In this article, I will be revealing the new successor skills, with an in-depth analysis of all of them, as well as percentages and the such. Once again, I would like to remind everyone that this information comes from the Korean version of the game, and things could change in our versions.

Before I begin, I would like to thank MaTT for all that he has provided me on this topic. You can go check out his YouTube channel here.

But, without further ado, let’s get into it.


Successor Skills

As mentioned in my brief article about the new level cap in 3.5, Successor Skills are sub-skills for a variety of skills already in the game that slightly (Or sometimes not so slightly) change how a skill works. As a result, the way that players use the skills changes, and so do the different combos that each player can carry out.

There are seven Successor levels, and at Successor Levels 1, 4, and 7, you unlock one Successor skill in each of the trees. For each skill, there are two variants. The variants are classified by seven attributes, and those attributes are Flame, Life, Stone, Wave, Lightning, Squall, Quake, and Mist. For every Successor level, you are given one skill point, so you when you are maxed out at Successor Level 7, you will be given seven total skill points to put into seven different sub-skills. Please note that you cannot select two skills from the same overall skill. You will only be able to select one attribute for each skill. In total, with 30 Successor skills, and two sub-skills, the game is recieving 60 “new” skills.

In the image above, you can see the UI for selecting a Successor skill. You can see the two skill attributes, and the different skill trees, as well as the three skills.


Triple Slash


The Lightning version of Triple Slash will feature an extremely quick form of Triple Slash on single targets. Basically, the speed of this skill is more or less akin to that of Rapid Strike from Shadowplay.


An AoE version of Triple Slash which works slower than regular Triple Slashes, but deals damage to all enemies within a 3-meter radius.

Quake Triple Slash will also feature damage that is twice higher than that of regular Triple Slash (+260% of Melee Attack on Quake instead of +130%). This makes the skill for a great choice during farming mobs in an AoE style.

Precision Strike


If this version of Precision Strike kills your target, then the cooldown of Precision Strike will immediately be reset. That being said, the cooldown on this skill will be 30 seconds instead of the 21 second cooldown on the regular Precision Strike.


If your target has 30% HP or lower, then the critical rate of the Wave Precision Strike is increased by 34%. You might ask, what’s the difference between this and the regular Precision Strike? The difference lies in the fact that the critical rate increase is only applied when your apply Precision Strike from the back of your target, while this effect applies whenever the target is below 30% HP, no matter how they are facing you.

Also, if you are bleeding (Not the target! This is the opposite of regular Precision Strike), then the damage of Wave Precision Strike will be increased by 37%.

Tiger Strike


While using the Life version of Tiger Strike, the user becomes immune to all forms of crowd controls and debuffs.

The cooldown of this version is 1.5 times longer, or instead of an 18 second cooldown, it is now 28 seconds.


The Lightning version of Tiger Strike works on a single target instead of bouncing around, but instead of dealing 720+280% of your melee attack, it deals only 461+180%. That being said, the attack is executed three times on the target, so you are dealing that damage three times while you use this skill. All in all, the damage done from this version on one target will be larger than that of the regular version on one target.

Instead of up to a 20m cast range, this version has up to a 12m cast range.




Instead of firing fireballs, this version will fire small balls of lightning, and it will be usable without a cast time, and will electroshock your target. But, it deals 80% of your magic attack instead of 209%. Also, if you Back Drop, the cooldown from this ability, which is a 2-seconds cooldown, will be negated for the duration of the backdrop.

If your target already is electroshocked, then your Lightning Flamebolt will deal 12% more damage.


Instead of 209%of your magic attack, this version has 313%, but instead of the 1-second cast time on regular Fireball, Flame Fireball has a 1.5 second cast time. Also, instead of a series of 3 Flamebolts that are useable, you only have one to use.

When you use Back Drop, the cast time of this ability will be negated for the duration of the Back Drop buff.

Chain Lightning


Instead of immediate damage, this version is more like a bomb. Your target will recieve a debuff, and after two seconds, that will explode like a bomb, dealing damage to them, as well as dealing 125% of that damage (So that’s a 25% increase) to 4 random enemies within a 5-meter radius.

If your target is Frozen, then the damage will increase by 30%.


This version will give apply the Freeze debuff on your target, and as such, with a skill such as Frozen Earth, it will deep freeze your target.

In addition to that, when using this skill on a target, the skill will burst out bubbles around your target in little circles, which, if they hit an enemy, will deal damage to those enemies hit, and will also apply the Freeze debuff. And yes, if you use Frozen Earth, those enemies will also be Deep Frozen. Also, all enemies caught in the circle will be snared for a little while.

