This article will cover the things covered in XL’s patch notes for 3.5. I will be exploring in depth the topics mentioned in this article in future posts. This post is meant to serve as a technical outline, almost like a TL;DR, for the patch.

Successor Levels

Unlike the previous expansion to the level cap, which brought that cap from 50 to 55, this new cap will not be set at 60, or 65, or the such. Instead, XL is introducing a completely new series of levels called Successor Levels. There will be a total of 7 such levels, and once you level up, your current level (55 or the such) will be replaced with a special image and your successor level beside that image. 

Below is a table which shows experience required for each Successor level.

Level GrowthExperience Required for the Next LevelCumulative ExperienceHonorforged Medals Required
Level 55 → Successor Level 13,777,1583,777,1588
Successor Level 1 → Successor Level 21,531,9465,309,10410
Successor Level 2 → Successor Level 31,531,9466,841,05010
Successor Level 3 → Successor Level 41,531,9468,372,99610
Successor Level 4 → Successor Level 51,914,93210,287,92812
Successor Level 5 → Successor Level 61,914,93212,202,86012
Successor Level 6 → Successor Level 71,914,93214,117,79212

XL has added a new UI for leveling your Successor Level, as well as select your Successor Skills.

  • You can level up by pressing the Level Up button in your interface when you have achieved the needed experience values.
  • The UI allows you to select your Successor Skills.
  • You can have one sub-skill active at a time for each skill.

If you would like to learn more about Successor Levels and Successor Skills, you can read up on them [here](insert link).

Regions and NPCs

With 3.5 comes two new regions in Auroria, as well as a variety of new mobs (Not re-skinned ones), and several new bosses. Much of these areas are dedicated to progression and crafting Erenor.

XL seems to have introduced public, transport ships, which will travel from Two Crowns to Solis Headlands, as well as from Solzreed to Ynnystere. Players can purchase a buff called “Captain’s Protection” from one of the new Trade Posts (Read more about them in the Trade and Commerce Changes section), which will protect them from all enemy attacks as long as they stay on the public shipIf the player leaves the ship, he will immediately lose the buff and be susceptible to enemy attacks.

War and Peace cycles have been added to Golden Ruins, so you will be able to enjoy farming honor there.

XL has adjusted the war, peace, and conflict times. Mob kills will now contribute to Conflict/War times.

continentLocal nameConflict PeriodWar PeriodPeace Period
NuiaCinderstone, Halcyona, Hellswamp, Sandeep30 minutes90 minutes70 minutes
HaranyaYiniseu Termini, the end of the term, the strip of meadow Roca,
Kalahari and the Kerala’s ruins, Hasla
30 minutes90 minutes70 minutes
AuroriaGolden Ruins, Sea of Candles, Whale Song30 minutes90 minutes30 minutes

– XL has changed the number of people needed for FFA Arenas. The arena can now start with 6 people.

– Guards are now level 55 (Increased from 50).

Changes to Levels

With Successor Levels coming out in 3.5, XL has made some changes to the experience needed to go from level 50-55, so as to encourage new players to come and try the game out.

Below is a table that shows the current values compared to post-3.5 values.

LevelExperience required
Experience required
50 -> 51764,400509,600
51 -> 521,375,920840,840
52 -> 532,201,4721,387,386
53 -> 543,412,2812,289,187
54 -> 555,289,0373,777,158
Total (50 -> 55) 13,043,110      8,804,171

Skill Changes

– The Nuian Passive/Active has been changed so that instead of being a constant 10% buff to all stats, it now decreases from 10% to 8%, and then to 4% over time.

– You can no longer change/reset skills while in battle, casting, in a transformed state, or while dead.

– The Physical Defense granted by the passive Shield of Steel in the Defense tree has been changed from granting +900 defense to +6% overall defense.


Boss Changes

Boss spawn times have been adjusted (Please note that this is for Korea, and is subject to change).
– Kraken: It will spawn on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 21:35, and will despawn after 3 hours.
– Red dragon: It will spawn at 21:40 on Saturday and despawn after 3 hours.
– Leviathan: It will spawn on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 21:30, and despawn after 10 hours.
– Delphinad Ghost Ship: They will only spawn at 21:45 every day, and will despawn after 2 hours.
– Hanure: Despawns 2 hours after its spawn, and will respawn 12 hours after its despawn time.
– Rangora: Despawns 2 hours after its spawn, and will respawn 8 hours after its despawn time.
– Morpheus: Despawns 2 hours after its spawn, and will respawn 8 hours after its despawn time.
– Nazar: Despawns after 2 hours after its spawn, and respawns 4 hours after its despawn time.

Red Dragon’s drops have been changed. It now drops downgraded versions of the weapons that it drops currently in the game. To get the weapons that are in the game right now, you must upgrade these new weapons. Read more about this change here.

Tax Changes

Taxes have been changed so that it is possible to put a property up for sale, or demolish it, even after you have prepaid taxes on the property. Taxes that have been paid in advance will not be returned after the building is demolished or sells.
– Tax paid in advance will be transferred to the buyer upon the sale.

The method/labor required for making taxes has been changed.
– Original: Consume 300 labor per 5 taxes.
– Changed: Consume 55 labor per 1 tax certificate. You also now need 1 paper to create one tax certificate.

Erenor Gear

Erenor gear has been released. You can find out more in this article.

