On January 4th, 2018, Korea will be receiving their newest patch, Patch 4.5. With a variety of quality of life changes, a skill overhaul that changes nearly all of the skills, boss pets, and a new system for boss spawns, XL promises an overall bettering of the Archeage experience for the average player. One thing to remember is that all of these changes are thus far exclusively for Korea, and are all subject to change.

But without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Skill Revamp

With Patch 4.5, Archeage’s skill trees will be undergoing a massive overhaul and revamp. You can find out more about these changes in this article. Please do keep in mind that the article linked does not represent the final version of the skills being released with 4.5.

New Items

Along with Patch 4.5 come several new items, or changes to items, such as Tier 3 Lunagems, a new type of Lunagem specifically for Wrist armor, Eternal Halcyona necklaces, and the ability to take Erenor cloaks to Eternal.

In terms of Lunagems, only sealed Lunagems will now be auctionable and tradeable. Unsealed, specific lunagems will be bound on pickup after unsealing, but one can reseal them using a Transmuter, after which they become tradeable again.

XL has promised for more details to come at a later date about this new system.

Regrading and Gear Gap Changes

XLGames increased the regrading chances in 4.5. They are shown in the table below.

GradesDungeon and QuestCrafted and MobObsidian and BossGradesDungeon and QuestCrafted and MobObsidian and Boss
Basic → Grand100.0%100.0%100.0%Basic → Grand100.0%100.0%100.0%
Grand → Rare100.0%100.0%100.0%Grand → Rare100.0%100.0%100.0%
Rare → Arcane100.0%100.0%100.0%Rare → Arcane100.0%100.0%100.0%
Arcane → Heroic67.5%50.0%32.5%Arcane → Heroic100.0%100.0%65.0%
Heroic → Unique67.5%50.0%32.5%Heroic → Unique100.0%100.0%65.0%
Unique → Celestial47.3%35.0%22.8%Unique → Celestial94.6%70.0%45.6%
Celestial → Divine40.5%30.0%19.5%Celestial → Divine81.0%60.0%39.0%
Divine → Epic13.5%10.0%6.5%Divine → Epic27.0%20.0%13.0%
Epic → Legendary10.8%8.0%5.2%Epic → Legendary16.2%12.0%7.8%
Legendary→ Mythic4.1%3.0%2.0%Legendary→ Mythic5.1%3.8%2.5%
Mythic → Eternal2.7%2.0%1.3%Mythic → Eternal2.7%2.0%1.3%

Failure Changes for Crafted Items

XL has changed what happens to crafted items (Illustrious through Ayanad) upon failure while regrading them past Celestial. Instead of breaking, crafted items from Illustrious to Ayanad will now enter a special phase of existence (Which I will call Damaged for now) where it cannot be regraded any longer, and cannot be upgraded via crafting. You will still be able to sell Damaged gear, use them as experience fodder for your Erenors, and Damaged gear remains tradeable. If Damaged gear gives the same amount of experience as regular items (Non-Damaged) when synthesizing Erenor gear, then it would be smart to first try and regrade your gear before synthesizing your Erenor, so as to try and maximize your experience and/or costs.

Below is a Damaged Epic Ayanad Mountain Dagger, with the same Melee Attack and Stats as a regular Epic Ayanad Mountain Dagger, but it is not regradeable, and cannot be upgraded anymore via crafting.

Classic Fresh Start Server (Korea)

Contrary to their promises, XLGames will be opening a new Fresh Start server along with the launch of 4.5. They intend for it to be a long-term server that creates competition and collaboration between players. This new server will limit some of the functions that were in the previous Korean Fresh Start servers, such as some cash shop purchases and free equipment from playing the games in PC Bangs. Whether or not this has implications for North American and European Fresh Start servers is unclear at this moment.

As XL describes it, “The new Classic Fresh Start Server, Orchinda, is a place where you can enjoy the early days of Archeage, the glory days. The server is designed to keep the balance between factions, players, and gear equal.”

The restrictions placed at the launch of the server, that being on January 4, 2018, along with Patch 4.5, are displayed in the table below.

