Hey everyone! Looks like it’s finally time for me to start writing again! With the Summer Update for Archeage coming out on July 27, it is well past time for me to start providing updates on Korea again. So, here they are!

With this update, XLGames hopes to continue their theme for this year’s major updates, that being improving the quality of life aspects of Archeage, and the overall usability of the interface.

Naval Arena

The Naval Arena was promised for 3.5. Alas, XL was not able to implement it until now. But since the inception of its development, many of the rumored features of the Naval Arena have been changed. If you recall back to the first mentions I made of it, I stated that XL was planning to make a 12-man free-for-all Naval Arena where each player controlled one ship, the ship’s cannons, sails, and the such, all somehow functioning from inputs that the captain of the ship made. XL has since adjusted the rumored system, making the Naval Arena a much more intricate feature of the game.

Due to the size and depth of the Naval Arena and its features, I have decided to cover it in another article, which will be coming out shortly. Keep your eyes out for that!

Cross-Server Arenas

XLGames has finally delivered a much called for update: cross server arenas. XL states that the cross server arenas are there so that players can “enjoy arenas regardless of their server’s population and situation.” In Patch 4.0, the arenas getting cross server integration will be Gladiator Arenas (Unbalanced 1v1s), Sparring Arenas (Balanced 1v1s), Skirmishing Arenas (Balanced 3v3s), the Free-for-All Arena, and the new Naval Arena. XL has not stated why they are not making the 5v5 Arena cross server.

The interface for queuing up for one of the cross-server arenas is shown in the image below. I’m not sure as to why there are three 1v1 modes shown on the image…

Arena Changes

Going further with the theme of this patch (Arenas), XL has decided to revamp several features of the most commonly played Arenas, those being Gladiator Arenas (Unbalanced 1v1s), Sparring Arenas (Balanced 1v1s), and Skirmisher Arenas (Balanced 3v3s). These changes are described in the following sections.

Balanced Arena Changes

With the current system of Balanced Arenas, a player would load in and be given a menu in which they would select a specific class to use, such as Offensive Melee or Defensive Priest. The class would have certain attributes, as well as a set armor set. For example, Offensive Melee would have a 2-Hander, be using Plate, and have attributes that would bolster their offensive capability but not give anything to their defensive stats.

With the new update, XL aims to help fix the imbalances and rigidness that this system created. The selection of a class in Balances Arenas now has three steps, which are described in the step-by-step list below. The player selects one of the following in each step.

  1. The player selects what kind of armor set they will use during the match: Cloth | Leather | Plate.
  2. The player selects what kind weapon combination they will use: One-Handed Weapon and Shield | Dual Weapons | Two-Handed Weapon
  3. The player selects what kind of stats and attributes they would like: One-Handed Weapon with Shield Stats | Two-Handed Weapon Stats

XL is hoping that this will make arenas exciting and innovating again, and that it will bring new life to the Balanced Arena scene.

Something that one may notice is that there are no attributes for Archers. XL does not detail why that is, but my guess is that the stats for Archers will be the same across all class choices, thus making hybrid classes such as Outrider (Battlerage, Archery, Shadowplay) plausible for play in Balanced Arenas.

Arena Map Changes

The old map for 1v1s and 3v3s was far too large and outdated (At least according to XL), and as a result, they have renovated it, given it a new look, and made it smaller.

An image of the revamped arena (Although in horrible quality) is shown below.

Arena Rank Changes

Players now have milestones for progressing in the Arena Ranks, which XL says will serve as motivation to progress further. You also get some a certain number of Kyrios’ Medals each time you reach one such achievement.

An image of the milestone is shown below.

The New PvP Currency – Kyrios Medals

One of the major complaints that players had for XL was that the variety of PvP currencies took too much time to grind. As a result, XL has unified some of the PvP currencies, such as Warrior Medals and Honor, into a new currency called Kyrios’ Medals. As a result, Warrior Medals will become obsolete, with Kyrios’ Medals completely taking their place, and some of the items previously sold in the Honor shop, such as the Honor Titles, will be sold through Kyrios’ Medals instead.

