On April 20th, XL Games released the latest patch to Archeage, Patch 3.7. With it comes several quality of life changes, such as the Raid Recruitment Board, an extra shortcut bar, changes to Leviathan, and more.

Before getting into it, I’d like to remind everyone that I will be doing the first ever Omnom.io Twitch Livestream tomorrow! It will feature a live Q&A, with questions asked by you, the community! Be sure to check it out if you have the chance.

But without further ado, let’s get into it.

Raid Recruitment Board

In Patch 3.7, XL has finally implemented a long awaited feature called the Raid Recruitment Board. With it, they hope that players can find raids for events such as Crimson Rift a little easier, making it easier to form pick-up groups.

Raid Recruitment Board

The Raid Recruitment Board will be available publicly, and anyone can check their alliance’s Board at any time, as well as apply for a raid listed there at any time. The creator of the raid can set the raid’s category, aim, and a level requirement.

An image of the Board is shown and explained below.

Attachment image

① Sort Raids by Category
– XL has implemented a category sorting system for raids on the Raid Recruitment Board in order to make it easier for players to find a raid fit for them.

② Level Limit

– The raid leader can set a minimum level for applying to the raid. If one does not meet that requirement, they will not be able to apply for the raid.

③ Aim of the Raid

– Shows what the raid leader wants to do.

④ Departure Time

– Shows when the raid will begin trying to accomplish its aim. The time is measured in real-time, by a 24-hour clock.

⑤ Current Raid Size

– Shows players how many players there are in the raid right now.

⑥ Deletion Button

– Allows the maker of the raid to delete their advertisement for the raid.

The Raid Recruitment Board can be accessed by clicking the Community button found at the bottom right of the screen.

Raid Ads will be automatically removed after the end of the connection, the character selection window, or 20 minutes after the departure time of the raid.

Recruiting Applicants

There can be up to 100 applicants for a single raid. You can accept and decline applicants as you see fit.

Attachment image

① Raid Classification
– In this interface, you can select the parameters of the raid that you are making. This includes things such as Open World Bosses, Dungeons, PvP, and the such. An important thing to note is that you can select specific things, such as Greater Howling Abyss or Serpentis, for the classification of the raid.


② Minimum Level
– The minimum level is set according to the raid classification. It can be freely changed, but it can not be set below the level requirement of the content that the raid will undertake. So, for example, for Krolal’s Cradle, the level cannot be set below level 45.


③ Maximum Raid Size
– Allows you to set the maximum amount of players in the raid.


④ Departure Time and Publicity Cost
– Set the time when the raid will depart based on the real time. The advertisement is kept until the departure time, after which the post will be deleted 20 minutes after the set departure time. As mentioned before, the departure time is based off of real time, and is run on a 24-hour clock.


⑤ How to Sign Up
– You can either set it to automatically accept applicants, in which case the system will automatically add members to the raid, or you can set it so that you will have to go through a list of applicants and manually select which ones get to join the raid.


⑥ Instructions
– Filled with information that the recruiter chooses to show to the applicant. This information will be about the aim of the raid.
– Applicants will be able to see the instructions when applying for the raid.

An example of a list of applicants is shown below.

Attachment image

If the raid is full, players can still apply, and will be able to get into the raid if a member of the raid leaves before the set departure time.

Raid Application Window

An application to a raid is shown below.

Attachment image

Housing Changes

With this new update, you will be able to rotate your house without demolishing or removing anything from it.

In order to do this, one will require a certain number of Building Management Titles. Once the player has those, they can click on a new button in the Building UI. After that, they pay up the Building Management Titles, at which point they will be able to rotate their property in whichever way they want. This is shown in the images below.

Below in the spoiler is a table that specifies the amount of Building Management Titles that one requires to rotate a building.

