Hey all! Welcome to the first article about Patch 4.5 (With confirmed changes). In this article, I’ll be diving into some of the new items in 4.5, such as Tier 3 Lunagems, Rank 14 Halcyona Necklaces, and a new Boss glider. Before I begin, I would like to thank D_Pain, or Psychopathic, from Thunderwing, who helped me quite a bit in researching this new update on Korea and double checking my information.

But without further ado, let’s get into it!


With Patch 4.5 comes a new tier of Lunagem: Tier 3 Lunagems. These Lunagems follow the cycle of unbreakable Lunagems released in Patch 4.0, but are far harder to make and have better stats. This Tier of Lunagems appears to have the title of Beautiful, they will be Heroic in grade, and give 60 Gear Score per gem.

In addition to Tier 3 Lunagems, four new Waveglow (Blue) Lunagem and two new Galeglow (Yellow) Lunagem types were added. One acquires them in the same way as existing lunagems.

Item NameStatSlot
Waveglow Lunagem: Protection74 DefenseTwo-Handed Weapon
Splendid Waveglow Lunagem: Protection105 DefenseTwo-Handed Weapon
Waveglow Lunagem: Magic Protection74 Magic DefenseTwo-Handed Weapon
Splendid Waveglow Lunagem: Magic Protection105 Magic DefenseTwo-Handed Weapon
Galeglow Lunagem: EvasionEvasion Rate increased by 0.8%.Hands
Splendid Galeglow Lunagem: EvasionEvasion Rate increased by 1.2%.Hands

Waveglow Lunagem: Defense and Waveglow Lunagem: Magic Defense (And their respective Splendid types) have been changed to be slottable into every piece of gear with the exception Two-Handed Weapons.

Also, the names of Sunglow (Pink) Lunagems were changed to reflect the skills they affect, instead of the skill tree.

  • Example: Sunglow Lunagem: Battlerage changed to Sunglow Lunagem: Triple Slash. 

Some of the effects of Sunglow (Pink) Lunagems were changed with respect to the skill changes in Patch 4.5.

Existing NameNew NameChange
Sunglow Lunagem: ArcherySunglow Lunagem: Arrow of LightIncreases Piercing Arrow Damage → Increases Arrow of Light Damage
Sunglow Lunagem: WitchcraftSunglow Lunagem: UrgencyIncreases Mitigation Duration → Decreases the Cast Time of Urgency

Finally, Lunagems can now only be sold if they are sealed. Unsealed Lunagems cannot be sold, but can be resealed via a Transmuter. 

Tier 3 Stats

In the table below, you will find the stats of the new Tier 3 Lunagems. For the sake of simplicity, and for my sanity, I’ll be using color names instead of the actual Lunagem type names.