Highest Character Level 50
Useable RacesNuians, Elves
Harani, Firran
Equipable ItemsIllustrious, Magnificent
Accessible AreasAll of Nuia and Haranya, with the exception of Dwarf and Warborn starting zones
All of the Sea
Diamond Shores and Mistemorrow
Accessible DungeonsRegular Dungeons
Burnt Castle Armory, Hadir Farm, Howling Abyss
Greater Dungeons
Sharpwind Mines, Palace Cellar, Burnt Castle Armory, Hadir Farm, Howling Abyss, Kroloal Cradle
Vehicles AvailableHauler (6 Slots)

In addition to this, at the launch of the new server, only one character slot will be available per account on the new server, so as to maintain the balance between factions.

In the table below are the updated restrictions that XL envisions will be put into effect in February, 2018. XL did mention that if they feel that the balance or progression of the server is not right at the time of an update to the restrictions in place on the Classic server, they reserve the right to change the restrictions as they see fit, whether that be making progression slower or faster.

Highest Character Level50
Equipable ItemsEpherium
Accessible AreasNuimari
Sungold Fields
Accessible DungeonsSerpentis
Sea of Drowned Love
Sea of Drowned Love (Weekend)
OtherEnabling of the creation of Player Nations
Castle Claiming and Sieges

XL stated that they currently have no estimated release date of the Dwarven and Warborn races.

Boss Changes

With 4.5, XL hopes to start overhauling open-world boss raids in order to make them more fun and appealing to the general player base, starting with Kraken and Red Dragon. The goal, XL says, of this update is to increase the fun that an average player can have with such raids. XL believes that it is natural for stronger guilds to monopolize such content, and that while this makes the game fun for those guilds, it decreases the overall appeal of a server with time.

As such, XL wants this update to begin to maintain a balance of power between the different factions and nations, so as to level the playing field for weaker players, as well as help provide more content for these weaker players.

Below is an example of such a schedule.

TuesdayServer Reset
ThursdayRed Dragon appears in Karkasse and is hostile to all factions, which means that all factions can kill it.

Let’s suppose that Thursday’s Red Dragon was killed by Nuians.

SaturdayThe red dragon appears Karkasse as a member of the Nuian faction. (This is due to the fact that Red Dragon was downed by the Nuians on Thursday.)

The Nuian forces are given the objective of defending the Red Dragon, and if the Red Dragon remains alive for the duration of its uptime, these Nuian forces receive some sort of reward (Not clear if it is the boss drop or not).

Non-Nuian factions are given the task of slaying the Red Dragon, and will receive loot from the boss if they down it.

Let’s suppose that Red Dragon was killed by Haranyans on Saturday.

TuesdayRed Dragon appears in Karkasse as a member of the Haranyan faction. (This is due to the fact that Red Dragon was downed by the Haranyans on Thursday.)
ThursdayServer Reset
ThursdayRed Dragon appears in Karkasse and is hostile to all factions, which means that all factions can kill it.
SaturdayCycle continues…

As mentioned before, this revamp will first be applied to Red Dragon and Kraken, but XL plans to implement it to other bosses such as Morpheus, Leviathan, and the such, in the future.

Also, XLGames is changing their raid schedule once again by adding Tuesday bosses back into the mix. This is something that was not changed in the NA/EU versions, so as a result, this piece of information does not really matter for the Trion versions.

Boss Location Changes

Some of the locations of certain world bosses have been changed. The new locations are shown in the table below.

ContinentRegionBoss Name
NuiaHalcyonaDaruda the Watcher
HellswampThe Croakfiend
SandeepZaldrane the Enchantress
Karkasse Ridgelands검은발톱 트란카 (New)
HaranyaRookeborne Basin은거자 람혼 (New)
Windscour SavannahGoretusk the Leveler
Perinoor RuinsYaksa Leader

Elite Mobs

After killing one of the bosses shown in the table above, if their respective region was in War at the time that they were killed, then out of the shadows come special elite mobs, which are weaker than bosses but will drop some sort of new, valuable loot. It is almost certain that these drops will be better than drops from regular mobs, which many interest certain players that want to experience a little bit more of the PvE side to Archeage.

Below are some images of the new Elite Mobs.

One of the drops that these elite mobs will drop is a new type of Larceny chests, which will be unlockable only via one of the new Golden Keys. These new chests will drop even better loot than previous chests, including the occasional Tier 1 Lunagems. The recipe for these new keys are shown below, as well as changed recipes for Copper Keys and Silver Keys.

Boss Pets

With Patch 4.5, XLGames will be debuting a new system of pets, boss pets. These will pets/mounts that will be raiseable from a special, rare item dropped from specific bosses. The item is supposed to drop seldom, so these mounts will be special. Think of the Earthen Roar/Steel Lightning, that is dropped and progressed via Hanure.