If the target was on fire, then the damage from this skill will increase by 30%.

Meteor Strike


This version of Meteor Strike will deal 288+500% of your Magic attack instead of 1728+900% of your Magic attack. This is compensated by the fact that instead of a 4m radius, it has a 10m radius area of effect. Also, this skill will Deep Freeze any enemies caught in the radius. Also, if your targets are on fire, then the damage will be increased by 30%.

It is important to note that this version of Meteor is done 6-8 times a cast! That means that the damage is dealt 6-8 times, which therefore means that you are dealing much more damage than regular Meteor. To Deep Freeze your targets, they must be hit by this spell several times when it is cast.

Basically, this is meteor of icicles, and these icicles fall in the radius, and whomever they hit, they deal damage to. It is not a 100% chance that they will hit all the enemies within the radius. Imagine it more like a big area of small icicles falling in their own radius.


This version of Meteor Strike will deal 1728+540% of your Magic attack instead of 1728+900% of your Magic attack. But, instead of a 5 second cast, like that of regular Meteor Strike, Lightning Meteor Strike will be usable immediately (That means no cast time). Also, this ability will electroshock your targets and apply a Slow on them. The electroshock does damage over time, so this is more damage in addition to the instacast ability.

Also, if your targets are Impaled, then the damage from this skill will increase by 30%.


Charged Bolt


This version of Charged Bolt will deal 20% more damage if your target is up to 8 meters away, but the range of this skill is only 12 meters. In all other stats, this is the same as the regular Charged Bolt.


Instead of a 10-second cooldown, this skill has a 6-second cooldown, but the damage on it is 432+100% of your Ranged attack, instead of 893+200% of your Ranged attack. That being said, it will have all the effects of a regular Charged Bolt. Also, if you have the Auroria Archery Boots, the cooldown of this ability will not be decreased, as the Auroria Boots only count for the regular abilities, and not the Successor ones.

Concussive Arrow


The Flame version of Concussive Arrow is extremely interesting, as it has a charge time, and can be released immediately to deal damage.

Basically, a player can cast Flame Concussive Arrow up to 4 seconds, and at the maximum cast time, it will deal 547+1200% of your Ranged attack in a 6-meter radius, instead of the flat 547+450% of your Ranged attack on regular Concussive Arrow. That being said, if you release it earlier then 4 seconds, it will deal less damage. That damage will depend on how long you cast it for. If you release it immediately, it will only deal 547+250% of your Ranged attack. If you use it with the Mist version of Back Drop, it will be 547+400% of your Ranged attack, but will be instantly cast.

It does not have a combo for Bleeding targets.


Instead of 547+450% of your Ranged attack on regular Concussive Arrow, this ability will deal 547+300% of your Ranged attack. That being said, this version of Concussive Arrow works in a non-target sort of way. So instead of targeting someone and then casting Concussive Arrow, this works in an AoE type of fashion, where you target the location in which you will deploy the skill. It also has no cast time, and after you shoot this ability, you backdrop for 8m. But that being said, it only has a 4-meter range.

This can be great for making distance between you and your targets, and to avoid getting caught.

Missile Rain


This version of Missile Rain will feature more damage. It deals 161+294% of your Ranged attack, as opposed to 161+196% of your Ranged attack on the regular Missile Rain. The range of the ability is decreased from a maximum of 50 meters to 30 meters. Also, the area of effect of the ability is decreased from a 7 meter radius to a 4 meter radius. In addition to that, the cast time is increased from 2.8 seconds to 4.2 seconds.

Honestly, this version of the ability seems kind of useless. With such a long cast for not much more DPS, it just seems not practical to run it.


The Mist version of Missile Rain radically changes the skill. Instead of shooting to a targetable area, players now will shoot a horizontal cone of arrows. Every round will release 6 arrows, and each arrow can only hit one enemy. The length of this ability is two seconds, and you can move around freely while using it. It also has no cast time, and will slightly knock back enemies that are hit by it.

The range on this ability is a maximum of 20 meters, and the damage on one arrow is 115+70% of your Ranged attack, but since you fire a volley of six arrows at a time, it works out to be quite a bit of damage per second. Enemies that are within a distance of 8 meters will receive 20% less damage from the ability.


Shield Slam


The Quake version of Shield Slam will deal damage and apply its effects in an AoE fashion. Instead of being a targeted ability, this ability will work in a 6-meter radius. The stun will be applied to all enemies hit within the radius.

The cooldown of this ability has been increased from the original 18 seconds to 45 seconds.