Image ItemEffectStat
          T3 Red Lunagem: MeleeMelee Attack6.1
T3 Red Lunagem: RangedRanged Attack6.1
T3 Red Lunagem: MagicMagic Attack4.9
T3 Red Lunagem: HealingHealing Power4.9
T3 Red Lunagem: BrawnMelee Critical Damage5.9%
T3 Red Lunagem: PrecisionRanged Critical Damage5.9%
T3 Red Lunagem: DestructionMagic Critical Damage5.9%
T3 Red Lunagem: DevotionCritical Heal Bonus5.9%
T3 Red Lunagem: SunderingDefense Penetration199
T3 Red Lunagem: CursingMagic Defense Penetration199
      T3 Brown Lunagem: BrawnMelee Critical Damage7.4%
 T3 Brown Lunagem: PrecisionRanged Critical Damage7.4%
T3 Brown Lunagem: DestructionMagical Critical Damage Increase7.4%
T3 Brown Lunagem: DevotionCritical Heal Bonus7.4%
T3 Brown Lunagem: SunderingDefense Penetration250
T3 Brown Lunagem: CursingMagic Defense Penetration250
       T3 Blue Lunagem: DefenseDefense129
T3 Blue Lunagem: Magic DefenseMagic Defense129
T3 Blue Lunagem: HealthIncreased Maximum Health491
T3 Blue Lunagem: StoneskinMelee Damage Reduction1.3%
T3 Blue Lunagem: MercurialRanged Damage Reduction1.3%
T3 Blue Lunagem: HexproofMagic Damage Reduction1.3%
T3 Blue Lunagem: ProtectionDefense (2-Handers Only)161
T3 Blue Lunagem: Magic ProtectionMagic Defense (2-Handers Only)161
          T3 Yellow Lunagem: Cast SpeedDecreased Cast Time1.1%
T3 Yellow Lunagem: Attack SpeedAttack Speed16
T3 Yellow Lunagem: Block RateShield Block Rate2.2%
T3 Yellow Lunagem: BrawlerMelee Critical Rate2.1%
T3 Yellow Lunagem: HunterRanged Critical Rate2.1%
T3 Yellow Lunagem: Sorceror Magic Critical Rate2.1%
T3 Yellow Lunagem: SaviorHealing Critical Rate2.1%
T3 Yellow Lunagem: DashIncreased Movement Speed3.1%
T3 Yellow Lunagem: Parry RateMelee Parry Rate3.0%
T3 Yellow Lunagem: Evasion RateEvasion Rate1.4%
    T3 Green Lunagem: HomingFocus400
T3 Green Lunagem: UnerringFocus (2-Handers Only)500
T3 Green Lunagem: ToughnessToughness354
T3 Green Lunagem: ResilienceResilience528
 T3 Pink Lunagem: Triple SlashIncreases Triple Slash Damage4%
T3 Pink Lunagem: UrgencyDecreases the Cast Time of Urgency17%
T3 Pink Lunagem: Revitalizing CheerIncreases healing received from Revitalizing Cheer23%
T3 Pink Lunagem: InspiredIncreases Inspired duration0.9
T3 Pink Lunagem: StillnessIncreases Stillness duration [Note: Skill now in Witchcraft]0.4
T3 Pink Lunagem: Arrow of LightIncreases Arrow of Light Damage4%
T3 Pink Lunagem: Frigid TracksDecreases Frigid Tracks Cast Time17%
T3 Pink Lunagem: Rapid StrikeIncreases Rapid Strike Damage4%
T3 Pink Lunagem: Startling StrainDecreases Startling Strain Cooldown4%
T3 Pink Lunagem: Fervent HealingIncreases healing from Fervent Healing4%

Tier 3 Recipes

Below are the recipes for Tier 3 Lunagems.

Lunagem TypeMaterialsProficiencyProficiency RequirementLabor
Tier 3 Fireglow Lunagem (Red)1 Splendid Fireglow Lunagem (T2)Handicrafts70000500
50 Superior Fireglow Lunarite
30 Sturdy Ingot
14 Copper
Tier 3 Waveglow Lunagem (Wave)1 Splendid Waveglow Lunagem (T2)Handicrafts70000500
50 Superior Waveglow Lunarite
30 Sturdy Ingot
14 Copper
Tier 3 Copperglow Lunagem (Brown)1 Splendid Copperglow Lunagem (T2)Handicrafts70000500
50 Superior Copperglow Lunarite
30 Sturdy Ingot
14 Copper
Tier 3 Earthglow Lunagem (Green)1 Splendid Earthglow Lunagem (T2)Handicrafts70000500
50 Superior Earthglow Lunarite
30 Sturdy Ingot
14 Copper
Tier 3 Galeglow Lunagem (Yellow)1 Splendid Galeglow Lunagem (T2)Handicrafts70000500
50 Superior Galeglow Lunarite
30 Sturdy Ingot
14 Copper
Tier 3 Sunglow Lunagem (Pink)1 Splendid Sunglow Lunagem (T2)Handicrafts70000500
50 Superior Sunglow Lunarite
30 Sturdy Ingot
14 Copper

Boss Lunagems

Alongside the new Tier 3 Lunagems, XL introduced a new series of Lunagems slottable only into Wrist equipment that are exclusively from World Bosses. These new Boss Lunagems are shown in the table below, along with which boss they drop from. One is dropped during each kill, and these gems are tradeable, and thus, auctionable. Like Tier 3 Lunagems, these Lunagems also appear to give 60 Gear Score per. An image of these new Lunagems is also shown below.

