Patch 4.0 has just hit Archeage over in Korea, and with that, patch notes have arrived. In this article, I’ll be translating the changes that XL made in the latest patch. This will be quite the bland article. Everybody prepare to panic at these changes.

Cross Server Arenas

XL has added Cross-Server Arenas in this patch.
– Arenas with Cross-Server Integration: Naval Arena, Balanced Arenas (Both 1v1 and 3v3)
– The integrated battlefield can be checked in the battlefield entry window.
– In the integrated battlefield, it is not possible to check all items and bags, and some chat channels are restricted.
– In the integrated battlefield, the “battlefield interpreter” effect is applied, which allows you to temporarily use the official language of other continents.

Naval Arena

The Naval Arena was added. There will be an entire article on this when I finish it up, so keep your eyes open for that!

I’ll be sure to update this with the link to the article once it’s done.

Arena Changes

Improved the Arena selection UI and adjusted the order in which Arenas are displayed..
Added a Waiting period upon entering the Arena.
– If there is no problem with any of the players upon entering the Arena (Disconnect, etc.), the Arena will start within 10 seconds.
– If a player leaves in the Arena before it actually starts, additional players will enter from the queue. If there is not enough players to start the arena once the Waiting period is up, all players will automatically leave the Arena.
– If there are a lot of players queued up for the same arena, players will be admitted on a first come, first served basis.
– If the number of players on a team is not correct, the allies of the team with not the correct number of players will automatically leave the Arena.
The search method for Arenas was improved.
– The way to search for the same score range as yourself is changed to search all the targets within the available range.
– It is expected that the search latency will be reduced because it searches for a wider range of players from the beginning based on themselves.
Arena rewards were changed
– You will no longer receive Honor for winning Arenas. Instead, you will receive Kyrios’ Medals. 
– At the end of an Arena, Kyrios’ Medals will be mailed, with the amount received depending on the result of the match.
The rewards are listed below.
Arena ResultBalanced 1v1sBalanced 3v3sNaval ArenaGladiator (Unb. 1v1)Free-For-All
By Rank25 /15/8/415 /14/13/12/3
XL has removed the Training Grounds Arena (5v5) from the game and it will be unavailable in the future.
– 5v5 entry has been removed from the Arena UI.
XL changed the number of basic daily entries possible for each arena.
– Balanced and Unbalanced 1v1 Arenas: 5 times
– Balanced 3v3 Arena, Free-for-all Arenas, Naval Arena: 3 times
– You can still exceed the login quota by using Bruiser’s Badges.
Changed the times during which arena queues are open for each arena (Only for Korea).
All DayUnbalanced 1v1 Arena
Balanced 1v1 Arena
Free-for-All3v3 Balanced ArenaFree-for-All
12:00 to 23:59Naval Arena

Added three skills only available in Balanced Arenas for use.
–  Crowd Control Remover: Removes all crowd control debuffs from you. Cooldown: 5 miuntes.
–  Full Heal: Instantly heals you back to full health. Available once per match.
–  Full Mana: Instantly restores your mana pool back to full. Available once per match.

Restricted some content from being available in Arenas.
– Some UIs, such as quests, guild, and family, are deactivated in Arenas, limiting the use of related features.
– Dailies, the Auction House, and the cash shop are also turned off while in an Arena.
Added a new Arena Store.
– Currency is the new Kyrios’ Medals.
– You can access the store at the bottom of the Arena entry UI.
Changed the way in which selecting a class works in Balanced Arenas (1v1s and 3v3s).
  1.  The player selects what kind of armor set they will use during the match:
    Cloth | Leather | Plate.
  2. The player selects what kind weapon combination they will use:
    One-Handed Weapon and Shield | Dual Weapons | Two-Handed Weapon
  3. The player selects what kind of stats and attributes they would like:
    Strength Attributes for Melees | Agility Attributes for Archers | Magic Attack and Intelligence Attributes for Mages| Healing Power and Spirit Attributes for Healers
At the end of arena, if a player is away, they will not receive any reward.
– Victory, defeat, and draw rewards are not awarded according to battlefield results.
The map for the 1v1 and 3v3 Arenas was changed.
– The background of the Arena has changed and the size of the area has been greatly reduced.
– The position to enter the Arena and the starting position have been changed.
– The loading image for the redesigned Arenas has changed.