This version will feature a low-cooldown ability, but one that does not stun or deal much damage. It deals 461+50% of your Melee attack, and will apply a debuff instead of stunning the target. The debuff lasts for one second, and will not allow the target under the debuff to cast any spells with a cast or channel time for that period. It also interrupts any current ability that they are casting or channeling, such as Summon Wraith or Meteor Strike. Do take into account that this is not a Silence, and the player with the debuff will still be able to use non-channeled abilities, or ones without a cast time.

The cooldown on this ability has been decreased from the usual 18 seconds to a mere 4 seconds. With some items and passives, it is possible to reduce that cooldown from 4 seconds to an even smaller 2.5 seconds, and with the debuff taken into account, you could technically stop the player from casting or channeling any ability for quite a long time.



This version of Redoubt will feature a lower cooldown, which is 18 seconds as opposed to the regular one minute, but will only last 6 seconds instead of the regular 20 second length.


Instead of increasing the player’s Block Rate, the Life version of Redoubt will increase the player’s Physical Defense by 40%, and decrease their movement speed by 10%. It lasts for as long as the regular version of Redoubt lasts, and its cooldown is the same as the original.



This version of Imprison will, instead of a circular Imprison, create a horizontal Imprison that acts as a functional wall. The length of this Imprison is 20 meters, and it will last for 12 seconds, just like the regular one.


This version of Imprison will last only eight seconds, as opposed to the regular 12 seconds, but with that being taken into account, this version will create the same kind of Imprison as the regular one, with the exception that players can freely walk into the Imprison, but cannot walk out of it until it is over.

Also, there is the question of whether you will freely be able to cast spells on targets inside the Wave Imprison from outside of the area of effect. Unfortunately, no, you will not be able to do that. It will function much like the original in regards to that.


Earthen Grip


This version of Earthen Grip will be an AoE ability instead of a targeted ability. It will work on all enemies within an 8-meter radius, and the cooldown and cast time of the Quake version of Earthen Grip has remained the same as the regular version of Earthen Grip. The only thing that increased was the mana cost, which is now 176 mana.

All combos from the original Earthen Grip are still there.


The range on this ability has been decreased from the regular maximum of 20 meters to only 15 meters, but the cast time on it has been decreased to only 0.5 seconds from the regular from the regular 1 second cast time, which means that with the second passive from Witchcraft, this ability will be instantly cast, without any cast time.

Bubble Trap


The Mist version of Bubble Trap will create a geyser at a targeted location that will last for 15 seconds. For that time, it will apply Bubble Trap to all enemies with a 4 meter radius of it. The length of this Bubble Trap will be 9.4 seconds, or about two times less than the length of the regular Bubble Trap, but that being said, if the bubble is popped and the enemy lands within the radius of the geyser again, the bubble trap will again be given to them.

The range of this ability is a maximum of 20 meters.

This ability does not have the combos on Electroshock or on enemies on fire that the regular ability has.


The range on this ability will be 12 meters instead of 20 meters, and the cooldown is decreased from 39 seconds to 21 seconds. Otherwise, it is the same as a regular Bubble Trap.

Banshee’s Wail


While a player is feared with the Stone version of Banshee’s Wail, their movement speed will be decreased by 40%, but enemies will not be stunned after the fear duration expires.


The Mist version of Banshee’s Wail summons a Specter mob at a target location that fears all enemies with a 5-meter radius. The Specter lasts for 6 seconds. The fear debuff lasts for 4 seconds, and if the player is still in the Specter’s area of effect once his fear runs out, the fear debuff will be applied again.

This Specter mob can be killed, and it has around 11,000 HP.

This ability has no cast time.




The only change in the first version is that the range of the ability is increased from 25 meters to 30 meters, but you will not be able to damage enemies with it.


The Quake version of Antithesis is a little more interesting than the Life version. This version is like an AoE version of antithesis, where the caster can heal and damage multiple targets with one cast. The area of effect on this skill is 6 meters from the target that you are using it on. An interesting thing about this version is that it can heal allies and damage enemies on the same cast. That means that if an enemy is on an ally while you use this skill on them, the ally will be healed, and the enemy will take damage.

The only downside to this is that instead of healing for 461+440% of your Healing power, or damaging for 1440+240% of your Healing power (Those are the figures on the regular Antithesis), this version heals for 288+320% Healing power, and damages for 864+160% of your Healing power. A slight downside, but one that is definitely worth it for what the skill does.

Also, its mana cost is 420 mana instead of 315 mana.



This version is basically the same as regular Skewer. The only difference is that this version of Skewer can be used up to three times on one cast. During each of those times, the damage will be the same, and that damage is equal to the damage done by a regular Skewer. Each cast will also Impale all enemies in the radius.