Building Management Titles Required
AreaBuilding nameTitles Required
16 x 16Swept-Roof Cottage1
Rustic Rose Cottage1
Tudor Slate Cottage1
Stone Spring Cottage1
16 x 16Stone Slate Cottage2
Tudor Spring Cottage2
Tudor Rose Cottage2
Swept-Roof Cottage2
24 x 24Swept-Roof Manor Design2
Rustic Rose Manor2
Tudor Slate Townhouse2
Stone Spring Manor2
Rustic Rose Townhouse2
Rustic Slate Townhouse2
Stone Spring Townhouse2
Breezy Bungalow2
Thatched Farmhouse2
24 x 24Harvester’s Farmhouse3
Rancher’s Farmhouse3
Miner’s Farmhouse3
Armorer’s Manor3
Apothecary’s Manor3
Tradesman’s Manor3
24 x 24Armorer’s Townhouse4
Apothecary’s Townhouse4
Tradesman’s Townhouse4
28 x 28Rustic Rose Villa3
Tudor Slate Villa3
Stone Spring Villa3
Fellowship Plaza3
Advanced Fellowship Plaza3
Sapphire Solarium3
Rose Quartz Solarium3
Oak Treehouse3
Cherry Treehouse3
Aspen Treehouse3
Birch Treehouse3
Candy House3
Tidal Bungalow3
28 x 28Swept-Roof Chalet Design5
Rustic Rose Chalet5
Tudor Slate Chalet5
Stone Spring Chalet5
Armorer’s Villa5
Apothecary’s Villa5
Tradesman’s Villa5
28 x 28Armorer’s Chalet (Regardless of design)8
Apothecary’s Chalet (Regardless of design)8
Trademan’s Chalet (Regardless of design)8
44×44Haranya Mansion8
Stone Rose Mansion8
 Stone Slate Mansion8
 Stone Spring Mansion8
44×44Spring Swept-Roof Mansion11
Spired Chateau11

Other Housing Changes

  • Castle buildings now take 50% less siege damage. This includes things such as the farms or the Castle Warehouses.

New Shortcut Bar

With patch 3.7, XL has added an extra shortcut bar. This will add 12 shortcut spaces to the game, bringing the total number of available shortcut spaces to 60.

An example of such an interface is shown below.

Attachment image

In order to enable this new shortcut bar, one must go into Setting -> Game Settings -> Shortcuts. The option is shown in the image below.

Attachment image

Added shortcuts can be registered in Settings -> Shortcuts -> Shortcut Hotkeys, as shown below.

Attachment image

Lunagem Changes

With patch 3.7, XL has redesigned the Lunagem system, making it much easier for players to gem their armor, but making the price per gem more expensive. The highlight of these new Lunagems is that they will have a 100% success rate upon Socketing.

All in all, gemming will be much cheaper for the average person in the long run. Overall, XL has added a total of 90 Lunagems, but has taken out most of the old Lunagems, with the exception of Hero Lunagems, and Refined Lunagems.

If you would like to find out more, you can read my in-depth articles on this topic here and here.

Now, a lot of players have asked what one can do with those old Lunagems that no longer can be socketed. As I said in my previous articles, you can break them down, but for what? That was something for which the specifics I wasn’t sure about. I am glad to say that I have found out what each Lunagem breaks down to.

Tier 1 Fire and Wave Lunagems can be broken down into 10 Fire/Wave Lunarite and a 50 Labor Potion (The Fire/Wave applies respectively to each type of gem. This applies for other tiers of Lunagems.). Tier 2 Fire and Wave Lunagems can be broken down into 10 Fire/Wave Superior Lunarite and a 250 Labor Potion. Tier 3 Fire and Wave Lunagems can be broken down into 10 Fire/Wave Fine Lunarite and a 500 Labor Potion.

PvP gems can be broken down into items that, upon usage, give the player Honor. That amount of Honor is equal to the amount of Honor that the lunagem which was broken down cost before the patch. So for a T4 Honor Lunagem, you would receive an item that upon usage would give you 770 Honor.

Other types of Lunagems, such as the Gale and Auroria Lunagems, seem to be broken down into a Labor Potion that restores an amount of labor equal to the amount used in crafting that Lunagem, as well as a Crystal of the color corresponding to that of the Lunagem’s. So, for Gale Lunagems, you seem to recieve Yellow Crystals upon breaking them down. You can find out more about Crystals in my second article on the new Lunagems.