Title System

A seal icon is added before the character name.
– Seals can be changed in titles UI.
– Changing your title requires a Title Changer, which can be bought from the Kyrios’ Medal Store (Which will be covered in a later section)
– There are more variants available depending on the title collecting stage.
A title acquisition phase is added.
– Each time you acquire a title, your Title Experience goes up.
– The amount of experience you gain is in proportion to the title’s grade.
– Your Title Level can reach a maximum of level 5.
Changed the way in which players use titles.
– You can select titles and applied effects separately.
– If you want to change your title or applied effect, you will need a Title Changer item, which you can purchase from the Kyrios’ Medal Store.
Various features have been added to the Title UI.
– Players can see a list of all titles available in the game.
– The acquisition conditions at the bottom let you see how to unlock a title.
  1. Icon – Select the icon which you want to display next to your name.
  2. Title/Effect in Use – Displays the title and effect that you are currently using.
  3. Title Experience Bar – Every time you obtain a new title, you will gain a certain amount of Title Experience. Upon leveling up your Title Level, you will unlock new icons, which you can then display next to your name.
  4. Title List – The UI in which you select your title and applied effect.
  5. Title Display Options – Gives you the ability to display your titles in various ways, such as titles that you have not unlocked yet.
  6. Title Acquisition Method – Displays how you can unlock the selected title.
  7. Obtain Selected Title – Begins the process to obtaining the selected title.
  8. Apply/Cancel Buttons – Allows you to apply or cancel the changes that you made to your title and/or applied effects.
Added three titles in the Honor Title series.
– Commander, Commander-in-Chief, and Major can be acquired in that order. In order to obtain the next title, you must have unlocked the previous title.
– All titles can be purchased in the Kyrios’ Medal Store.

– The effects of these new titles are as follows.

 TitleStrength, Agility, etc.All Critical and Maximization RatesResilience



Allied raid feature added. You can now merge two raids by sending a merger invite to the other raid leader. Combined raids can share the same quests and loot, and the existing raid leaders are each assigned one of the roles: Combined Raid Leader and Second Raid Leader. The Combined Raid Leader has the ability to invite players, change raid settings, mark the map, and change how loot is distributed. The Second Raid Leader is simply a representative of the second raid.

Combined raids can only interfere with your raid members, and you can not forcibly unsubscribe or invite other raid members.

If you combine two raids and there are less than people 50 people in the new raid, the new raid does not consist of two raids, but instead is just merged into one.



Added a learning phase to Successor Skills.
– Successor Skills that players have not learned yet can not be learned even if they meet the requirements.
– You can purchase the item Ipnysh’s Legacy, an item that allows to learn the 60 existing successor skills, in the Kyrios’ Medals Store.
– Players who have already learned all of the Successor Skills will retain the status of the skills being learnt.
Added the item count information for the current successor level in the description of the successor skill level release button.

Region and NPC Changes

Some of the topography of the entrance leading from Hellswamp to Halcyona has been modified.

Added a ladder to the Solis Trading Post for an easier climb from the sea.

Some of the spawn times for bosses have been adjusted.
– Kraken: Appears at 21:35 on Thursdays and Saturday and disappears after 3 hours.
– Red Dragon: Appears at 21:40 on Thursdays and Saturday and disappears after 3 hours.
– Leviathan: Appears at 21:30 on Thursdays and Saturday and disappears after 3 hours.

The duration of the uptime of Thunderwing Titan after spawn has been decreased from 2 hours to 1 hour.
– The special gliders used for the fight against the Thunderwing Titan can now only be obtained 100 times every time Thunderwing Titan is spawned.
– The special gliders used for the fight against the Thunderwing Titan now take 50 Glowing Prisms to make instead of 10.

The amount of glowing prisms used to make potions for the Thunderwing Titan fight has been increased from 10 to 20 glowing prisms.

