. It’s not like Erenor is going to make huge riptides across the game in terms of imbalance, as very few will have it, and those that will have it probably already have a Mythic T7, or multiple.

      • Jack

        I think that you are underestimating the number of people preparing for erenor weapons already. F2P players who don’t mind saving and stockpiling mats now to have access to reduced rng, good gear. There are at least five (three being 100% f2p) people in my 50 man guild (no free farm, gold trader, etc) that will have divine erenor weapons as soon as they are released (barring new mats, quest mats, etc). The poblem with high tier weapons have been that they are gated by luck. People who are good at saving gold that haven’t wanted to risk feeding their savings to rngesus won’t mind going all out for this.

      • Mark

        You are naive if you think that your entire guild will have Divine Erenor weapons as soon as they release. Have you read my posts? The cost is still way too much.

        I know people who are preparing for Erenor weapons. All four of them are in the top 20 most geared players on all of NA, and drop thousands on the game regularly.

        If people can save about a million gold, then kudos to them. But it is impossible to actually obtain that much guild as a single player without spending thousands of dollars. Even after several months of being out in Korea, less than five players had Divine Erenors. And that is Korea, where gear is cheaper, paying to win is not punished for, and resources are abundant.

        So either you’re full of shit and those free to play players just aren’t really free to play, or you are just extremely naive. Go ahead and prove me wrong, but I guarantee you that within a month, no one in your guild will have a Divine Erenor or higher, especially those free-to-play players.

  7. omg

    “So let us take a Basic Ayanad item as an example of this. At Basic, it will grant 2,700 experience. With this new system, a Grand Ayanad item will give about 2,970 experience, and at Rare, it should give about 3,267 experience (If I am interpreting this system correctly). Let’s fast forward a little. At Celestial, Ayanads should give about 4,784 experience per item, which means that you’ll only need about 4 Celestial Ayanads to get from Celestial to Divine!”

    Lowering exp needed for higher grade would make more sense than introducing a change like this.
    My guess would be extra exp only applies on the difference of the grades between fodders and erenor

  8. Zelty

    One question: Erenor stuffs will be bound to char or free tradeable like ilustrios-ayanad are today.

  9. Simon

    Hello, could you clarify which items can be used as synthesis material for staves? two-handed weapons or wooden. Thank you!

    • Mark

      All Two-Hander weapon categories work for all Erenor Two-Hander weapons, but remember that this is for Korea!

  10. nexus77777

    Thanks for the great articles! Any idea if the Erenor synthesis system differentiates between One-Hand, Right-Hand, and Left-Hand weapons? For example, the Obsidian Katana is a Right-Hand weapon, but a sword is a One-Hand weapon. Could I use the katana as synthesis material for an Erenor sword? Also, what about shields? Thanks!

    • Mark

      No, it doesn’t differentiate between those. One-handed weapons are all one-handed weapons. Weapons such as the offhand dagger are included in that. Shields are also included in that (As in, shields count as one-hander weapons).


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