This version has no cast time. When cast, it will Impale all targets in a radius of 5 meters, but instead of damaging them, it heals all your allies within that radius. But instead of the regular 276% damage off of your Healing power, the healing from this is 130% of your Healing power.

It is important to note that this version has a 28 second cooldown instead of an 18 second cooldown.

Fervent Healing


Instead of having 5 charges of the hearts from Fervent Healing, this ability will have infinite charges. You can spam hearts until your mana pool runs out. Its healing is the same as the first heart from regular Fervent Healing.

A downside to this is that for every time you use this ability, its mana cost will go up by 50%, so your mana pool will quickly run out if you spam it.


This version of Fervent Healing is a heal over time. When used on an ally or yourself, the target receives a buff for up to 25 seconds that heals them for 311+40% of your Healing power per second. Also, this skill is not an instant cast; it has a charge time of up to 4 seconds. For every second you charge it, you receive one extra charge, and that charge increases its duration by 5 seconds. So the base duration is 5 seconds, and the maximum is 25 seconds.

The cooldown is 30 seconds.


Startling Strain


This version will not Stun the target, but will immediately apply the Charm debuff. The Charm debuff lasts for 22 seconds instead of its usual 28 seconds.


Instead of a debuff, this version gives a buff to either you or an ally. This buff will last for 30 seconds, and will increase the effectiveness of all allied Songs from Songcraft that are used on you.

Healing Hymn


Instead of a heal, this version will spread between enemies and apply a Charm debuff to all enemies hit. The Charm debuff lasts for 8 seconds.


This version of Healing Hymn will restore Mana instead of restoring Health. That being said, this ability is quite bad, as the mana it restores is basically fixed, and it restores from 278 to 290 mana on hit.

Alarm Call


This version of Alarm Call lasts for 15 seconds, and has a radius of 9 meters. Every 3 seconds while the Life Alarm Call is played, it will remove one debuff from all allies within the radius. You cannot move while using this ability, or it will be cancelled.


This version of Alarm Call lasts for 9 seconds, and has a radius of 9 meters. While being played, this ability will put all enemies to sleep within the radius. Also, if that sleep is disturbed by damage, the enemy will immediately be slept again. You cannot move while using this ability, or it will be cancelled.




This version of Thwart will not apply the regular Thwart debuff to enemies hit within its radius. Instead of that, this version of Thwart will give the user a better version of its Inspire buff. This version will increase Attack Speed by +65 instead of the regular +53. Also, it will give the Inspired buff to all allies within a 6-meter radius of the user.

The downside to this is that it only stacks once, instead of the usual three times. It is affected by the second Aurmancy buff.


This version of Thwart will give an improved debuff to enemies within a 6-meter radius around the user. This debuff will increase the amount of damage that enemies with it take. It does that by lowering Fixed Melee Damage Reduction, Fixed Magic Damage Reduction, and Fixed Ranged Damage Reduction each by a value of 20. It also lowers Siege Damage Reduction by that amount as well. In addition to that, it will apply the usual Thwart debuff that is in the regular version of Thwart.

The Inspired buff that it gives to the user is the same as the regular version, and stacks up to three times.



The Mist version of Spellshield will allow the caster to give a Spellshield to any one of his allies in the radius of 20 meters.

It lasts as long as a regular Spellshield does, or 8 seconds, but its cooldown is increased from the usual 30 seconds to 50 seconds.


This version of Spellshield will give the user a version of Spellshield that reflects received Magic Damage back at the players who dealt that damage. So instead of reducing Magic Damage that you receive by 32%, this version takes that 32% and deals it to the person who dealt that damage.

One downside to it is that this version of Spellshield only lasts 5 seconds instead of 8 seconds.

Protective Wings


All this version does is allow the caster to use Protective Wings to a targetable location that is within a 20-meter radius of the caster. The area of effect of the Mist version is the same as that of the regular version.


This version of Protective Wings is a little more interesting than the Mist one. While the player is channeling this version of Protective Wings, every half a second, he will give a buff to a random ally within a radius of 20 meters that will reduce the Magic Damage that the player with the buff receives by 29%, and will reflect 70% of the Magic Damage that player receives back at the attacker. This buff lasts for four seconds.


Mana Stars


This version of Mana Stars will add an AoE effect to it. When using the Quake version of Mana Stars, the Mana Stars that a player will cast will not only deal damage to the player’s target, but also to enemies within a 6-meter radius of that target. That being said, the range of the ability is decreased from 20 meters to only 8 meters.

In everything else, the ability is identical to the original version of Mana Stars.

Overall, this ability seems great for farming mobs, but mediocre for PvP.