The time between each Thunderwing Titan spawn has been increased from 48 hours to 72 hours.

The border between Two Crowns and Halcyona was widened.

The buoy line for the Arcadian Sea was slightly changed.

The public farms in White Arden and Solis Headlands were changed to residential areas.

Mistemorrow Battle Changes

The scoring system for the Mistemorrow Battle was changed.

Current Version: After the destruction of the towers, the nation who claimed the towers receives points.

Changed Version: The nation who destroys the towers receives points.

Dungeon Changes

Decreased the drop rate of Arcadian Seafoam from Dahuta in the Sea of Drowned Love dungeon.

Upgraded the states of items from the following dungeons:
– Burnt Castle, Hadir’s Farm, Greater Howling Abyss, Serpentis, Prince Reiseg’s Dungeon

Abyssal Shards and Abyssal Crystals have been added to rewards from some dungeon quests, instead of being just from drops.

The weapons and armor from Serpentis and Prince Reiseg’s Dungeon have had their grades increased on drop.
– Serpentis: Arcane – Unique
– Prince Reiseg’s Dungeon: Arcane – Celestial

The low-level dungeons Sharpwind Mines and Palace Cellar have been removed from the game.

Residential Area Changes

Adjusted the recall point at the Community Centers in the following areas.

  • Vilanelle, Rokhala Mountains, Sunbite Wilds

Public farms have been added near the Community Center in all areas.
– Existing Public Farms in ​​Solis Headlands and White Arden have been changed to residential areas.

Farming and Livestock Changes

–  Added Fragrant and Hardwood drops from Gathering for purchase in the Vocation Store.
– Increased the chance of acquiring Royal Seeds.

The probability of getting Bait Worms as loot from harvesting Worm Compost has been increased.

Trade Changes

Changed the amount of gold used when purchasing trading goods in a Trading Post in order to further accumulate the region’s cumulative commission.

Changed the purchasing price of trading goods, which is now affected by the amount in stock, and the amount of packs that one buys.

We have added a description so that we can distinguish “for inland trade” even in the state of trading goods that have been put down.

The amount of labor required for making trade packs has been changed.
– General Specialty Products: Changed from 50 to 80 labor.
– Residents’ Packs: Changed from 60 to 80 labor.
– Fertilizer Packs: Changed from 60 to 80 labor.
– Larder Packs: Changed from 65 to 80 labor.

Changed the placement radius of multipurpose aging larders so that more can be placed.
– Original: 2.25 meters (Example radius: Moringa tree)
– Change: 1.7 meters (Example radius: seed bundle)


Guild Changes

Items needed when leveling up guilds have been changed as follows.
– Level 2: 50 Blue Salt Hammers
– Level 3: 100 Blue Salt Hammers
– Level 4: 600 Blue Salt Hammers
– Level 5: 1000 Blue Salt Hammers
– Level 6: 1200 Blue Salt Hammers
– Level 7: 2000 Blue Salt Hammers
– Level 8: 5000 Blue Salt Hammers

Gear Changes

Added Brilliant Gear Temper.
– Applies from 115% to 118% temper on weapons or armor.
– Can be purchased in the Honor Store for 50,000 Honor

Adjusted the price of Draught of Forgiveness and implemented a cooldown on use.
– New Honor Cost: 5,000
– Cooldown on use: 3 hours

Changed the way in which players acquire Abyssal Shards and Abyssal Crystals.
– You can acquire these items regardless of loot acquisition rules.
– You can acquire them from loot or quests from Great dungeons or above.
Abyssal Shards can be obtained from normal or boss mobs in dungeons.
Abyssal Crystals will always drop from a dungeon’s final boss.

Brinebram Stones, Mistmight Stones, and Sunstrength Stones have been discontinued and their uses removed from the game. As a result, you can now convert them into either Abyssal Shards or Abyssal Crystals.
– Brinebram Stone -> 1 Abyssal Crystal
– Mistmight Stone -> 4 Abyssal Shards
– Sunstrength Stone -> 8 Abyssal Shards

Adventurer’s Growthstones have been removed from Dungeon and Quest Rewards, with the rewards being changed to Honor Points.