Also, a major concern of players was what would the uses of Fire Lunarite, Superior Fire Lunarite, Wave Lunarite, and Superior Wave Lunarite be after the patch. I have discovered their uses as well. You will now be able to convert 10 Fire/Wave Lunarite into 1 Superior Fire/Wave Lunarite, and 10 Fire/Wave Superior Lunarite can be converted into 1 Fine Fire/Wave Lunarite. 

Trade Changes

With Patch 3.7, XL implemented a new item that will make Trading a lot easier. This item, bought from a General Merchant for 20 Gold, will summon a Shadow Daru Trader. Summonable only in Peace Zones, this Spirit will last for five minutes, and will allow players to immediately turn in packs. The item itself expires an hour after its purchase.  XL has stated that their reasoning for implementing this item was to simplify pack trading a little.

In the image below, the item is highlighted within the red box.

Attachment image

In the following image, the Trader Spirit is shown, as well as the ability to turn in those packs.

Attachment image

It is not yet known how much a player receives upon turning in their packs to one of these Spirits.

Additional Synthesizing Experience

When Synthesizing Erenor items or costumes/undergarments, there is a possibility that the item you are synthesizing will an extra 20% to 100% experience of their original amount. The chances of this happening are unknown at the current time.

An example of this is shown in the images below.
Attachment image
Attachment image

Leviathan and Ship Changes

Leviathan Changes

When the Leviathan is in battle, it will now spit out little packs that will float to the bottom of the ocean. When using these packs, players will receive 200 labor immediately. These packs can also be picked up and transported.

One of these packs is shown below.
Attachment image

In addition to these new packs, the Leviathan will now deal less overall damage to Ships and players.

Ship Changes

In order to make Leviathan a little easier, XL has made it so that anyone can repair ship parts, instead of that being an ability that only the Ship Driver can use.

Successor Skill Changes

If you would like to find out more about Successor Skills and what they do, I’d suggest you read this article.


Triple Slash (Lightning) – The damage on this version of Triple Slash has been decreased from 130%/ 130%/ 160% (For first, second, and third cast, respectively) to 110%/ 110%/ 160%. The time between using the second and third attack has been increased from 0.4 seconds to 0.6 seconds.

Tiger Strike (Lightning) – This is the skill that hits one target multiple times. The time between hits has been changed from 1 second to 1.2 seconds.


Protective Wings (Flame) – This ability was adjusted and remade a little. Before the update, it gave a buff to a random ally within a radius of 20 meters that would reduce the Magic Damage that the player with the buff receives by 29%, and reflect 70% of the Magic Damage that player receives back at the attacker.

It now gives Protective Wings to 5 allies. This Protective Wings has a radius of 15 meters, and functions much like regular Protective Wings. But, instead of reducing the Magic Damage that the player would receive by 29%, this version reduces the Magic Damage that all allies within the radii receive by 20%, and reflect 20% of the damage dealt to them.

Thwart (Stone) – Instead of giving the regular +53 Attack Speed that Thwart gives, this version will now only give +42 Attack Speed.


Summon Wraith (Mist) – This version, which summons an NPC and attackable Wraith at a target location, has had its cast range decreased from 15 meters to 12 meters. Also, the stats of the Wraith were changed.


Meteor (Wave) – Instead of dealing 288+500% of your Magic attack, it now deals 1440+250% of your Magic Attack.


Shadowsmite (Lightning) – If you use it while in Stealth, then the Backstab Damage is increased.


Healing Hymn (Stone) – The range of this ability has been decreased from 30 meters to 20 meters.

Alarm Call (Stone) – Instead of lasting for 9 seconds, it now lasts for 8 seconds, and now has a radius of 8 meters instead of 9 meters. Also, enemies will be put to sleep every 3 seconds, instead of immediately.

Item Changes

  • The materials needed in the crafting of Obsidian items, most importantly the items acquired from the Ayanad Library, have been simplified. Instead of having many different materials drop from each floor, there is now only one material that drops from each floor of the Library. These materials are now used in the place of where other materials previously were used, respectively.

