Hey all. Patch 5.0 comes out today on Korea, so here are the full patch notes; a less bland article will come soon, detailing stats on new items and other additions to the game in not such a boring manner.

Region and NPC Changes

Added the Western Hiram Mountains region in Auroria, north of Reedwind.

  • Conflict Period: 10 minutes
  • War Period: 50 minutes
  • Peace Period: 60 minutes

Added a White Mineral Vein somewhere between the western part of the Western Hiram Mountains and the Nemi River.

30 new unique mobs have been added to the Western Hiram Mountains.

  • Mobs drop Ancestor’s Coinpurses and Ancestral Crates in terms of Larceny items.
  • Mobs also drop the Tier 2 Hiram Awakening Scrolls.

Added Achievements and Titles which can be obtained in the Western Hiram Mountains.

Added five new soundtrack pieces to the Western Hiram Mountains.

The transport ship (As well as Captain’s Protection route) that sailed from Solzreed Peninsula to Ynystere, and back, has been removed.

The Wolfgang Series vehicles are now dyeable.

The attack speed of NPCs (Mobs) and pets has been changed.

Character Changes

The amount of experience required per level for levels 50 and above has been reduced.

The amount of experience required for Ancestral levels 1 through 7 has been reduced.

Experience and levels have been adjusted automatically with the update so that players keep the experience that they’ve gained.

The Ancestral Level cap has been increased to Ancestral Level 34.

The amount of Honorforged Medals required to advance to Ancestral Level 1 has been reduced to one.

Honorforged Medals are no longer required for leveling up Ancestral Levels after Ancestral Level 1. Ancestral Levels are instead automatically advanced once the required amount of experience has been met.

Players now automatically unlock Ancestral Skills.

For every Ancestral Level that players gain, they gain the following:

  • 20 Resillience
  • 10 Toughness
  • 0.1% Damage Reduction
  • 0.05% Accuracy

The above effect can be gained up to 34 times, once for each Ancestral Level, with the stats being the following at Ancestral Level 34:

  • 680 Resillience
  • 340 Toughness
  • 3.4% Damage Reduction
  • 1.7% Accuracy

The Ancestral UI has been modified to meet the new cap.

A guide for reaching Ancestral Level 1 was added.

Mob Ancestral Level has been adjusted, and the experience gained per kill has been overall reduced slightly.

Title Changes

Added the following possible buffs to titles:

  • Increased loot drop rate, increase experience rate, increased Healing and Mana Recovery from potions.
  • These effects increase with proportion to that of the level of the title.

PvP Changes

Characters now have a default Shield Penetration Rate of 50%.

The 50% increase in Shield Penetration Rate granted by the 2-Hander buff has been removed.

Tempering Changes

The Tempering system has been reworked.

  • Sunlight/Moonlight Tempering Shards can be used to increase the Temper on an item.
  • The base stats of an item are improved upon successful Tempering, and the new Temper is displayed in the item’s name.
  • On successful Tempering, the Tempering grade of a piece of gear is increased by +1, which increases Attack, Defense, etc., with the +1 being equivalent to 0.5%-1% of the old Temper.
  • The cost of attempting to increase the Temper on an item is increased with proportion to the item’s Item Level and its Temper Grade.
  • Crystallized items cannot be Tempered with this new system.

Players cannot use the new Tempering Shards on items that were previously Tempered under the old system.

  • Players can use a special item that converts the old Temper to the new one, with the level of Temper staying intact, more or less.


Item Changes

The overall stats of Ayanad gear have been slightly increased.

Erenor gear can now be fed any slot type of gear, regardless of the type of Erenor gear. This means that Gloves can be fed into a Chest piece, Two-Handers into One-Handers, and perhaps Gloves into Weapons.

Experience granted for Erenor by that of synthetic material and Obsidian gear has been adjusted to be different depending on which slot type players use it on.

Added Erenor Experience Stones, an item usable in synthesizing Erenor gear.

  • Erenor Experience Stones are obtained from breaking down equipment dropped by mobs (via an Evenstone) of Unique grade or higher (Check on Unique grade). 
  • The type and grade of Erenor Experience Stone is determined by the type and grade of equipment broken down.
  • Erenor gear can be synthesized by Erenor Experience Stones of the same grade or higher.
  • Boss gear can no longer be used in the synthesis of Erenor items.

The way in which the grade of Boss gear is raised has been changed.

  • Instead of regrading, Boss gear grade is now (For the most part) raised through synthesizing.
  • Boss gear can be synthesized with other Boss and Crafted gear (With the exception of Erenor) with the same or higher grade.

Added Awakening to Boss gear.