In the images below, one can see the full catalog of Kyrios’ Medals in the new update. XL has stated that they will expand it as time goes on, adding more purchasable items in.

You might ask how exactly you can obtain this new currency?

Also, there is one very expensive item in there. It’s the one that is Arcane and costs 10,000 Kyrios’ Medals. Got any idea? Well, if you guessed that it’s the new Turtle Ship, you’re right! You can find out more about it in the next section.

The Turtle Ship

Turtle Ship? What’s that? The Turtle Ship was a Medieval/Renaissance-era Korean Naval War Vessel that was heavily armored and nigh impossible to board. It boasted the ability to carry and fire large amounts of cannons, as such making it the perfect counter to ships at the time. If you ever played Age of Empires II as the Koreans, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You can read more about it on the Wikipedia page.

As mentioned in the previous section, the Turtle Ship design will be available from the Kyrios’ Medal Store for 10,000 such Medals. That being said, there will be another way to obtain the design for the Turtle Ship as well. XL mentioned that fragments of the design will be scattered across the depths of the ocean. From what I understand, those jars near the Dahuta Dungeon will have a low chance to drop fragments for the Turtle Ship design upon breaking them.

In the images below, one can see both a cinematic shot of the new Turtle Ship, as well as some shots of its interior.

As you can see, the ship has 7 cannon slots on each, making it have a carrying capacity of a total of 14 for cannons. Currently, the largest cannon capacity is held by the Enoan Galleon in its Battle Mode, which has space for a total of 10 cannons. As a result, the Turtle Ship will be far ahead of the Enoan and other boats in terms of cannon capacity.

In the images, one can also observe that this ship is fully roofed, and as a result, it doesn’t seem possible for enemies to board the ship. The whole crew, including the captain, is positioned under the roof. At this point in time, it is unknown how the crew will get in, and if they can exit the ship while it is alive, or if the crew needs to wait until the ship is fully destroyed to get out of it. That being said, in the last sub-image of the second image, one can see that the roof is not present there. This could mean that the captain can manually remove the roof via his controls, although that is a guess. It’s possible that XL removed the roof purely for demonstration purposes.

Another thing to note is that the figurehead of the ship in the images is new and unique to the Turtle Ship. It is not known at this time whether the ship’s owner will be able to change figureheads to existing ones, or if the owner is stuck with that one figurehead that is designated for the Turtle Ship.

The sample ship in the images has one sail, and it is not yet known whether the vessel has the capability to have more than one sail. The ship also has oars, although to the best of knowledge, those are purely cosmetic. It seems to be quite a heavy image, so turning and driving it may prove to be a challenge in itself.

All in all, the ship seems very durable, and it is possible that this ship will be the tankiest out of all the ships in the game, even the Enoan. After all, it’s no coincidence that it’s called the Turtle Ship. I look forward to seeing it in action.

Trade Changes

Half of you probably came to see if XL made any changes to the current trade system, so here are those changes.

First off, the labor required to purchase cargo from one of the Blue Salt Brotherhood Trading Posts has been reduced.

The more cargo you buy, the more profit you will receive. XL states that if you buy a small amount of cargo trade packs, you will receive less gold per pack than if you were to buy a large amount of cargo. It is not yet clear as to how this will work. This will in turn encourage running more trade packs.  Also, a result, the amount of gold generated for residents of each area is expected to increase.

The chance to acquire Royal Seeds has been slightly increased, and Korea has received the ability to buy Royal Seeds from the Vocation Store, just like in our version.

Organic additives to packs will be added to the Vocation Store.

Lastly, there is some sort of balance patch for basic packs (Fabric, Leather, Stone, etc.) which I don’t know the details of.