Shining Lightning Essence have been removed from the Honor Points store, so they can no longer be acquired.
– They can be converted into a Honorforged Megals by right clicking them.

Warrior’s Medals and Merit Badges have been discontinued and you can no longer acquire them.
Warrior’s Medals can be made into 100 Honor per medal.
Merit Badges can be changed to two Gilda Stars per badge.
Honorable Victory: Added ranks 11 ~ 14 for the potion. You earn a different amount of Honor Points upon usage.
– The items that were bought with Merit Badges were moved and split up between the Prestige, Vocation, and Gilda Star Shops.
– The items that were bought with Warrior’s Medals were moved and split up between the Kyrios’ Medal and Honor Shops.

A list of the items sold in the Kyrios’ Medal shop is shown below.

NameKyrios’ Medal Cost
attachment imageTurtle Ship Statue (Needed for completing the Ship)10,000
attachment imageTitle Changer (Required for changing titles)5
attachment imageRank 1 Ipnysh’s Legacy (Needed for unlocking  Successor Skills)100
attachment imageRank 2 Ipnysh’s Legacy (Needed for unlocking  Successor Skills)200
attachment imageRank 3 Ipnysh’s Legacy (Needed for unlocking  Successor Skills)300
attachment imageSmall Random Migration Pendant3
attachment imageCloaked Talisman6
attachment imageRandom Migration Talisman9
attachment imageCloaked Drain Talisman15
attachment imageCloaked Migration Talisman120
attachment imageTitle: Major3,420
attachment imageTitle: Commander-in-Chief2,700
attachment imageTitle: Commander2,040
attachment imageTitle: General1440
attachment imageTitle: Grand Master900
attachment imageTitle: 1st Rank Knight660
attachment imageTitle: 2nd Rank Knight450
attachment imageTitle: 3rd Rank Knight270
attachment imageTitle: 1st Rank Soldier120
attachment imageTitle: 2nd Rank Soldier80
attachment imageTitle: 3rd Rank Soldier50
attachment imageTitle: 4th Rank Soldier30
attachment imageTitle: 5th Rank Soldier20
attachment imageAnthem of Battlerage1,000
attachment imageCroon of Shadowplay1,000
attachment imageAria of Archery1,000
attachment imageDefense1,000
attachment imageBallad of Auramancy1,000
attachment imageFantasia of Sorcery1,000
attachment imageDirge of Occultism1,000
attachment imageNocturne of Witchcraft1,000
attachment imageOde of Vitalism1,000
attachment imageDance of Songcraft1,000

The number of Fusion Alembics needed for imaging items has been decreased.

The amount of Magic Defense given by the Tier 4, 5, and 6 V2 Obsidian Shields Mystic Ward, Wyrding Wall, and Voidspell has been changed.
– Instead of the Magic Defense being fully from the passives on these shields, these shields will now have Magic Defense as part of the shield’s basic stats, with the amount of Magic Defense being equal to that of Defense on their Physical Defense shield counterparts. The remaining Magic Defense is still given by the same type of passive.

Changed the effects of Roast Ribs, which will be the standard Food buff now.
– You can choose one of the following effects: 39 Increased Melee Attack, 39 Increased Ranged Attack, 39 Increased Magic Attack, or 39 Increased Healing Power.
– When choosing one of the above effects, you will gain the following buffs: increased health by 1700, increased PvE skill damage by 3.3%, and increased PvE damage by 2.8%.

The effects of the Honor potion, Dawn of Glory, have changed.
– You can choose one of the following effects: 64 Melee Attack Increase, 64 Ranged Attack Increase, 64 Magic Attack Increase, 64 Healing Power Increase, or 720 Focus Increase.
– You can enhance the received buff with a Fortuna Die or Divine Die.
– Dawn of Glory can now be traded.

Changed the effect of Fortuna Die and Divine Die.
– Upon using one on your Dawn of Glory buff, the buff duration is renewed, and your buff is strengthened, making the Melee Attack Increase, etc. 70 instead of 64.