The first boss pet will be from the Red Dragon boss in Karkasse Ridgelands. The Red Dragon has a chance to drop a rare item called the Red Dragon’s Heart, which players will be able to use as means to grow the new Red Dragon pet.

A special Dragon Trainer will be positioned in Marianople and Austera who will assist with the raising of this new pet. This new pet can be raised only by the owner of the special drop, but it can sped up by other players helping by adding the material needed to raise this new pet.

In the process of raising the Red Dragon pet, players can obtain Dragon pets of other colors, those colors being Green and Black, who have unique skill-sets that pertain only to their color. Images of the different types of Red Dragon pets are shown below.

XLGames expects that this pet will affect raid versus raid PvP, with its skills being best utilized in such situations. The skills of the Red Dragon pet are not yet final, and as a result, cannot be shown by XL just yet. That being said, it seems that these pets will function like mounts, and will have some sort of ability to fly.

Once a player obtains a Red Dragon pet, the pet will have a 30-day period in which its skills will function. Once that period of time is up, the Red Dragon pet will cease to function, but can be revived in some sort of way (Which is currently unknown).

Trading Changes

Running packs from and to zones in Conflict and War has always been a thing of taboo for the majority of players. With 4.5, XL has made changes to the trading system in order to encourage the running of trade packs in and out of zones in such states. By doing so, they hope to encourage more open world PvP outside of the typical content. Specifically, XL is implementing a new type of cargo packs that are only available for purchase in regions in Conflict and War. These cargo packs can be sold for far more than regular cargo packs can.

Auroria Gear Changes

With Patch 4.5, mobs in Auroria will no longer drop Auroria gear. Instead, they will drop Illustrious gear at Basic grade, which can be used as means to make better, crafted gear. Illustrious gear will also be sold in Stores now, so as to make the production of crafted items easier, which I will go in depth more about in the next section.

XL has promised for more details to come at a later date about this new system.

Crafting Changes

Gear Hierarchy Changes

With Patch 4.5, XL will be removing all tiers of crafted gear below Illustrious, changing the hierarchy of crafted gear from Apprentice’s → Artificer’s → Illustrious → Magnificent → Epherium → Delphinad → Ayanad → Erenor to just Illustrious → Magnificent → Epherium → Delphinad → Ayanad → Erenor.

Changes to Output Grades

XL is changing the output grade for crafted items, so as to lessen the amount of regrading that is currently necessary while crafting.

The new output grades are shown in the table below.

TierRequired Grade to UpgradeOutput TierOutput Grade

Material Changes

With Patch 4.5, XL has decided to decrease the amount of the materials needed to make crafted equipment Delphinad and below. XL stated that this is to further help bridge the gear gap. Materials for Ayanad and Erenor gear remain relatively unchanged, so as to preserve the overall value of higher-level gear.

Due to the materials being lowered for Delphinad gear and below, the amount of experience when being synthesized into Erenor items has also been decreased, so as to reflect the changes. This has been done to preserve the value of Erenor items.

Obsidian Crafting Changes

XL has decided that due to the game’s natural progression since the introduction of Obsidian gear, the first and second tiers of Obsidian items were no longer necessary. Instead, they have replaced those first and second tiers with Illustrious and Magnificent, respectively.

So, the hierarchy of Obsidian gear was changed from Tier 1 Obsidian → Tier 2 Obsidian → Tier 3 Obsidian → Tier 4 Obsidian → Tier 5 Obsidian → Tier 6 Obsidian → Tier 7 Obsidian to  Illustrious → Magnificent → Tier 3 Obsidian → Tier 4 Obsidian → Tier 5 Obsidian → Tier 6 Obsidian → Tier 7 Obsidian. 

Obsolete tiers of Obsidian will be replaceable via a machine in Mirage Isle post-Patch 4.5.

Crafting Commision System

Have you ever wanted to make a certain item, but lacked the labor or proficiency to make it? In Patch 4.5, XL implemented a system just for this, with which players can commission for items to be made for them by other players, removing any need for trust trading items.

With this new system, a player first must gather all the materials he needs to make the item, as shown in the image below. After that, he opens this new interface and makes a notice with a certain payout, which is also shown in the image below.

Next, the notice is posted to a billboard-like interface where other players can make these items within the given time periods, after which they get their payout. This billboard-like interface is shown in the image below. Finally, the poster receives his finished items and is left with a finished product from a relatively care-free experience.

