XL has introduced some quality of life changes in 3.5. In this article, I’ll briefly explore them, just so that I don’t miss anything that was added in 3.5.

New Houses

With 3.5, XL has introduced a new line of two-floor houses. Seen below is an image of one of these houses.

As you can see, they seem to be a lot like the upgraded two-floor Thatched houses. They feature a garden on the bottom for your plants, and living space at the top. Unlike Thatched houses though, they take up less space and don’t have the special bonuses that upgraded Thatched houses grant.

There will be a total of 16 such upgraded houses, and they will be from both Harani and Nuian house designs. The recipe for the upgraded designs is shown below.


5 Enchanted Blueprint

6 Building Management Title

40 Construction Brick Bundle

20 Wooden Beam Bundle

20 Construction Tool Bundle

The base taxes for these houses are 15 tax certificates.

Harani Two-Floor House

Nuian Two-Floor House


Housing Auction House

XL has finally listened to their community and created a logical way to sell properties: a separate, sever-based auction house on which players can list their properties for sale.

Below is a series of images that shows how one might register his property to the auction house.

The image above shows the property auction house interface. It includes the seller’s name, the name of the building, the type of building (Scarecrow Garden, Mansion, etc.), the amount of furniture the property can hold (The amount of furniture currently installed is not shown), the asking price, and the location of the property, which opens a map.

Below is shown the interface for searching the Property Auction House. The red box shows a drop-down menu, which allows you to choose what kind of property you would like to look up.

Improved Item Folio

The Item Folio has been improved to show other items, rather than just show equipable gear. Instead of just the gear tab (Which the left-most tab), there are now four tabs that show Gear, Pets (Mounts, Battle Pets), Vehicles, and Buildings, respectively from left to right. This is shown below.

When you mouse over the icon, you get a description of the object.

The houses are divided up into several categories, the categories being the methods in which you can obtain these items.

Reporting Improved

In 3.5, reporting a user has become easier, yet more complex. There are now a variety of options you can report a user for, such as abusive language or using illegal third-party programs. The interfaces are shown below.

Attachment image

You can also write a description of what the user was doing, which goes directly to XL (Or in our case, to Trion, if Trion implements this).

Miscellaneous Changes

– FFA Arenas now start with a minimum of 6 people.

– The experience needed for levels 1-30 and from levels 50-55 has been reduced.

12 Responses

  1. Curious

    So im kinda unclear on how the Housing Auction works. So if a buy a house on the auction do I get a fully built design in my mail or do I get the house on the other server?

    • Abra

      By the looks of the image which includes an arrow pointing to a specific location on the map, you’re getting the actual built structure. Also, the article says you’re buying properties; I believe a blueprint is not considered a property (though it can still be your property. Get it. It’s still you’re property…but it’s not a property. He he he ho ho)

      • Mark

        Indeed, you are buying the property as is. It is just like listing one under the Property Sale tag in game, just that this one is as if it were on a centralized cloud instead of being instanced per property.

  2. Balagan

    Do the upgraded 16×16 house all have the flower beds or are there also Armory or Trader options?

    • Yoruki

      The upgraded 16×16 only has the planters. There’s no armorer, apothecary, mining or rancher options.


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