What’s up everybody! Quick preview of the latest patch. The full Patch 5.0 overview is still in the works; sorry I haven’t released that yet. That article will be out very soon. Anyhow, let’s get into it.

In first half of the year, XLGames was focused on improving progression for players, with their main focuses being Hiram gear and the grinding of mobs for gear. In the second half, XL is aiming to improve the gameplay aesthetic of the Pirate faction, as well as increasing the fun of end-game content and Raid versus Raid.

Pirate Faction Revamp

When XL launched Archeage, the Pirate faction was designed as a punishment for those that overly griefed other players, with players automatically going to the Pirate Faction once they hit over 3,000 Infamy. As the game progressed and player nations were introduced and popularized throughout various regions, XL realized that the Pirate faction was outdated, and as such, they have decided to update it.

Beginning with the August Update, XL will work to improve the overall gameplay of Pirates, starting with removing punishments for Pirates being on the two starter continents. Instead, these regions will be neutral to Pirates, and instead of going to Trial upon death, they will respawn at the Nui like any other faction or nation.

Instead of the classic 3,000 Infamy system for going Pirate, XL is implementing new quests for players to complete in order to join the Pirate faction. The Pirate faction has also now been given the task of defending Rangora and the Delphinad Ghost Ships, in addition to Morpheus. XL says that this coincides with the ‘true spirit of being a Pirate’. Whether this means that Pirates can no longer obtain any rewards from Delphinad Ghost Ships is unknown.

XL has also promised to vastly improve the balance of power between the normal factions and the Pirate faction. Details on this are yet unknown. Finally, XL has promised to continue to improve Pirates, with the end goal of implementing siege functionality for Pirates, something which players have been asking for for a long time.

Improving Instanced Dungeons

Open world gameplay is a core feature of Archeage, central to the way the game functions. However, in order to satisfy the needs of various players, Instanced Dungeons are also encouraged by XLGames (According to an XL survey, 15-20% of players currently enjoy Dungeon content in Archeage). In order to reflect that encouragement, XL is preparing to make Instanced Dungeon gear a viable option. In one of the recent updates, dungeon gear was changed to be synthesized. In the same spirit, XL is renovating the Ayanad Library into a place to farm gear. The four existing boss rooms in the Ayanad Library have been redesigned, as shown in the image below.

XL hopes that players will enjoy the new gear from the Ayanad Library, especially because the gear, according to them, will be good for Tanks and Healers. In addition, Serpentis will change from a 10-man dungeon to a 5-man dungeon. Also, XL is working on an automated Group Finder for dungeons, although they do not yet have a release date for this feature.

New Ancestral Skills

The August Update will focus primarily on mobility skills as the Ancestral Skills. These will unlock at Ancestral Level 10. The Ancestral Skills are as follows:

Witchcraft: Mirror’s Warp

Defense: Lasso

Auramacy: Teleport

Occultism: Shadowstep

Shadowplay: Freerunner

Songcraft: Double-Time

Abyssal: Mana Stars

Return of Drill Camp Arena

With constant requests to bring back the 5 versus 5 arena, XL has finally put the Drill Camp Arena back in the game in the form of a 10 versus 10 arena instead of a 5v5. All servers will be able to play this new version of Drill Camp, with the exception of the Korean Fresh Start Growth server. XL also said that they are preparing for an update to Arenas in September.

Other Things

In addition, a new food buff will be added that increases Loot Drop Rate. In order to make Boss content more appealing, an extra piece of gear will be added to the Kraken, Red Dragon, Furious Thunderwing Titan, and Leviathan. Additionally, XL teased that new end-game bosses are being worked on, but did not provide a release window.

Sorry for the short article. That’s all the info I have for you today! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the Comments section below, and be sure to join the Discord for the latest news!

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  1. Rich

    Too little, too late with the stuff that should have been done three years ago… again

  2. GeorgeNox

    they should look at balance of power between normal factions and nations, pirates are a dead faction on most servers anyway

  3. Wleo

    What is happening with the Dream ring drop (permanent one)? will that still drop on the 5 man serpentis?


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