The long-awaited article on Trade and Commerce in 3.5 is finally here! Rejoice!

This article will be divided into several sections: One section with an outline of things coming in 3.5 to Trading, and then followed by a section that explains things that are added to this system in 3.7.

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But without further ado, let’s get into this article.

Commerce Changes

Trading Posts

A Trading Post is a special structure designed to combine the purchase, handing in, and sale of various trade packs. They will be in the following regions:

  • Solzreed Peninsula, Two Crowns, Cinderstone Moor;
  • Solis Headlands, Villanelle, Ynystere;
  • Diamond Shores, but only if the corresponding base is at Fortification Level 4 or above (So for Nuians, Nuian Base must be at 4 or above. For Haranyans, Haranya Base must be at 4 or above).

In the images below, you can see where the Trade Posts are located on the two sister continents. The spoiler after the series of images includes detailed locations within each region.



Detailed Images

You can see where the Trade Posts are located in the images below. The Inland Trading Posts are marked with an orange arrow, while the Ocean Trading Posts are marked with a blue arrow.



Some images of the Trading Posts are shown below.

New Pack System

Before I begin to explain the changes to existing trade packs, as well as introduce new packs, let me divide trade packs into three categories.

The table below shows where each type of pack can be obtained, and where it can be sold to.

Please note that Tier 2 and Tier 3 packs are THE SAME PACK. I differentiate the two because of the different turn-in methods.

ProductWhere to ObtainWhere to SellItem Obtained
Tier 1: All packs currently present in the game count as T1, those being regular trade packs (Including Fertilizer), Plaza packs, and larders.Conventional workshops, community workshops, sheds, workshops in the handicraft housesOne of the Trading Posts of the same continent (Except the Trading Posts where the pack was manufactured)Gold
Tier 2: Packs from Trade Posts in Nuia, Haranya, or Auroria that are turned taken to another continentThey can be purchased at any of the Trading Posts on the continent as soon as that trading post receives enough materials (T1 packs).One of the Trade Posts on another continent or Freedich IslandGold (Other continent)
Dragon Essence Stabilizer (Freedich)
Tier 3: Packs from Trade Posts in Nuia, Haranya, or Auroria that are turned in inland on the same continentThey can be purchased at any of the Trading Posts on the continent as soon as that trading post receives enough materials (T1 packs).Trading Posts on the continent where the Trade Pack was obtained fromCharcoal

Do note that the new system also affects commerce and trade packs from Auroria. The lineup of already existing Auroria packs is being joined by new packs from Whalesong Harbor and Golden Ruins. You will be able to turn in these packs, along with the rest of the existing Auroria packs, at the Diamond Shores Trade Post.

The conventional T1 packs can now only be sold for gold to the Traders in these Trading Posts. The NPCs that purchased trade packs before 3.5 will all be removed. Please note that the trade packs that were produced in these Trading Posts cannot be handed in in that same Trading Post where they were produced – players will instead have to transport them to other Trading Posts. (Mainly, what this means is that you will not be able to take T1 packs to Freedich).

Moreover, the conventional T1 packs can only be handed in to the ocean trading posts on the continent where they were produced at. If you look at the Detailed Images spoiler for locations of the Trading Posts, the blue markers indicate where you can hand in these packs. You cannot hand them in at inland Trading Posts, which are marked by orange markers.

When turning in imported goods, those being T2 and T3 packs, the Blue Salt Brotherhood uses them as materials for making more trade packs for players to purchase. In order to find out how many more are needed before another batch of trade packs is created, one can open the Trade Folio and see the amount in the middle column, as shown soon in this article. One can hand them in in exchange for gold at one of the Trading Posts on the other continent (So for Nuians, Haranya, and for Harani, Nuia), or in exchange for Dragon Essence Stabilizers at Freedich Island.  For the purchase of such an item, a player will require 75 Labor and a Cargo Certificate, which can be bought 300 Vocation Points.

The purchase for these Trade Packs is shown below. In the first image, we see the UI in which one can purchase different sorts of Trade Packs for a certain amount of gold, and and in the second image, we see the player exchanging the Cargo Certificate and 75 Labor, as well as a certain amount of gold, for one of the shown Trade Packs.