Quality of Life Changes

Auction House Improvements

It is finally possible to purchase goods on the Auction House in quantities smaller than in which they were posted in. Recall a time when you really needed 10 Stone Bricks. Perhaps they were for some event that you were about to partake in. Whatever the case might have been, to your dismay, you only found stacks of 100 on the Auction House, and since you only needed 10 Stone Bricks, ended up not buying the Bricks, as such crippling you in the event to come. With the new system, players will be able to purchase fractions of stacks of items posted on the Auction House.

The one catch in this is that in order for players to be able to buy smaller quantities of items, the seller of the items must enable the option for players to do this. If the seller does enable this option, he will receive individual mails each time a portion of the stack sells with the payout, rather than receiving the payout all in one mail.

XL also improved certain small features within the Auction House UI, which can be seen below.

Skill Migration Improvements

With Patch 4.5, XL has changed Skill Migration to include three different sets, so as to support the playing of different class styles. With this new feature, players can switch between their three personalized sets of migrated stats at any time, thus making major class switches more fluid, and allowing players to transition without crippling their experience or stats.

This new interface is shown in the image below.

Item Locking

In order to prevent the accidental (Or perhaps intentional) destruction of an item, XL has implemented a system in which items, such as the valuable Epic Erenor Shield below, can be locked. Once locked, the item cannot be regraded, destroyed, gemmed, and so on. In short, it cannot be tinkered with, whether it be accidentally by you, or by someone who is not supposed to be on your account.

It will be protected by XL’s cash shop password (Something that is unique to the Korean version), so it is not yet known how it will work in the NA/EU versions. The system is shown in the image below.

Arena Changes

The Naval, Gladiator, and Free-for-All Arenas have been added the the arenas available for cross-server play, and the times in which Korean players can queue up for Arenas have been changed (Please note that exclusive time windows only during which players are able to queue up for a certain type of arena is something unique to the Korean version of Archeage, and Trion has no intentions of bringing it to their version).

Arena TypeTime Window
1v1 Unbalanced Arena (Gladiator)Always
1v1 Balanced Arena (Sparring)
3v3 Arena (Skirmisher)11:00 to 04:00 (17 hours)
Free-for-All18:00 to 0:00 (6 hours)
Naval Arena12:00 to 02:00 (14 hours)

In addition to this, XL has made the much-needed change to the number of times that players can queue up for Arenas a day, making it so that players can exceed the daily limit on queues (Currently five per day), but with the drawback of players not receiving rewards at the end of a match. That being said, such matches will still count for Arena ratings.

Guild and Player Nation Changes

 With Patch 4.5, XL has changed the maximum number of guild members, and the maximum amount of guilds that can exist at once within a player nation, with that number depending on the amount of castles that a player nation owns, and the maximum number of players within a guild being capped at 50.

The new system is shown in the tables below.

Guild Capacity Changes

Guild LevelMaximum Number of Guild Members (Current)Maximum Number of Guild Members (Post-4.5)

Player Nation Capacity Changes

Number of CastlesMaximum Number of Nation MembersMaximum Number of Guilds

Dream Ring and Ayanad Earring Changes

The Dream Ring and Great Ayanad Earring questlines have been changed in order to make obtaining them less of a hassle. XL reduced the number of drops/materials one has to grind in order to progress their ring/earring at certain parts of the quest. That being said, instead of these items being permanent (At their final, Celestial stage), they now last for 30 days, after which players will have to repeat certain parts of the quest line in order to renew their Dream Rings and Great Ayanad Earrings. The lesser tiers of these items will still be permanent; only the completed Celestial versions of these items are timed.

In the tables below are current and changing amounts of required items for advancing each respective item. Please note that only items who have had their required quantities changed are listed, and Required Items that are bolded are the ones which players will have to reacquire for the renewal of each respective item once their time runs out.

