Hello everyone! Today, we’ll be going over some changes to the gemming processing, as well as gems, that will be coming to Korea on April 20th.

Before you begin, please remember that this is for Korea, and that we are not guaranteed to receive this system. But without further ado, let’s get into it.

New Gems, New Systems

The New PvP Gems

With this next update, XL will introduce a new series of PvP gems, which hold the same stats as the gems that are currently obtainable from the Honor shop. These gems will never fail to socket, and as such will have an 100% chance to go in, and will never break your other gems that already in there. But, as a result of these new gems having no failure chance, the cost of gemming them, in both gold and labor, will be exponentially higher than that of gems currently in the game. The gold cost will depend on the tier of lunagems that you use and the item level of the item that you are socketing.

With the new gems, players will be able to mix old and new gems (Which means that if you had gems in an item socketed pre-3.7, that means that you can insert the new post-3.7 gems into that same item), but once you extract these old gems, they will not be re-socketable. A new item will be introduced that will remove all existing gems from an item upon usage and that will let the player then re-obtain those gems (Strictly different from a Dawnstone or Mornstone, which does not let the player keep the gems). This item will be available from the Honor Shop. It will cost 2,400 honor. It is important to note that this item will also work on these new gems that are being released.

There will be two versions these new gems: those with stats equivalent to the Rare, Tier 3 Honor Lunagems, and those with stats equivalent to the Arcane, Tier 4 Honor Lunagems.

In the series of images below, we see the new gems being inserted into a Divine Ayanad Life shirt. You will notice that, as mentioned before, those are Tier 3 and Tier 4 Honor Lunagems for Chest pieces, respectively. You will also notice the gold costs, which, as mentioned, are much higher than the current costs of gemming.

In the first series, we see the player using Tier 3 lunagems, and his costs being 8.06 gold for the very first gem, and 227.02 gold for the last gem.

In the second series, the player uses Tier 4 lunagems, and the first lunagem costs 16.42 gold, while the last costs 611.36 gold. But remember: these lunagems have 100% chance of going in, so that will make these very large gemming costs be worth it.


As you may recall from my article on the XLGames Player Conference held back in February, 2017, XLGames stated that they wished to better the experience of gemming for all players, and that a new system was in the works with the purpose of just that.

This is that update. Their reasoning behind this was both because players were getting annoyed (That’s a euphemism) at socketing, and that many players were failing to fully gem their armor, even after such a long time. In the future, XL hopes that socketing will become a stress-free activity, and one in which all players can succeed and better their equipment.

Obtaining the Lunagems

With this new series of gems, there will be a variety of ways to obtain these gems, and a variety of gems to obtain. In fact, something that I neglected to mention was that XL may be introducing new Lunagems with this update. As of right now, I am unsure, as the Google Translate is quite limited.

Below is a table that shows screenshots of the new gems, as well as provides some specifics on how to obtain them.

Type of Gems Tier 1 ImagesTier 2 Images Obtained From Obtained With
1 Hander Mob DropsFarming Mobs
2 Hander   Mob DropsFarming Mobs
Defense  CraftingCrafting
PvP (Focus, etc.)  Honor ShopHonor Points
Loyalty/Mistsong Crit Gems   Mistsong DropsMistsong
Auroria Gems  Lord’s Coin BenchLord’s Coin

For the first tier of these new gems (Old T3/Lucid), you will not require any proficiencies to be trained. On the other hand, for the second tier of the new gems (Old T4/Radiant), you will require 50,000 Handicrafts, so get those Handicrafts trained!

In creating these gems, you will have to open a new tab located in the Regrading and Socketing (etc.) UI window. After obtaining the necessary materials, you will be able to craft the new gems in that UI, without the use of any special workbenches.

This UI is shown in the series of images below.

Materials Needed

As you can see in the UI, we have some items that are needed to produce the Lunagems. The materials listed are Fine Lunarite and Superior Earth Lunarite. The two items at the top, the horn-looking item and the ruby looking item, are items that are also needed for the craft. The first item is obtained from the Prestige shop, so start saving that Prestige up! The second item, on the other hand, is obtained from the General Merchant.

The amount of gold needed for the craft is displayed below, and the images in the middle are your chances. As you can see below the middle image in the middle section, the bar is 70% full. That is because with that Lunagem, you have a 70% chance of it successfully socketing, and a 30% chance of it failing. But, by using Charcoal Stabilizer, you have an 100% chance of it socketing successfully.

So, in total, you will need the following for the production of one of the Lunagems:

  • One of the each of the items at the top, which are obtained by using Guild Prestige
  • Fine Lunarite and Superior Lunarite of the required type
  • 200 Labor
  • 50,000 Handicrafts for the T4 Lunagems
  • A little Gold
  • Some Charcoal Stabilizer (For 100%)

Also, the materials shown are for the T3 version of the Green Gems. Below is the UI for the T4 Lunagems.

As you can see, for the 100% T4 Lunagems, you will need a T3 Lunagem.

Once you craft your Lunagems, you can open them and choose which Lunagem you desire. This is like Obsidian T7 items. This UI is shown in the images below.

Where can these Lunagems be Socketed?

Below is a table that shows in what kind of equipment these new gems can be inserted into. Please note that the information in the table is only for the new gemsand that it does not apply to older gems.

For the sake of your sanity and mine, I shall refer to the gems by their colors that are shown in the images instead of referring to them by their poorly translated names. Also, I will be referring to gems by their effects, and not by their gem names.

I apologize in advance for the somewhat bad looking table format.