The following buffs and potions have been discontinued:
Cooking: Roasted Meat, Drinks, Feast Tables
Printing: Spellbook: Unstoppable Will
Alchemy: Fortress of Honor, Snow’s Promise, Kingdom’s Shadow
Masonry: Runes, Die
– All outdated buffs and potions can be converted at a special Workbench in Mirage Isle  into materials used to make them.

Obsidian equipment at tiers 4 and 5 can now be resealed, just like crafted equipment, with the help of a Transmuter. It is not yet known if they become tradeable after you reseal them (If they were bound to your character before sealing them).

An item called The Scrapbook of the Sealed Order was added, which is required to summon the boss Vyrava, which appears to be acquired from Vyrava itself (Apparently XL is run by a mentally retarded version of Xzibit)

Changed the way one makes Acid Vessels and Completed Cursed Armor.
– The amount of Acid Gobbets/Cursed Armor Scraps needed for one Acid Vessel/Completed Cursed Armor was changed from 200 to 50.
– The amount of Acid Vessels and Completed Cursed Armors needed to make one Ipnysh Blessing for the crafting of an Erenor item was changed from 1 of each to 4 of each per scroll.

War Drums, which give a buff when played or dance to, have been improved.
– Reduced material cost
– New buff: Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, Magic Attack, Healing Power increased by 5%, 5% received damage reduction
– Buff lasts for 30 minutes.

A full 7-piece set of Erenor armor now gives 5% bonus movement speed, regardless of the Lunarfrosts.

The effects given by the Erenor Lunafrosts were improved. They are listed below.
– Earth Socket Effect: Armor 80 → 160
– Earth 7-Piece Effect: Decreases Damage Recieved 4.1% → 5.6%
– Flame 7-Piece Effect: Melee Critical Damage Increase 18.6% → 25.3%
– Gale 7-Piece Effect: Movement Speed Increase 4.1% → 7.0%
– Wave 7-Piece Effect: Skill Damage Increase  4.1% → 5.0%
– Life 7-Piece Effect: Critical Heal Rate Increase 4.1% → 5.0%

3 Erenor Lunafrosts were added; their basic effects are shown below.
– Lightning: Attack Speed
– Typhoon: Defense Penetration
– Lake: Decreased Cast Time
– They have the same effects as the existing Erenor Lunafrost 3, 4, and 7-set effects.

Auroria weapons and armor can now be used in the synthesizing of Erenor gear. (I have updated the Erenor Master Spreadsheet with the experience values for the Auroria Weapons, but not for the Auroria Armor yet.)

Changed unidentified Auroria weapons and armor so that they now drop at a certain grade, and once identified, drop at that grade or higher.

Gear Score Changes

Changed the way in which the gear score of items is calculated.
– XL states that they have increased the gear score on some items in order to better reflect how good the item is.
– The gear score on the new Lunagems that were introduced in Patch 3.7 was increased.

Item Folio

The Item Folio has been redesigned in order to make it easier to use.

Added a step-by-step display function that allows you to conveniently look at the the steps in which a product is made.

Added the ability to only see products that one can currently make with a given proficiency.

Crafting Changes

Changed the labor required to make a Transmuter from 10 Labor to 200 Labor.

I have changed the name and manufacturing method of my fortune order.
– Changed name: Lucky Ipnysh Scroll
– Requires a Cryptic Lucky Scroll for crafting it instead of a Blank Regrade Scroll.

Changed the way in which Cryptic Lucky Scrolls are obtained.
– They can be bought from the Honor Store for 25,000 Honor Points.