The Wave version of Mana Stars will grant the user a buff that increases his movement speed. Every time he uses Mana Stars, this buff will be renewed. It grants 2% increased movement speed per stack, and stacks up to 10 times, so a total of 20% increased movement speed.

I must say, lots of Koreans are using this ability, so perhaps it will be the same on our version.

Hell Spears


This version of Hell Spears work the same way as the regular version, with the exception of this version of Hell Spears going off two seconds after they are cast, and them dealing 1440+469% of your Magic attack, instead of 864+279% of your Magic attack.


The Mist version of Hell Spears will be a single target ability, which impales the target of the caster, dealing the same amount of damage to that target as the regular version of Hell Spears would have done.

This ability can be cast on targets up to 20 meters away from the caster, and the mana usage on it is 528 instead of 710.

Summon Wraith


The Wave version of Summon Wraith will be much like the original Summon Wraith. It summons a Wraith on you that deals 230+120% of your Magic attack per second to all enemies with a 7 meter radius. That being said, you can move around with this ability, and it will follow you, but it will be more effective when you stand still versus when you move around. This affect will apply the same debuffs to enemies as the regular Summon Wraith does.

This ability lasts for 9 seconds, but can be cancelled.


This version will summon a Wraith mob that will deal 576+240% of your Magic attack in a 7-meter radius around it, as well as apply the usual debuffs to enemies. This Wraith will remain in one spot, and be unaffected by your movements. It is also attackable, and has only around 11,000 HP, so it will be quite easy to kill it.

A player can cast this ability to a distance of 15 meters away from himself. But, the cooldown on this ability will be increased from one minute to one minute and thirty seconds.




This version of Overwhelm is the same as the regular Overwhelm in stats and effects, except in the fact that if you use it on an enemy from their back (If you backstab them with it), then your next Melee attack will have an 100% critical rate(So it will automatically critically strike). The animation of this version of Overwhelm is faster than that of the regular version of Overwhelm.

The cooldown of this skill is increased from the regular 18 seconds to 26 seconds.


This version of Overwhelm is basically a hop. After using it on your target, you will hop forward 15 meters from the target. The maximum range of this ability is decreased from 10 meters to 6 meters.

Drop Back


Instead of jumping backwards, with this version of Drop Back, you jump forwards. That’s it.


This version is a little more interesting. After using it, you will be able to use the following skills without casting them: Concussive Arrow, Critical Discord, and Mend, Earthen Grip, and perhaps more.

If you use it in combination with Concussive Arrow, the best version to use it with is just the regular Concussive Arrow, as it will deal the most damage.



This version of Shadowsmite works like a small teleport. The use of it is a maximum of 6 meters, and when used, you teleport to the back of your target and execute the ability there.

One downside to this is that your target will not be shackled after using it.


This ability is basically the same as a regular Shadowsmite, except in the fact that instead of tripping targets that are stunned, it trips targets that are taunted. The combo of this ability can go hand in hand with skills such as Lasso.

That just about concludes this article. I will be adding pictures to it later during the day.

What do you think about these new skills? Which ones will you use?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll be sure to answer them.

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  1. Chrome

    Abolishers and skullknight are going to be even more aids than now.

  2. Foxboltz

    Mark/Fanta, I have a question about the obsidian items vs. Delph/ayanad items. Actually, Im seeking for advice in what to do in 3.0 to maximize my gear before 3.5 hits live. Im on the Fresh Start Server saving up money and trying to decide if I should go for Obsidian Gear and regrade to Divine or maybe try to get Unique Epherium and wait for the 3.5 changes and upgrade it to Delphinad or maybe neither of those… I dont know, these regrade/crafting changes made me confused about what should be my next mive before 3.5. What do you think? How should players prepare themselves for these changes? Buy now or later? Obsidian or Delph/Ayanad? Thanks for the help and keep up the good work with your articles!

    • Mark

      You should probably go for Divine Obsidian for right now. Waiting isn’t worth it when 3.5 is coming in early July.

      • Foxboltz

        Why is that? could you elaborate a but more? Thanks for the help =)

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    hi, we reset skills a lot, if for example, we got these skills with successor skills attribute:

    – Spellshield (Mist)
    – Protective Wings (Mist)

    When we reset the skill tree Auramancy, will we get them reset back to original ?

    • Mark

      Yes, you will. These skill modifications are not permanent once selected, and are interchangeable. They are just like any other skill that you select.

      • Firish

        yay!!! ok I got it. so basically just another couple of extra points to spend~

  4. Donee

    Can we use labor or xp stones acquired from world bosses kills to level up sucessor skills or there is an specific method ?


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