 TypeRed Gems Brown GemsBlue GemsGreen GemsYellow GemsPink Gems
 1H WeaponDefense Penetration

M. Def. Pen.

Increased Critical Damage (Version  for all attacks)

2H Weapon Defense Penetration

M. Def. Pen.

Increased Critical Damage (Version  for all attacks)

Instruments/UnderwearCast Speed, Attack Speed
ShieldMax Health IncreaseShield Block Rate
HelmetToughness (Hero Gems)Crit. Chance Gems (Mistsong/Loyalty)
ChestMelee Damage Reduction

Magic Damage Reduction

Ranged Damage Reduction

HandsFocusMelee Parry Rate
Waist/SleevesAuroria Gems
PantsMelee Damage Reduction

Magic Damage Reduction

Ranged Damage Reduction

FeetResilienceMovement Speed
All Equipment ListedAll Attack/Power Boosting Gems (Apex, Salvation, etc.)Defense
Magic Defense

Changes to Existing Gems

So then the question remains: What is happening to our beloved and original but older Honor Lunagems, now that it seems not worth it at all to use them for socketing?

XL has stated that they are discontinuing those Lunagems in order to make way for the new ones. While old ones will still remain within the game, they will still have the same chances and before, and as such will have a high chance of failure upon socketing. XL states that you will still be able to use them on mount armor, but that they do not encourage players to use them on their armor.

Refined Lunagems will remain the same, and they will still have the chance of failing to socket, but will not destroy other Lunagems upon failure.

That concludes it for this article. I hope you enjoyed learning about this system as much as I did.

If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. I will be sure to answer them.

26 Responses

  1. Ham

    Pdef/Mdef penetration gems weren’t mention, do they exist as a no break form?

    • Mark

      I actually accidentally mistranslated something. It’s updated now.

      Those gems are included in the Red and Brown gems.

  2. oggly

    So, if I want Mdef pen in my underwear/Instrument, it is best to socket them before 3.5, as they will be discontinued? Just want to make sure I understand correctly

    • Mark

      Those won’t be discontinued. Only the Honor Gems will be (From what I know). That being said, there won’t be 100% Penetration gems for Instruments/Underwear.

      • Oggly

        Ahh nice, so I did misunderstand XD
        The mention of red/blue and all of that made me think this was across the board, but I missed the introduction of new gems bit that was said.
        Thank you so much for clarifying

  3. Crutheo

    “The materials listed are Fine Lunarite and Superior Earth Lunarite.” Do “Superior Earth Lunarite” drop from mobs or can you buy them somewhere or are they craftable ? How much does Fine Lunarite and Superior Earth Lunarite cost on KR-AH ?

    • Mark

      Let’s list this off in terms of items.

      Fine Fire Lunarite – About 1,600 a day being traded through the Legacy cluster.
      Fine Wave Lunarite – On average, 1,400 a day.

      The Superior Earths seem to still only drop from mobs. Unfortunately, I can’t answer just how much Superior Earth Lunarite is being traded through KR right now, as there are a variety of different versions of it, and I don’t know which ones will be used in crafting gems.

      That being said, I will be able to answer that in a week, on 4/20, when this patch releases, so keep your eyes and ears open for that!

      • Crutheo

        Ok, thanks for the reply! And for your articles ofc !

  4. Papillon

    Thanks for this! It’s made me think twice about buying hero gems for my cap. Can’t wait to see what increments the new cap crit rate gems will be.

  5. Ganker

    Thanks for info 1st
    quick question
    Will Critical bonus gems for weapons be 100% success rate after 3.5?

  6. George NoX

    these are going to be expensive to make on legacy servers when it comes to us because right now lunarite drop rate is really bad

  7. Serhio

    Mark, hi!
    With regards to today’s update could you please check what the changes to hero gems in helmet are? Was the amount of tougness increased? Is it possible to safely extract them? Is there any other (apart from hero) gems that grant toughness in helmet?

    Many thanks,

      • Serhio

        Mark! I would really appreciate your soonest reply on the above questions. I currently can buy a helmet with full hero gems for 50k gold and I need to decide werther to buy it or not. Please share some inside on the hero gems. Just tell me if the amount of toughness was icreased or not and could they be safely extracted or not. Many thanks!

      • Mark

        Again, I don’t divulge info ahead of time. That being said, the article on the new Lunagems will be released in the coming two hours.

  8. Jehovah

    Sorry Mark

    You said : ” XL promised to tone the system down ” about the synthesizing of Erenor
    Nothing new about that ? Cause making Erenor it’s always discouraging atm, and I really don’t know if I go to it or not…

    • Mark

      That was included in my article about the March update for Erenor Synthesizing. That is the only change.

      • Jehovah

        Ooh god, didn’t see this update. Thks you a lot for your work here Mark !
        Erenor shouldn’t be so hardu now. (And sorry to writte here, isn’t the good spot)

  9. poisondart

    so attack/power gems can be gemmed not only on bows, instruments and weapons but on all the equipment? same goes with 100def /mdef gems?

    • Mark

      Please check part 2 of the article for this.

      But yes, what you said more or less is true.

  10. Roadiii

    Hello,so as you said above,there is only ‘parry’ gems but no ‘evasion’ gems for hands?

      • Roadiii

        Thank you.It makes me a little bit sad :(. This kind of yellow gems are expensive in KR AA server which cost 3k-4k per gem at average on AH.I think the gems except crti chance and block rate,like att speed,are mabe not that worthwhile.

      • Roadiii

        So,in KR server,there is still a way to make the old gems ( like rare gems, the blue one)?

      • Mark

        No, there is no way to make the old gems. They are completely obsolete and out of the system.

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