Changed some of the materials used in making a Lucky Ipnysh Scroll
– Current: 64 Acid Gobbets, 64 Cursed Armor Scraps
– Changed: 1 Acid Vessel, 1 Completed Cursed Armor Shard

Changed the crafting recipe for Ipnysh Scroll (Crafting)
– Current: 1 Acid Vessel, 1 Complete Cursed Armor
– Changed: 4 Acid Vessel, 4 Complete Cursed Armor

Adjusted the amount of Beautifully Colored Fabric needed for making Plushie Packs.
– Apprentice’s Plushie Pack: 6 -> 3
– Artificer’s Plushie Pack: 8 -> 6
– Conqueror’s Plushie Pack: 100 -> 20

Changed the quantity of materials needed to produce the following for basic materials (The amount of material required for the production of one such basic material has been changed from 3 to 5):
– Fabric (Cloth)
– Logs (Lumber)
– Leather (Pelts)
– Ore Ingots (Gold, Silver, etc.)
– Stone Brick (Raw Stone)
– Anya Ingot (Anya Ore)
– Starshard Ingot (Starshard Chip)
– Yata and Bear Fur

Removed Warrior’s Medals from the recipes of Halcyona Necklaces. The crafting recipe now requires Honorforged Medals, which can be bought from the Honor Store for 2,000 Honor Points per. Instead of the old crafting process, there is now a straightforward process. that does not involve any RNG in the making of these Necklaces.

The new recipes of the Halcyona Necklace are listed below.

RankMaterials Required
Rank 12 Honorforged Medals
5 Starlight Archeum Dust
Rank 21 Rank 1 Halcyona Necklace
4 Honorforged Medals
10 Starlight Archeum Dust
Rank 31 Rank 2 Halcyona Necklace
6 Honorforged Medals
5 Starlight Archeum Shards
Rank 41 Rank 3 Halcyona Necklace
8 Honorforged Medals
10 Starlight Archeum Shards
Rank 51 Rank 4 Halcyona Necklace
10 Honorforged Medals
20 Starlight Archeum Shards
Rank 61 Rank 5 Halcyona Necklace
12 Honorforged Medals
5 Starlight Archeum Crystals
Rank 71 Rank 6 Halcyona Necklace
16 Honorforged Medals
10 Starlight Archeum Crystals
Rank 81 Rank 7 Halcyona Necklace
20 Honorforged Medals
20 Starlight Archeum Crystals
Rank 91 Rank 8 Halcyona Necklace
25 Honorforged Medals
25 Starlight Archeum Crystals
Rank 101 Rank 9 Halcyona Necklace
35 Honorforged Medals
5 Starlight Archeum Essences
Rank 111 Rank 10 Halcyona Necklace
45 Honorforged Medals
10 Starlight Archeum Essences
Rank 121 Rank 11 Halcyona Necklace
55 Honorforged Medals
20 Starlight Archeum Essences
Rank 131 Rank 12 Halcyona Necklace
70 Honorforged Medals
30 Starlight Archeum Essences

So, in total, you’ll need 308 Honorforged Medals, which means a total of 616,000 Honor Points, but keep in mind that you probably won’t be starting from scratch, and that you will only have to do this once, as when you craft the Necklace up to the next tier, it automatically goes to the next tier, without having to rely on any RNG or unsealing.

Summon Changes

An anchor was added to the Merchant Schooner Ship.

Changed the cast time of Lowering the Anchor from 3.5 seconds to 15 seconds. It can now only be interrupted by critical strike hits.

If the anchor goes down, a message pops up above the heads of the players aboard the ship “Anchor Down: Not Moving”.

Damage from the collision of ships has been increased.

Improved the handling of the three small-sized war vessels.
Eznan Cutter (Nuian Galleon) is now better at turning.
Lutesong Junk (Haranyan Galleon) is now better at decelerating.
Growling Yawl (Black Pearl Galleon) is better at both turning and decelerating.

Housing Changes

Added the latest series of cars to the Exhibition item that is placed on your property.

Added a new, upgraded version of the Nuian Mansion that has three floors.
– It is a 44m x 44m, holds up to 300 decorative items, and costs 50 tax certificates per week (If you don’t own any other properties).

For the upgrading of the Stone Rose Mansion, Stone Slate Mansion, and the Stone Spring Mansion, you need the following.

Material NameAmount Needed
Enchanted Blueprint100
Building Management Title6
Construction Brick Bundle200
Wooden Beam Bundle100
Construction Tool Bundle40

For the upgrading of the Spring Swept-Roof Mansion, you need the following.