Armor Changes

Defense rateMagic Defense rate7/7 Set effect4/7+ Set effect
Plate1200Maximum health increased by 5%Physical defense is increased by 3%.Stun and Shackle duration decreased -20%.Maximum health increased by 3%
Physical defense is increased by 3%.
Leather6060Increases the range of all bow skills by +3m.Evasion rate increased by 3%Decreases duration of Trip by-20%.Increases the range of all bow skills by +2m.
Evasion rate increased by 3%
Cloth20100Chance to interrupt casting when hit by an enemy is reduced by 50%.Movement speed increased by 3%20% reduction over all statesChance to interrupt casting when hit by an enemy is reduced by 33%.Movement speed increased by 3%

What was changed?

– Increases the basic physical armor of a sheet item by 20%, instead of increasing the physical armor of the set-set effect.
– The increased attack speed and increased critical rates on all types of damage from wearing leather was removed. 
– The reduced cast time on cloth has been removed, and reduced cast delay time (When being attacked) has been reduced.
– The reduced cast time, magic skill damage increase, and reduction on all states of damage on clothsets has been reduced to 20%.

To read about these changes in-depth, please read this post.

Item Changes

– Due to wisps no longer being used, the ability to craft Wisp Reforgers has been removed from the game, and Wisp Reforgers that are currently in the game will no longer be able to function. You can exchange them for the Thunderstruck Trees used in making one in Mirage Isle.

– The maximum number of potions in one slot has been increased from 100 to 1,000.

– Special quest items (From dailies) for defeating the new bosses in the new Whale Song and Sea of Candles areas have been added. These will be used in crafting Erenor items.

– A new grade above Mythic has been added. It is called Primordial. You can read more about it [here](Add link).

– The drop rate on unidentified weapons in Auroria has been increased.

– They have re-vamped some costumes, so that these costumes better suit the Dwarf and Warborn character models.

– Repair costs on gear have been increased (By around 2 times, from what I’ve seen).

– The decrease in durability upon dying to a  non-PvP related death has been increased.

Crafting and Proficiency Changes

The crafting system is undergoing a massive overhaul in 3.5. The RNG in crafting has been eliminated altogether, and has more or less been replaced by regrading.

Item TierGrade Needed to UpgradeDefault Output Grade

– The labor needed to craft an Illustrious item has been decreased from 1,400 labor to 600 labor.

– The labor needed to craft an Ayanad item has been increased from 800 labor to 1,250 labor.

– Pearls and the such have been removed from crafting altogether.

– You can proc up to Arcane on a Sealed item.

– The number of Warrior’s Medals used in crafting Delphinad and Ayanad cloaks has been reduced, but the number of Auroria mats needed for each one has been increased.

– A method for mass-producing paper and blank regrade scrolls has been added.

Regrade and Grade Changes

  • The percentage chance for an item to proc is now shown numerically as a percentage in the regrading UI, instead of an image.

Item Regrading Changes

Grade ChangeInstance dungeon loot, some quest rewards (Easy)Crafted items, regular mob loot (Normal)Obsidian Gear, Boss Loot (Hard)
Grand → Rare100.0%100.0%100.0%
Rare → Arcane100.0%100.0%50.0%
Arcane → Heroic67.5%50.0%32.5%
Heroic → Unique67.5%50.0%32.5%
Unique → Celestial47.3%35.0%22.8%.
Celestial → Divine40.5%30.0%19.5%
Divine → Epic13.5%10.0%6.5%
Epic → Legendary10.8%8.0%5.2%
Legendary → Mythic4.1%3.0%2.0%
Mythic → Primordial2.7%2.0%1.3%
  • Depending on the regrading chance (Easy, Normal, Hard), the amount of gold needed for a regrade is different. It is not known wether it will be more gold the lower the chance is, or less gold.

Ship Component/Pet Gear Regrading Changes

Grade ChangeCurrent ChancePost-3.1
Basic → Grand100%100%
Grand → Rare50%60%
Rare → Arcane50%60%
Arcane → Heroic50%60%
Heroic → Unique50%60%
Unique → Celestial50%50%
Celestial → Divine40%50%
Divine → Epic35%40%
Epic → Legendary30%35%
Legendary → Mythic20.00%17.50%
Mythic → Primordial0.00%8.80%
  • Regrading costs for ship components/pet gear has been increased from 10 gold per regrade to 20 gold per regrade.

Trade and Commerce Changes

XL has added a trading post to the game. The locations of these trading posts are shown below.

  • Nuia – Solzreed Peninsula, Two Crowns, Cinderstone Moor
  • Haranya – Ynnestere, Villanelle, Solis Headlands
  • Auroria – Diamond Shores

– In order to trade (Hand in cross-continental packs), you will need to purchase a trade certificate from one of the trading posts.

– You cannot engage in fights around these trading posts.

XL has changed the interest rate and the delivery time on turned in packs.

  • The time needed for the gold/items from a turned in pack to arrive in the mail has been decreased from 22 hours to 8 hours.
  • The interest rate on turned in goods has been decreased from 5% to 2%.

– XL has added a freshness factor to trade packs. The fresher the packs (Meaning the less time that has elapsed since the packs were crafted), the more you will receive for turning them in. Because of this, staging packs won’t be as profitable anymore.

– Rock Salt is being replaced by Charcoal.

– There is now an auction house section for properties (You can list properties as auctions).

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  1. Pokelightian

    So the new crafting changes mean that gear wont carry over its grade anymore? So there’s no sense regrading anything you plan on upgrade past the required minimum grade.

  2. Daniel

    Its true that in 3.5 you can reroll status on weapons you got bad status roll like life for darkrunner and stuff? is so how much would it cost?

    • Mark

      Yes, you can do that. Keep in mind that you would lose any gems in that weapon, as well as its temper.

      The crafting recipe of the item required would cost around 50-100g, so that is not too expensive.


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