Raid Changes

Ever felt constrained by the limit of 50 people to a single raid? Want to have even more players in your raid? Well, XL has the solution with this patch! In Patch 4.0, XL has increased the cap on a raid to 100, but not in the traditional sense.

The new system will allow raid leaders to merge and detach two raids at will. Basically, you can invite another raid to your raid, making there be a second raid within your raid. It is also to, at any time, remove the second raid.

As you can see from the image below, there are two raid tabs now, as well as two raid leaders, one for the first raid, and one of the second raid. The interface at the left is for merging two raids, which the merger sees.

Changes to Equipment

Halcyona Necklaces

With the removal of Warrior Medals, one might ask what is happening to how Halcyona Necklaces are made. Will they be made with Kyrios’ Medals? The answer is no. Furthermore, the RNG involved in the making of Halcyona Necklaces has been removed, and it is now an Honor grind rather than a process involving a large amount of luck and chance. The Honor grind consists of getting a certain number of Honorforged Medals that are required in the crafting process for upgrading your Halcyona Necklace to the next tier.

In the image below, you can see the recipe for upgrading a Tier 11 Halcyona Necklace (Epic) to a Tier 12 Halcyona Necklace (Legendary). It consists of one Tier 11 Halcyona Necklace (Epic)55 Honorforged Medals, and 20 Starlight Archeum Essence. The other recipes probably consist of the same items, except in different quantities.

Erenor Armor Changes

As many may know, Erenor Armor have unique set bonuses that depend on the kind of Erenor Lunafrost you use on them (If you’d like to find out more about that, you can read more about them here). With Patch 4.0, XL is adding an additional 5% bonus effect (I’m not sure what kind of bonus effects these are) to each of the 7-piece Erenor set effects. In addition to that, the Erenor Lunafrosts effects will be rebalanced, and 3 new types of Erenor Lunafrosts will be added.

Obsidian Changes

With Patch 4.0, XL has made it so that you can select either path of Obsidian items upon crafting up a tier (Past Tier 4) even if you had already selected one path. This systems makes it easier to buy and sell Obsidian items, as well as avoid screw-ups when selecting a path.

Title System Changes

Hate the title, but need its stat bonuses? With Patch 4.0, XL is redesigning the title system and interface in order to allow players to select titles and title effects individually. With this system, you’ll be able to finally have that dank Legendary Assassin title with the effects of Great White title.

The new interface for selecting a title and effects is shown below. Each title now has a grade, and gives a certain amount of experience for obtaining it. Once you reach a certain quantity of experience, you will level up, the maximum level in this system being 5. These levels unlock icons (The purpose of which I am not sure of), which are shown in the next image.

The image below is some sort of icon that you can use along with your titles. You can unlock different icons by leveling up your title level, which I described in the paragraph above.

The Folio Redesigned

The Folio can be confusing and difficult to navigate for a player new to the game. Recognizing this, XL has redesigned the Folio in order to make it easier to use and have more detailed options. The folio now also have an autocomplete function when using the Search bar.

The new Folio is shown in the images below, the images being a step-by-step process. Basically, players select one of the options in the first image, in our case, the Equipment Crafting option, and are then taken to the next screen, where they select more options, which in our case is the piece of gear that we want to craft. Players then get several more options to narrow down their search before finally arriving at the crafting recipe. As a result, the folio becomes way less crowded than it was before, and finding items can be now be done at ease.

Honor , Vocation, and Gilda Star Adjustments

With Patch 4.0, with Warrior Medals having become obsolete, a number of daily quests for Warrior Medals have been left obsolete as well. These dailies will continue to be in the game, but in the place of the previous rewards, Honor will take the place of Warrior Medals, with 1 Warrior Medal being equal to 100 Honor. Warrior Medals that players currently have can be converted in that ratio to Honor. But with the amount of Honor suddenly being added to rewards from dailies, XL has decided to reduce the amount of Honor that many of the dailies give. Vocation rewards from Dailies have also been lowered.