Material NameAmount Needed
Enchanted Blueprint100
Construction Brick Bundle195
Wooden Beam Bundle120
Construction Tool Bundle75

Below are some images of the new mansion.

Gilda Star Product Pricing Changes

XL has changed up the prices of some of the items bought with Gilda Stars. Below in the table are the new prices.


Price in Gilda Stars

Rustic Rose Cottage


Tudor Slate Cottage


Stone Spring Cottage Design


Swept-Roof Cottage Design


Aquafarm Design


Adventurer’s Clipper Design


Harpoon Clipper Design


Farm Wagon Design


Lapis Steamfish Submarine Design


Ruby Steamfish Submarine Design


Platinum Steamfish Submarine Design


Thatched Farmhouse Design


Lutesong Junk Design


Eznan Cutter Design


Siege Tank Design


Fish-Find Longliner Design


Merchant Schooner Design


Apex Squall Design


Other Changes

  • Added the all existing Lunastones to the Item Encyclopedia.

The Pirate Nation and Player Nations have had their respawn points changed in Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island.

Some of the items that were sold in the Honor Store were removed.
– The six Honor weapons were removed.
– The three Honor capes were removed.
– The Honor titles were moved to the Kyrios’ Medals Store.
– The Siege Tank designs were removed from the Honor Store, and can now only be bought with Gilda Stars.

You can get back items from discontinued Honor items.
– If you salvage one of the three Honor Cloaks by using an Evenstone, you will get 5 Honorable Victories, which gives 3,000 Honor each, and some Moonlight Archeum.

Added ‘Wide mode’ to the camera mode.
– ‘Wide Mode’ is a camera setting that allows you to see your character from a distance in a wide field of view.

Added a setting that turns off all  Weather Effects.

Added two new emotes: Fanfare and Umbrella.

Added the number of days of Patron subscription remaining to be visible in game.

Added 4 Male Hairstyles and 2 Female Hairstyles, some of which can be seen below.

Added an Auto-Complete function to the auction house and the Item Folio.

Hope everyone enjoyed that! There is more to come, with the Naval Arena article being next, and after that, some articles on the XL Player Meeting.

One more thing: when I just started writing Omnom, some readers came up to me and asked if I had a PayPal to which they could donate. At the time, I answered that no, I did not, and that for the time being, I would not be taking any donations. Well, some time has passed, and I am happy to announce that now, I do have a personal link to a donation page. Here it is: If you would like to donate, feel free to! At the same time, do not feel pressured to do so. My main support comes from everyone who is reading the articles, especially those that engage themselves in the discussion that follows. I really couldn’t do it without all of your support, so thank you!


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  1. Molly

    Hmm.. I think the new brilliant gear temper costs 50.000 honor, not 60.000. Maybe just a typo 🙂
    And really great article, hope at least some features find their way to NA/EU soon!

    • Mark

      Gilda Stars!
      The list of prices for the Gilda Stars doesn’t actually cover all the items that are purchased with Gilda Stars.

  2. FlexusNA

    Awesome article as always I see this patch as a mostly positive one if it doesn’t get localized to shit! Keep up the good work!

    • Vax

      Hey Mark,

      I have a similar question to this as well – how about warrior recipes (such as Frozen Anguish) that also require warrior medals? Did these get replaced with honorforged medals?

  3. Yshaus

    Do we know what Merit items would go into which store (gilda, prestige, vocation)?

    I was saving my merit badges for the Predator Longliner, and I’m at 500/700, but I’m scared I farmed like crazy for nothing…

    • Yshaus

      Do you have any info about this, Mark? I am so sorry about insisting like this, I know you put a great amount of effort into translating all this, and I really appreciate it. I’m just an impatient person 😀

  4. Ano

    If groth stones will get removed from quest rewards and replaced with honor, will we be able to convert the existing ones to honor, too?