  • Awakening scrolls for the Boss gear can be created at the Warrior’s Workbench.
  • The following table shows the Awakening scrolls needed to Awaken each item, as well as the end result post-Awakening.
  • Existing crafting recipes have been removed.
Scroll NameItem NamePost-Awakening
Anguish Awakening ScrollCold AnguishFrozen Anguish
Oath Awakening ScrollSearing OathBurning Pledge
Arcadian Awakening ScrollArcadian Sea PillagerBleak Arcadian Pillager
Arcadian Sea SovereignBleak Arcadian Sovereign
Arcadian Sea GuardianBleak Arcadian Guardian
Red Dragon Awakening ScrollEnraged Red Dragon Tail-ReaperBerserk Red Dragon Tail-Reaper
Enraged Red Dragon Wing-ReaperBerserk Red Dragon Wing-Reaper
Enraged Red Dragon RoarBerserk Red Dragon Roar
Enraged Red Dragon EyesplitterBerserk Red Dragon Eyesplitter
Enraged Red Dragon FireguardBerserk Red Dragon Fireguard

The stats of gear dropped from the following bosses has been increased:

  • Nazar
  • Hounds of Kyrios
  • Gatekeeper Harrod
  • Morpheus
  • Captain Rangora
  • Calamitous Vyrava
  • Anthalon
  • Red Dragon (Post-Awakening)
  • Leviathan
  • Thunderwing Titan

The experience granted by Hiram Experience Stones has been adjusted for stones of the following grade:

  • Grand: 200 → 250
  • Rare: 250 → 300

Glorious Hiram Gear (Tier 3) has been added to the game.

  • Players can obtain Glorious Hiram Gear by Awakening Tier 2 Hiram Gear.
  • Tier 2 Hiram Gear can be Awoken in the same fashion as Tier 1 Hiram Gear is – through a special scroll.

Reduced the chance of getting Lunadrops from Princes, Queens, and Ancestral Crates.

Players can receive items for the new Temper system from Princes, Queens, and Ancestral Crates.

If an item is successfully Awoken, it’s Temper (New Temper) there is a chance for its Temper to slightly decrease. This only applies to items with a Temper of +20. Items with Tempers below +20 do not have that chance upon being Awoken.

Delphinad and Ayanad Cloaks have been changed to only grow through Awakening, instead of being synthesized.

  • Existing Delphinad and Ayanad Cloaks will remain usable, however, they are no longer craftable can only be upgraded via Awakening.
  • Existing Delphinad and Ayanad Cloaks can be converted into the new Cloak types via a Transmuter.
  • Erenor Cloaks remain unchanged in terms of crafting and Cloak types.

Regular Delphinad and Ayanad Cloaks and Flaming Delphinad and Ayanad Cloaks have been combined into one.

Achievements pertaining to discontinued Cloaks have been either deleted or adjusted accordingly.

Dungeon gear can no longer be used in the synthesizing of Erenor gear.

The stats of the following Mistsong gear have been increased:

  • Supreme Stealthfang Spear
  • Supreme Deadly Elegance Staff
  • Supreme Wicked Whisper Dagger
  • Supreme Doomshadow Nodachi
  • Supreme Stealthfang Shield
  • Mistsong Eternal Malice
  • Flamespite Bow

Added a new special pet.

Added Hiram Awakening Scroll: Level 2 and Glorious Hiram Awakening Scroll, which can be used to Awaken Hiram gear to Tier 3, or Glorious Hiram Gear.

  • Hiram Awakening Scroll: Level 2 is dropped by the animal-like mobs in the Hiram Mountains and from the Corrupted mobs in the mainland of the Western Hiram Mountains.

Added Feather of Exceptional Knowledge to the Cash Shop.

  • Lucky Glorious Hiram Awakening Scroll can be created with it and 100 Hiram Awaken Scroll: Level 2 scrolls.

Added an Awakening Scroll for Cloaks.

  • The scroll is craftable via the Warrior’s Medal Workbench.

Cloaks, which are now Crystallizable via Awakening, are now repairable via the Damage Recovery Scroll.

Added the option to turn off Weapon Glow Effects.

Team System

Added a Team system for Arenas.

  • Players can create or join Teams by using the Recruitment UI
  • Players who are part of a team can queue up for Arenas as a group, and will enter the Arena as a group.
  • Teams will stay together regardless of their server or gear score.
  • Teams do not disband when an Arena ends.
  • When all members of the Team leave or go offline, the Team automatically disbands.

Added a Team chat.

  • The chat can be accessed by using /team in chat while part of a Team.

Trade Changes

Changed the type of Trade Packs that players can hand in at Freedich Island.