Merit Badges have also become obsolete. You can convert 1 Merit Badge into 2 Gilda Stars. 

Some of the items that used to be bought from the Honor Store were changed, and some were moved to the Kyrios’ Medal Store.

A preview of the changed features of the Honor Store are shown in the images below.

Other Changes

XL made some more, brief, quality of life changes in Patch 4.0, which are described in the following sections.

Mistemorrow Changes

Mistemorrow currently has a very complex system for points which literally no one understands (One player on Korea actually calculated out the way in which points are gained in Mistemorrow recently. I can assure you that the system is as confusing as everyone thinks it is). In order to allow for a more fun and interactive Mistemorrow, XL has changed it so that every time you destroy and capture a tower, you get a set amount of points which does not change depending on the amount of time that is left in Mistemorrow.

Boss Adjustments

When a boss spawns in either Nuia or Haranya, the region will automatically go into War. This allows for bosses to be contested, rather than to be farmed during Peace.

Dungeon Changes

Some of the item drops from dungeons such as Serpentis have been adjusted, and their gear level has been slightly increased.

Abyssal Shards and Abyssal Crystals have been adjusted in order to make the farming of them easier. They are now distributed equally among players in a raid whenever the raid gets a drop of one of the items.

In Mistsong, there is a low probability that you will acquire Aria’s Autograph from drops.

The low-level dungeons, Palace Cellar and Sharpwind Mines, are being discontinued.

Buff Changes

XL is somehow revamping buffs and potions in order to make them more compact and easier to use. I am not sure how this will work, but will update this as soon as I am sure of the details.

Wide Mode and Weather Options

The Wide Mode is a field of view mode made to cope with XL’s rules against mods, which disallow the Field of View mod, and as a result, make it much harder for players to pay attention to their surroundings due to having a very limited field of view. This mode makes the default field of view 150% wider, allowing players to see much more of what is going around them.

XL also added an option turn off all Weather effects after many suggestions to turn off the snow in Aegis Island.


You can now build a three-floor Nuian mansion.

XL is adding four new male hairstyles and two new female hairstyles.

Lunagems are now shown in the Item Encyclopedia.

The amount of Fusion Alembic required for imaging items has been greatly reduced in order to make it easier for players to change their appearance.


That concludes this article. Hope everyone enjoyed it! The next article will detail the Naval Arena, and the article after that will have to do with the Player Meeting that XLGames just held. It will detail some of the important questions that were asked during the meeting.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them. I will be sure to answer them.

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  1. Billy

    Do we know if the new mansion is an upgrade of the old Nuian mansions?


  2. Aired

    Hi, Mark, amazing work. Exceedingly great job. Did you happen to catch the release date for Korea? Seeing how we (NA/EU) haven’t even got 3.7 yet it may help us put a time frame on when we may see it come to our region. Be Well!

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    Great article, as always! I look forward to your future posts!

    So Warrior Medals convert into Honor points, and we gain a new currency called Kyrios Medals? Seems like we convert all our old Warrior Medals into Honor, and we all start at zero for the new Warrior (Kyrios) Medals. How do we get Kyrios Medals? It looks like the gear score achievement you posted a picture of gives 5 Kyrios Medals for upgrading from 4k to 4050 equipment points. Maybe other achievements will give Kyrios Medals as well? And if I’m seeing that correctly, there are now 2-, 3-, and 4-star General titles to purchase with Kyrios Medals?

    What are these “organic additives” for packs in the vocation store?

    With Merit Badges and Gilda Stars being combined, will all the current Merit Badge items be moved into the Gilda Star store? Also, any new prestige items in 4.0?

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      If you’re referring to the patch notes that just came out, then understand that this was released before the patch notes were released. This is basically nearly all of the info that was available at the time that I published it. Translated version of the patch notes is coming soon.

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