  5. Tai

    Do you have any way of seeing what the new Gear Score reward items are and what they are used for?
    Saw a screenshot of someone showing 4000-4050 with a 5 token reward.
    Wondered if these are just kyrios tokens or some other normal token or maybe they are some special currency for new things?
    If you can find out anything about them I will be grateful

      • Tai

        ooh ok, I saw something about rewards for higher GS, I guess it was a mistranslation at the time.
        Thanks for the reply, I thought it was a bit “too good to be true” Especially with people havin tradable gear to use alts or help friends etc making it a little broken xD

  6. George NoX

    Overall, it seems to me like more grinding has been added, crafting costs more basic mats, two different currencies for what used to be honor etc. They also removed sharpwind mines and palace cellar so say goodbye to easy 35g from merits, now only harder dungeons will have that option

  7. Maurdok

    Can kyrios medals only be aquired through arena or is there some kind of exchange rate for honor?

    Can you share the recipe for the new buff food Roast Ribs? I understand existing buff items can be broken down in to their original mats I am curious what if any mats will become useless other than for breaking down.

      • Maurdok

        Hey Mark, just curious if you’ve had any luck on the new buff food recipe by chance? Thanks for all your work!

  8. Lerp

    When the honor cloaks are even-stoned you’re getting 15k honor back? Is that correct or a typo?

  9. Aired

    Mark thank you very much for all the hard work you put into this.

    Let me tell you a story about old Gus. He was the meanest catfish in the pond, legend says the only way you can catch old Gus is with a piece of old Gus himself. Now, how did the first person catch old Gus? Well… that is a story for another time. FN Vyrava change lol..

    Again great work, only a couple decent things in here IMO, most is just typical XL games doing typical dumb shit. 🙁

  10. Reya

    The Vyrava item probably just makes it easier to re-do the boss after killing it once.

    (You kill it, it has a chance to drop another Timespace Scroll so you can save yourself the farming of another Timespace Scroll. Vyrava Piñata. I hope Microsoft won’t sue…)

  11. Petarie

    Will weapon tempers effect the newly adjusted V2 obsidian shields now that they’re not an “equip effect”? Or is it still just p.def only that is affected by tempers?

  12. Flince

    Packs will cost more labor now, a rough 60%increase, why? Making money is already hard and takes alot of time. Increasing materials for certain needed items, removing easy dungeon merits, and more.
    It feels so like we’re been forced to quit or open our wallets, again.

  13. Leila

    This is perfect! If you just search to make quitt even more peoples….. Already the fact to be able to buy seeds with only vocation badge its a joke but increase the amount of lp for trade packs damn….Alright now i remember you just want pay to win in your game is that? Personally i can’t wait that update to just quitt again ^^ And this time never come back again so much more games are waiting for us will be fun.
    I don’t get it , like make a raid of a 100 peoples now? This is clearly to late but anyway it seem that peoples never play them games when they update it .

  14. Melanie

    Apologies if this has already been answered, but why are upgrade mats cheaper for spring swept roof mansion? Also can we get more info on them? Huge builder/decorator here. Need to know b: do we get decor limit increase to 350+ with the 3rd story? Will spring swept be able to remodel to Spired Chateau?

  15. Maximus White

    So if merits are going away, where will rumbling archeum tree saplings going to be at? Will they only be loyalty in 4.0 or are they available in a different shop now?

  16. Cammy

    So…as the designs require more gilda stars,
    could we get gilda stars easiler in the future?
    If it still give 1 gilda per quest, I’m really unable to appreciate the update.
    I read through the patch notes, and just feel like…everything will be much more difficult to obtain in the future.

  17. nanny

    Just widens the gap between the haves and have not’s. RIP new players good luck trying to catch up with these changes no wonder the game dies further with each new patch

  18. victor host

    Привет, Марк. Можешь объяснить первые 2 строки изменений торговли, в то что-то не совсем понятно, что это значит.

    • victor host

      Чем больше сдам паков – тем больше получу голды?

  19. JanetteSmall

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    that’s why you don’t rank high in google’s search results,
    but there is a tool that can help you to create 100% unique articles, search for:
    Boorfe’s tips unlimited content

  20. Poseidone

    Removed the recipes that allowed regrading dungeon armor via crafting.?????? whaaat WTH you did that , yeah right erenor ? does mobs drop erenor? i dont think so bye pvp for me thanks Trion.


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