There are three types of packs that you can buy from the Bluesalt Brotherhood’s Trading Post. When the Trading Post will receive a certain amount of such goods from other players turning in packs, it produces more packs that can be exchanged for charcoal in the following locations:

  • Gweonid Forest, Aubre Cradle, Hellswamp
  • Arcum Iris, Falcorth Plains, Rookborne
  • Diamond Shores

Do note that to exchange packs for charcoal, you must belong to the faction of the continent on which you are handing the packs in. So, for example, if you belong to the Haranya faction, you can only hand in packs for Charcoal at Arcum Iris, Falcorth Plains, or Rookborne. These packs will not be accepted at trading posts on a foreign continent.

As stated before, in order to buy T2 and T3 packs, one will require a certain amount of gold, 75 Labor, and a Cargo Certificate.

So, with this new update, the Trading system in 3.5 will require coordination between players in order to maximize revenue.

The New Process

With this new system, there is a new process for obtaining the different types of trade packs, as mentioned in the previous section. In this section, we will be discussing how trade packs are obtained and handed in in this new system. It may have some statements that I already talked about in the previous, but that is just how it must be written. So, let’s begin.

Tier 1

We begin with the Tier 1 packs. As you already may know, these packs include the regular Specialty packs, Fellowship Plaza packs, and Larders. Once made, these packs can be turned in exclusively at Trade Posts that are on the same continent as where the pack was obtained from, with the exception the region from which it was obtained. Their price will be based on the available stock of packs at the Trade Post where you hand in the pack. Essentially, it is an issue of supply and demand. The more the supply of that pack within the Trade Post, the less the demand will be, and as a result, the price will be lower.

Do note that if the Trade Post no longer has the capacity to store any more of the packs that you wish to turn in, you will not be able to turn in the pack at that Trade Post until there is space.

Tier 2 and Tier 3

Once a certain capacity of trade packs is reached in the Trade Post, the Blue Salt Brotherhood will begin producing Tier 2/Tier 3 packs in the Trade Post. You will then directly be able to purchase packs from that Trade Post, and transport them to wherever you want.

Upon purchase of a Tier 2/Tier 3 pack, which require a Cargo Certificate, 75 Labor, and some gold, you will be able to then turn in this pack in Gold, Dragon Essence Stabilizer, or Charcoal Stabilizer.

Gold will be rewarded for packs that are turned into Trade Posts that are situated on another continent then from where you obtained the pack; Dragon Essence Stabilizer is obtained from turning in the pack at Freedich; Charcoal is obtained from inland Trading Posts on the same continent as from where the pack was obtained. The inland Trading Posts are marked by an orange arrow on the Detailed Images.

So, for Nuians, you can obtain Charcoal from Gweonid Forest, Aubre Cradle, or Hellswamp. For Harani, you can obtain Charcoal from Falcorth Plains, Arcum Iris, or Perinoor Ruins.

Another thing to note about Tier 2/Tier 3 packs is that they have Freshness Freshness is a factor which deteriorates over time, and depends on the amount of time that has passed since the pack was manufactured. The less Freshness a pack has, or as time goes on, the less the pack price is. Keep this in mind when doing your future trade runs!

Ratios, Ratios…

At this point, one might ask when the Trade Post starts producing Tier 2/Tier 3 packs. That is an excellent question, and one that is provided by a UI within the game.

Below is the image of that UI.

From the image, we take that to produce 1 Tier 2/3 packyou will need to fulfill one of the following:

  • 14 Regular Packs
  • 8 Fellowship Plaza Packs
  • 4 Larders

In Auroria, to produce 1 Tier 2/3 pack, you will need to fulfill one of the following:

  • 2 Golden Ruins Packs
  • 1 Whalesong Harbor Packs

Other Changes

  • The wait time for the mail from turned-in packs was decreased from 22 hours to 8 hours, but the interest on the packs was decreased from 5% to 2%.
  • The Gold Trader has been removed from Freedich.
  • Ocean Traders have been changed to Relic Traders. They now take all packs except for T1, T2, and T3 packs.

Transport Ships

In my overview of the 3.5 Patch Notes, I briefly mentioned the existence of cross-continental Transport Ships. Transport Ships are automated ships that are run by the Blue Salt Brotherhood. Much like the Air Ships present on both of the starting continents, Transport Ships provide players without good means of transportation a public way to transport their goods across the ocean, or perhaps to simply trek the expansive sea.