Instead of Gold, players now always obtain Charcoal Stabilizer through transcontinental ocean trade.

  • Daru Merchants have been removed from Trading Outposts.
  • Daru Specialty Buyers have been removed from the game.
  • Cargo can no longer be purchased for inland trading.
  • Daru Merchants that accept packs are now only available at their locations in Diamond Shores, Two Crowns, and Solis Headlands.
    • These locations remain unchanged.

The supply of cargo as changed to affect the purchase price of cargo packs instead of the physical stock of packs available for purchase.

  • Changed to represent the supply level (Which is now directly the purchase price) instead of the quantity of cargo packs available.
  • Cargo packs can be purchased regardless of stock, and only the price is now affected (That means there are an infinite number of packs, but they grow exponentially in price).

Removed Cargo Certificates from the game.

  • Cargo Certificates are no longer needed to purchase packs.
  • Players who have Cargo Certificates left over can exchange them for 1,000 Vocation Points (Cargo Certificates were purchased in Korea for 1,000 Vocation)

All Auroria packs (Specialty and Cargo) have been discontinued.

  • Daru Merchants (Specialty and Cargo Buyers) that bought and sold these packs have been removed from the game.
  • Mainland Auroria, Whale Song, and Golden Ruins specialty products have been removed from the Production Folio.
  • Players who have these packs left over from before the update can hand them in for 130% of their price (Korea exclusive).
  • Plants that were used exclusively in the production of Auroria packs have been discontinued, and players are no longer able to plant them.

Achievement Changes

Added a category of achievements based Housing items.

  • Players can earn rewards such as exclusive titles by completing certain achievements within this category.
    • A total of 10 such titles have been added.

As the Ancestral Level system has been expanded upon, achievements pertaining to Ancestral Levels have been adjusted accordingly.

Achievements pertaining to Trading in Auroria have been removed.

Summon Changes

Improved the desummoning of mounts while onboard a ship.

Added a special item that allows players to store up to 30 pets and/or mounts in them.

  • Can be acquired through the new Achievements category for Mounts.

Fresh Start Changes

Ayanad items are now craftable on Fresh Start.

The Taris instance, the fourth boss in Mistsong Gardens, has been made accessible, and thus Taris is now killable.

  • Crafting recipes related to that of Taris have been released.

The level cap has been increased to Ancestral Level 34, the same as in Legacy.

The Diamond Shores Daru Merchant has been added to the Fresh Start server.


Fresh Start Growth Server

Players cannot attack other players with levels lower than themselves unless the player in question turns on Bloodlust (via CTRL+F), even if these players are hostile.

  • This restriction does affect the attacking of mounts, ships, or other such summons of hostile players. This means that players are free to attack hostile summons, regardless of a level difference.
  • During Halcyona, Mistmerrow, and Sieges, this restriction is lifted, and players are free to attack hostile players participating in the Siege as they please.
  • Players with Bloodlust Mode toggled can attack other players regardless of the level difference.

Bloodlust interface has been changed for the Growth server.

  • When players attempt to toggle Bloodlust on, a separate confirmation appears, prompting the player to select whether or not he actually wants to turn on Bloodlust.
  • Players with Bloodlust Mode toggled can attack enemies that are over 6 levels lower than the player in question (Normally you cannot).
  • Pirates must use Bloodlust to attack enemies that are over 6 levels lower than them, and will leave Blood Stains in the event that they do attack them with Bloodlust Mode toggled.

The following content is limited on the Growth server.

  • The level cap is set to 55.
  • Players cannot enter the newly-released Western Hiram Mountains.
  • Kraken, Leviathan, Thunderwing Titan, and Red Dragon do not spawn.
  • Players cannot craft Ayanad equipment.
  • Players cannot enter the Taris instance in Mistsong Gardens.


Improved the descriptions of Family-related items.

Added UCC installation areas for 28×28 houses.

Removed the Fog of War from unexplored regions on the map.

So, I hope everyone enjoyed that! A more interesting article is coming very soon, with more details on everything mentioned here, as well as in-depth explanations, so keep on the look out for that!
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the Comments section below, and be sure to join the Discord for the latest news!

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  1. Traciatim

    How does the price of specialties recover if cargo is infinite now? Does it still get consumed to reduce the price of cargo, just no cargo is actually generated it just ends up affecting the price?

  2. Konulv

    No word on rumored account-wide bank? And is there a max on new temper system? Can it fail and dafuq happens if it does? And they seem to have a hard on for their new awakening system 😀

  3. Rich

    Bye bye AA. The only thing keeping our servers up right now is the trade system, suck though it does. NA/EU takes a kick in the combat nut sack in July with the ridiculous abyssal changes, so there goes half the PvP crowd. When 5.0 comes out all the potatoes will quit, and therefor the other 50% of the “PvPers” (the trade pack gankers) will go as well.