Other Changes

  • Changed the interval of time between the reporting of blood stains to their disappearance from 60 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Adjusted the protection length of ferries from 25 minutes to 35 minutes (3.5 Feature)
  • The 2-Hander Buff was adjusted
    • The 7% decrease on Global Cooldowns was removed.
    • 7% decreased Cast Time was added as a passive.
    • Magic Defense penetration +240 removed.
  • The Dual Wielding Buff was adjusted
    • The added 111 Attack Speed was increased to an added 177 Attack Speed.
    • The 7% increase on damage from Triple Slash, Whirldwind Slash, Rapid Strike and Overwhelm was removed. 
  • Shield Penetration Rate no longer takes into account the Magic Defense of a shield.
  • Heart of Ayanad’s health has been decreased, but its health regeneration has been increased.
  • Automatic Raids have been removed from regions while they are in War.
  • Erenor Items can now only be worn by players with Successor Level 1 or higher.
  • The guild cap was decreased to 80 from 100.

That concludes it for today’s article. Tomorrow is the first ever Omnom livestream, so make sure to stop by it!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll be sure to answer all of them.

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  1. Lolibae

    Tiger Strike (Lightning) ‘s cast range decrease from 20m to 12m.

    We can synthesizing an Erenor weapon with any kind of weapon? Axe+ Shield?

    • Sturmeko

      Tiger Strike (Lightning) range was 12m from the start, it’s not 3.7 change.

      Yes, you can synthesize 1H erenor weapon with any kind of 1H weapon or shield.
      For 2H weapon – any type 2-hander, and for bows it’s bows 🙂

  2. Lost Customer

    Don’t buy any in game items with real cash because if u do and your card gets declined for any reason your account is gonnnneeeeee. GG Glyph support.

  3. Sturmeko

    I think 2-hand buff translation is a bit wrong.

    Right now, shield defense penetration doesn’t work for magic defense shields.
    So it seems it’s changed other way around 🙂

    Also 7% cast time is added.

  4. dra

    hey what will happen to loyalty/ms lunagems? what can they be salvaged into?

      • Nerrivic

        What about the crafted Gale lunagems? Can all 3 tiers be salvaged for yellow crystals? If so, perhaps for different amounts?

        Any help is appreciated, and many thanks for doing such a great job with this blog!! 🙂

  5. Dark

    I have question about hand gem’s , did evasion 3% gem’s will remove from the game ?

      • Tobi

        So there’s basically nothing (except for defense gems) for mages/healers to put in their hands?

  6. Grin

    Can we convert the “old” Lib mats to the single new one? If so, at what ratio for what rarity?

    • Mark

      I’m not exactly sure on this at the moment.

      From what I know, you can convert the old mats, but I don’t exactly know the ratios. It is something that is on my to-do list in terms of research.

      • John

        Any new info on this?
        If they are convertible at any amount that’s fine, but if they become vendor food it will be better to spend time grinding gold then lib mats if a person can’t upgrade before this part of 3.7
        Any info deeply appreciated.

  7. Focslain

    I didn’t see it, but do you know what the old perstige gems will convert to if you know. Thanks in advance.

  8. emellgee

    Could this statement: “Shield Penetration Rate no longer takes into account the Magic Defense of a shield” be an incorrect translation? As far as I know, staves do not currently ignore mdef shields, so I’m wondering if maybe it’s being changed so that staves will penetrate mdef shields.


  9. NotDUST

    for the re vamped 3.5 trading, if you have covered it i must have missed it but,
    Do you think silos will prevent pack freshness degeneration?

  10. JuCrimeSky

    Is there any changes to Castle Sieges/Castle building etc.?

  11. Trigga

    For 2h nerf is it just magic def pen that gets removed or does (Physical) def pen get removed too?

  12. curious

    hi, even with this new xp boost for erenor….you think its better go for erenor weapon or buy bettet legendary/mythic obsidian?

  13. George NoX

    are we going to have to wait for these to come to our version after 3.5 or do we get all of it right away? I know we are getting shadow daru merchant for sure, but what about raid recruitment, nerfed xp needs for erenor gear leveling, skill nerfs and new lunagems?

  14. Jadiel

    still need to be patron to have houses and recover labor offline?


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