Dream Ring

ItemRequired ItemCurrentChanged
Flawless Dream Ring (Celestial)Sirothe’s True Blood (For Renewal of Item)10015
Crystallized Shadow (For Renewal of Item)10015

Great Ayanad Earring

ItemRequired ItemCurrentChanged
Forgotten Ayanad Earring (Rare)Ayanad Wizard’s Token3010
Solemn Ayanad Earring (Arcane)Ayanad Wizard’s Token3010
Gleaming Ayanad Earring (Heroic)Ayanad Wizard’s Token3015
Anima Fragment1500500
Brilliant Ayanad Earring  (Unique)Ayanad Wizard’s Token6020
Great Ayanad Earrings (Celestial)Ayanad Wizard’s Token20055
Great Ayanad Earring (Celestial)Heart of Ayanad Manacore(For Renewal of Item)1
Ayanad Wizard’s Token (For Renewal of Item)10

Do note that if players had already acquired these two items previously, or are in the process of acquiring them when the patch is launched, their versions of the items will remain permanent. But, for all players who did not already have them, or were not on their way to obtaining them, this will be the system.

Trial Changes

With Patch 4.5, XL is bringing some changes to the current Trial System. In this upcoming patch, they are changing the way the Jury works. Now, all Jury members will have their names and any other affiliations hidden, with only their character models visible. Jury members will only be able to participate in Local and Trial chats while participating in said Jury, and their names will not be shown upon using these chats during that period of time.

In addition to this, the amount of Crime Points acquired for Theft, Purpling, and Murder have been slightly raised.

In the future, XL hopes to implement Jury appearances for participating Jury members, which will be automatically given to all members of the Jury, and have promised to continue modernizing the system.

Other Changes

  • Rank 7 Healing and Mana Potions (Alluvion Love, Stormraw Wave, etc.) have been changed to heal/restore mana for a certain percentage rather than a set number (Uknown if this percentage is based off Max HP/Mana or current HP/Mana).
  • Erenor Shield had Physical Defense added (Likely to make up for the fact that Obsidian Shields had more Defense than it).
  • XL will be implementing a Winter-themed version of the Water Gun arena, where players will pelt each other with snowballs instead of spraying water at one another.
  • Instead of choosing your second and third Skill trees at levels 5 and 10, respectively, players will now choose their second and third Skill trees at levels 7 and 15, respectively.
  • XLGames will be adjusting the difficulty of the Thunderwing Titan in 4.5 by adjusting its flight path and combat techniques.
  • Honor for killing players in Conflict and War areas has been increased.
  • The length of the Conflict periods has been changed from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. The length of the War period remains the same.


So I hope everyone enjoyed that! As always, questions are welcome, so feel free to ask them in the Comments section below.

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    • Mark

      I think they’ll transfer a large portion of it. That being said, some features, such as the new fresh start server, may be changed and localized to fit Trion’s image of Archeage.

  1. Aired

    Great job Mark! This is the first time in a very long time I have read and agreed with the vast majority of changes coming from XL. Couple up there are iffy, but for the most part, I feel they may actually be listening.

    • Poseidone

      Totally Agreed with you aired i’m waiting for your video explaining in deep all this new content 😀

  2. Honya

    Are they bunch of retarded monkeys randomly pressing buttons on keyboard?
    Large guilds already contesting with red dragon. Now not only they get reward, BUT they dont get damage from dragon either! How the fuck is it helping lower geared guilds? They will straight up monetize now. gj.

    Obsidian crafted from illustrious? That means it will lose its grade on upcraft. So no more t1 yoloing to epic or higher. The main idea of obsidian was cheap t1 crafting, regrading to a good grade, then upcraft. now you have to upcraft TWICE then you can start regrading. Even more charcoal cost. Why would anyone bother with obsidian after this?

    Dreamring being timed is retarded as well. Why do we need to farm that shitty crap dungeon again and again? also are they taking away the whole ring, or just removing some effects? If the first, then its not even worth go to celestial, and keep it on unique.

    Guild member limitation is… I dont know why was it necessary. They made so that you can have 2 raids… But now a guild can’t have enough members for it.. Nice!
    And it will just make the same imbalance as buffs made. Guild with already 80 members will be OP as fuck while new guilds cant compete with that… Another well thought change retardeXL!

    Why remove aurorian gear? Just why? Do they think removing items, and item paths is “refreshing”? Like aurorian gear wasn’t op, it was different, opened up some paths. LIke archers could use it, even some darkrunners at early stages.. Just removing them is simply retarded

    • Dimmizer

      I think they are trying to remove Obsidian completely and go back to just using crafted gear because when the game came out the crafted gear IE: Illustrious and so forth was suppose to be the best gear in the game and then they introduced Obsidian which kinda upset a lot of people and also broke the game a lil since I mean if you look at the gear I’d say 90% of people use fuckin Obsidian…

      This kinda begs the question WHY DO WE HAVE CRAFTED GEAR?? Obsidian is just so much better and what not there’s no reason for Crafted really..