    I love(d) this game. What kind of fucking morons run XL that make decisions any idiot could tell them will ruin their game and kill their own income.

  4. Bemol

    So sailing cargo packs to fredrich is only way to obtain charcoal?
    Do we get water trading back?
    Can we still drive packs only to those 3 places on each region?
    How do packs % regenerate? Or maybe we get stable money for each pack?
    Does merchant on fredrich appear only on certain hours?
    Or he is there all the time?

    • Rich

      Yes, sea trade only. No, no inland cargo trading.

      Only pirates and PNs going to have/control all the charcoal now.

      Have fun with that.

  5. Spyck

    Tks For all the work you put in this translation and the other o/

  6. Chosen

    This has been asked already, but what happens to already tiered up Mistsongitems (Like T4). Can those be fed aswell ( at T4-Rank, I mean ._.)

  7. AAFan

    Thanks for the translation, Mark! Looking forward to the upcoming article as well.

    Also, did you happen to see the recent Inven interview with Jake Song? I guess that explains some of the drastic ups and downs we’ve been getting this year.

  8. Person

    People keep getting confused. I believe this is just KR’s July update, but I see alot of NA in game chat about this coming July 18th. What update is NA getting July 18th?

  9. George NoX

    oh wow, a nice way to kill their game with those trade changes. PN’s and/or pirates will now preety much control all charcoal, making them even more overpowered compared to others, especially if you are more casual player. Also, do you know if we get new upgraded abilities for new Ancestral levels like we got for first 7?

  10. jotica

    I do not understand, where we get the gold to buy stuff in the
    AH? gringind mobs or what?

  11. Rich

    Mark, we had a discussion about this in nation chat today; can you clarify something?
    PvP Changes

    Characters now have a default Shield Penetration Rate of 50%.

    The 50% increase in Shield Penetration Rate granted by the 2-Hander buff has been removed.

    – So do 2H weapons still grant the 50% penetration? Any sign of shield def pen gems coming back to the game? Or have they now made shield def pen and shield def pen rate one thing altogether? Seems rather ridiculous to give everyone rate if nobody has actual % bypass. Any insight would be appreciated.

    As always thanks for all the hard work.

    • Mark

      2-Handers will not grant the Shield Defense Penetration Rate; instead all players will have 50% by default, with or without a weapon or specific gear.

      • Rich

        Right, I don’t think you understood the question though. Now 2H also grant shield def penetration, which is the amount of actual shield defense they penetrate when on a successful roll from rate. If there is no shield def penetration amount even 100% rate is useless. So we are trying to figure out where the penetration amount is going to come from now. Will the be sdp gems, will 2h still grant sdp, or are both just one thing now? Do you know if the new buff still gives sdp?

        Current 2H Buff:
        -Skill Damage +5%
        -Healing Effectiveness +5%
        -Shield Defense Penetration +50%
        -Shield Defense Penetration RATE +50%
        -Cast Time -7%

  12. random guy

    Hi Mark, thanks so much for the good work!
    But recently I saw people were comparing tempered hiram stats to tempered crafted gears, so I’m really confused can hiram be tempered with this new temper system?

  13. Tony

    Hi Mark did they put back the honorbold lunafrost to honor shop or still we can get them only from crates? can we reseal them?

  14. Sharrel

    Mark, in the begin you told that we going to have White Mineral Vein close to Nemi Rive (nice lore over this river btw), can you tell us what is this? whats used for? or you dont know yet?
    ty since now

  15. Jim

    Hello Mark, thanks for the updates!
    However I’m very confused, how easier is to obtain a, let’s say, epic erenor in 5.0 in comparisson with a hiram t3 or a legendary obsidian. Trying to figure out if I should buy obsidian, invest in erenor or none.

    • Mark

      It depends. Erenor is a gold-heavy investment while Hiram is a very grind-intensive process. So while Erenor is easier to buy straight up by dumping gold into it, it is likely harder overall to obtain as the time to generate that gold takes longer than how long it takes to obtain T3 Epic Hiram gear. Obsidian is probably the easiest out of the three, but still gold-heavy.

      • Jim

        That’s the exact kind of answer I was looking for! Thank you very much. So I’ll use the gold I have to gem the t2 hiram, I assume you don’t lose the gems when upgrading it to t3.

  16. Shadow

    “Boss gear can be synthesized with other Boss and Crafted gear (With the exception of Erenor) with the same or higher grade” does it mean that other boss gear should be the same grade or higher to be used for synthesise or this requirement applies only to crafted gear?


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