They are offered at some of the Trading Posts, and have set, round-trip routes. The routes run from the Trading Post in Solzreed to the Trading Post in Caernord, Ynystere, and back, as well as from the port in Two Crowns to the Port in Austera, which is located in the Solis Peninsula.

A ship moors at each port for 20 minutes before departing, during which time a player can purchase a First Class ticket from the Daru captain of the ship. The ticket will protect the player from all PvP attacks for forty minutes, or for as long as they stay within 35 meters of the ship captain, whichever comes first. If the player leaves the ship, they will immediately lose the buff. The ticket costs either 5 Gold, or 1000 Labor.

Players with the buff also cannot attack other players, or their buff will be canceled.

3.7 Additions to Trading

In 3.7, there will be two major additions to Trading. One is the new Shadow Daru Merchant, which you can read about in my Patch 3.7 Overview.

The second is a special event where the purchase prices of packs from Trading Posts is at a discount. This event lasts for 60 minutes, and during that time, pack purchase prices will be 25% or 30% cheaper than their regular purchase prices, depending on the region.

You can see that in the image below.

This will be heralded by a global in-game message (Much like the Freedich Gold Trader was) and will be triggered by the stock of T2/T3 packs at a Trade Post reaching 110 T2/T3 stored packs. The maximum stock of T2/T3 packs in a Trade Post is 150 packs.

Please note that this event does not occur for Auroria. It is exclusive to Nuia and Haranya. Also, it occurs per Trade Posts, and not at all the Trade Posts at once.

Hope everyone enjoyed that article! I will be doing a livestream about this new system Friday, May 19th, which is tomorrow, on the Omnom Twitch Channel, so be sure to be there!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below. I’ll be sure to try and answer every single one of them to the best of my ability.

15 Responses

  1. Arnold Saboya

    Will t2/3 packs be storable on silos? If they are, will the freshness be affected?

    • Mark

      Yes, they will be. From what I know, freshness will not be affected if it is stored in a silo.

  2. Tobias

    Any idea what will happen to the lord coin packs from Auroria castles?

  3. Tigerus

    I am wondering what pirates can do now. I suppose we cant run T1 packs or T3.

    So only packs from one continent to another? Are there guards? Because if the guards stay and stop us pirates we basically got no other way than to hand in for Dragon-Essences. But than we are more tunneled than now. Right now you can aggro the guards with ships and hand in. If we cant hand in because we are hostile faction its kind of bad. As well we cant drop the packs for our alts. So how to deliver any pack for gold or charcol as pirate?

    As well what reason would we have to steal packs when we cant make good gold from it like the freedich trader. Right now you steal and store until the trader is up.

    Fishes still get delivered to fishstand? Or now to relict trader?

    Packs from sunken ships and perdita to relict trader. But what else can get delivered there? That would be the current state just a rename. Or am I missing any packs right now?

    • Mark

      I have no idea about pirates. The Koreans use the Pirate faction as a punishment rather than an actual gameplay mechanic, as they have had player nations from the very beginning. As such, they don’t really care about what happens to pirates.

      Fishes still get delivered to a fishstand, from what I know.

      I dunno what else can be delivered to the relic trader. I wrote everything I knew in the article. 🙂

  4. Setrict

    Are there any NUIA pack price spreadsheets? Kurita posted one for Haranya in forums, but nothing for NUIA that I’ve found.

  5. Survivor

    Charcoal in Auroria need to be a T3 pack taken from diamond shores to golden Ruins. you can’t get charcoal in Diamond Shores.

  6. Cold

    If I make a pack in Nuia to turn in on Haranya for gold, do I turn it in at the trading posts on the coast or the ones inland?

    • Focslain

      One on the coast and that is if the pack your referring to was made at a Nuian tradepost. If your talking about the standard specialty packs (ie t1s) then you turn those into the Nuian coastal ports only.

      Also Mark, your article still says that one of the charcoal traders is in Rookbourne and not Pianoor Ruins

    • Mark

      Yep, lots of changes. You can check them out in my Discord, which is located in the right sidebar.


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