      I think they’re slowly making changes to the crafted gear and eventually Obsidian will become obsolete or it’ll just be removed entirely.

  3. Jehovah

    Thank you again for your work Mark !
    Always a good thing to have a idea of the new patch who will come

  4. Baran

    TY for your work, can we still use a transmuter on those “damaged” stuff to change their type ?

  5. Goethe

    wow, dream ring and ayanad earring are now temporary 30d items, you now have to farm 15% of what you used to farm for months, every month to renew it? And jury now have their identities hidden, my guildie is right, the is a korean, North Korean game!

    • Snooki

      I wouldn’t say jury members’ identities being hidden is a bad thing. I know some defendants get salty if they get guilty and decide to go after jury members if they happen upon them. This helps to stop that.

      I don’t like the dream ring requirements either, but the ayanad earring requirements aren’t bad at all. The requirements across the quest line are lowered in addition to the last quest, so while the monthly renewal is an annoyance, it will be much quicker to get there and people won’t be as burned out when they get the top tier. That said, I’ll probably be racing my way up to the top tier to avoid have to renew it. XD

      • Goethe

        Being in a jury is part of the game, and yeah, people are salty and that just adds “flavor” to the game, no reason to remove it, not to mention, most of the jury is just alt these days.

        About the dream ring, kill sirothe 15 times and kill dahuta 15 times every month, month after month, is just ridiculous, the farming for the earring is way less bad, but grinding library for the sake of grinding is dumb af, they should just let it cut the kill for sirothe/dahute from 100 to 50 each.

  6. Roman

    Hello! HUGE thanks for that info. But i have a big question here down the line:
    Since obsidian crafting path has been changed in 4.5, what happen to the grade of item when you upgrade it from magnificent to T3?

    Asking because regrade chances are different for crafted and obsidians, so what if it means that we can regrade on magnificent with higher chances and then upgrade to obsidian and still have that color? Thanks for answer and for a big job done!

  7. Poseidone

    TRION is listening the players, this is new 😀 i actually was looking to retired from archeage but this are good news. Keep this path and make archeage Great Again!.

  8. Focslain

    So with the Obs crafting, does the t3 hold the grade of the mag item used or does it start with a t3 basic grade?

  9. Ghost

    Do you any idea about the actual recipes for the t3 lunagems? How much of each mat will be needed?

    • Mark

      No idea about the recipes, sorry. As soon as I get them, I will publish them. Be sure to join the Omnom Discord to get that info even sooner!

  10. Luca

    Amazing job and website, i wanted to ask you about the dream ring/ Ayanad Ear ring, when it says “in process to acquire them” does it mean the last stage of quest?(to get the permanent version)

    • Mark

      It means if you had any part of the quest before the patch, you can complete the quest line. Otherwise, if you do not have any part of the mission started after the patch, then you have to start on the updated quest line.

  11. HybridPanda

    This all sounds bloody amazing and going in the right direction. Maybe my next adventure in ArcheaAge wont fizzle out after 3 months!

    Thanks for this 🙂

  12. Michael

    Any idea what will happen with the lower grade crafted gear when it gets phased out? Will I have to salvage it or…?

  13. Pling

    I wonder if you should leave auroria gear in their wrapped state. Will they convert?

    • Aired

      @Pling traditionally XL games doesn’t change the drops of existing openables. That is to say, if you have a Auroria Armor Pouch before the patch it will still function the same, after the patch. What they do change is the fact that those will no longer drop.

      The only times where things like this change are when they update the loot drops or percentages say from the Locked Metallic Crates.

      What it all comes down to is the ITEM ID internally. If new functionality gets applied to that item id then, old and new will work the same. In the case of Illustrious vs Aurorian Gear, it would be logical to assume the Aurorian simply doesn’t drop any longer, but the functionality isn’t likely to change if XL continues its previous patterns.

      • Pling

        Thanks Aired, I am just affraid of another Archeum tree debacle. Where the old archeum trees, if not placed became useless and them literally telling me on PTS they would not work after the next patch in any form, resulting in my guild and me planting and harvesting 1000 archeum trees. If you remember the old “dust” ratio and the later “shard” ratio, you know what we missed out on. I don’t trust XL/Trion on anything regarding changes coming with patches, hence my question whether or not I should or should not unwrap them. Well perhaps I get the chance to check it out on pts.

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