NameEffectStatBoss Drop
Angry ThornIncreases the duration of your Stuns and Impales.4.0%Kraken
Howling PrisonIncreases the duration of your Sleeps and Fears.4.0%Morpheus, Rangora
Phantom SnareIncreases the duration of your Snares.4.0%Anthalon, Hanure
CobwebsIncreases the duration of your Trips.4.0%Leviathan, Red Dragon
Starry SkyReduces Stun, Impale, Trip, Fear, Sleep, and Snare duration.4.0%Thunderwing Titan, Grieving Thunderwing Titan
Cautious MovementReduces Slow and Shackle duration.6.0%Glenn, Meina


Rank 14 Halcyona Necklaces

With Patch 4.5 come Eternal grade, Rank 14 Halcyona necklaces. These Eternal versions of the Halcyona Necklaces have even higher stats than their predecessors, as well as improved use abilities.

In order to craft them, one requires 1 Mythic Rank 13 Halcyona Necklace of the corresponding type, 85 Honorforged Medals, and 40 Starlight Archeum Essence. 

Rank 14 Archeum Evernight Necklace

attachment image

Usage Ability: Grants the Deliverance Shield buff to caster and allies within 10m for 9 seconds, which absorbs up to 5,000 damage before expiring. Also grants the Salvation buff for 1 minute, preventing further Deliverance Shield or Hand of Salvation buffs until it expires.


Decreases Received Damage -6%

Increases Stamina +112

Increases Toughness +200

Increases Focus +240

Rank 14 Archeum Daeier Necklace

attachment image

Usage Ability: Grants the Hand of Salvation buff to a chosen ally within 22m, making them immune to all damage for up to 3.3 seconds. Does not protect from debuffs. Also grants the Salvation buff for 1 minute, preventing further Deliverance Shield or Hand of Salvation buffs until it expires.


Decreases Cast Time by -6%

Increases Spirit +112

Increases Toughness +125

Increases Resilience +240

Eternal Erenor Cloaks

Along with Eternal Rank 14 Halcyona Necklaces come Eternal Erenor Cloaks, which share the same properties as Erenor Cloaks of lower tiers, and are upgraded in the same sort of way, by synthesizing. Eternal Erenor Cloaks max out at 90,000 experience, and have slightly better stats than Mythic Erenor Cloaks, which is the maximum grade currently for Erenor Cloaks.

So I hope everyone enjoyed that! As always, questions are welcome, so feel free to ask them in the Comments section below.


15 Responses

  1. John_small

    >and a new Boss glider

    but you dont mention it again in the article. a mistake or intentionally left out for later?

    • Mark

      Both, to be honest. I was going to edit it in, but didn’t see any place fit to put it in. It’ll be in the next article though!

  2. Nico

    I think you mixed the stats of the halcyona necklaces up, but thanks for the info 🙂

  3. Aired

    Nice work Mark. 30 Sturdy Ingots was a surprise on the mat requirements. But on the flip side so was only 50 superior lunarite, I thought they may actually follow the same pattern and make a 3rd tier of lunarite and require 50:1 combine to make one. Thankfully that didn’t happen. 50 T2 is way better than 1000 T2 for these T3 lunagems.

    That said using a T2 lunagem as well means a total of 70 Superior Lunarite per gem, that and 30 Sturdy ingots makes them pretty significant in cost for the most part. As comments come in I expect a great many to be about the lunarite problem (lack of lunarite). I have a feeling we’re going to see a return of lunarite to the RNG boxes any time now… and that P2W argument is going to rear its ugly head.

    • Mark

      Yeah. The problem here stems from the fact that we can’t break down old gems, and are instead left with them (Which barely anyone really wants).

      If we were able to break them down, the supply of Lunarite would increase substantially, thus making T3 gems cheaper and more easily accessible for players when they do come along (As well as T2 gems currently). Pretty stupid to be honest.

  4. Traciatim

    I thought the whole point was to help get TTK up so you actually can have some PVP instead of every fight being STUN->DEAD… but toughness only goes up to what it was before even at T3 yet people have way more crit and damage. Am I completely missing something or is XL just really that stupid?

  5. Md

    Thanks as always.

    Do xl has any plans about rerolling obsidian items? with the change on stats people with high tier and grade got screwed by it.

  6. Tai

    Mark, just wondering if you know what happened with blue and green regrade charms on the Korean servers. With 100% success chances they would be useless.


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