With 3.5, XL has decided to once again redesign the Hero system. It features some changes to rewards, as well as some new ones.

New Rewards

With this update, XL has introduced several timed weapons for Erenor heroes. These weapons last for 30 days, are item level 50 (Slightly above Epherium), and will be Primordial in grade. Because they are item level 50 and Primordial, they are between Celestial and Divine Ayanads in terms of stats, but they have some special effects. As an Erenor hero, you will receive all of these items in your mail, but can only equip one at a time. So you can’t equip the Staff and Bow at the same time. These weapons are very pretty, but unfortunately, since they’re timed, you can’t use them as Image Items.

Those special effects are a passive while equipped which increases your Maximum Health by 5000, and when you inflict damage on someone, there is a chance that all enemies within 12m will have one positive buff removed. This procced active has a 30 second cooldown.


The Greatclub features 150 Spirit as its stat.



원본 크기로 보시려면 그림을 클릭하세요.원본 크기로 보시려면 그림을 클릭하세요.

The Greatsword features 150 Strength as its stat.


The staff features 150 Intelligence as its stat.


The bow features 44 Strength, 37 Agility, and 29 Intelligence as its stats.

Changes to Old Rewards

-The statue granted to heroes has had its grade upped from Mythic to Primordial. It is still worth 10 silver.

-It would seem that Hero Cloaks have been discontinued. This is not confirmed yet, but is probably true.

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  1. Awo

    Question, as SK for example, do you think that it ll be possible to equip the Bow to get the +5k HP ? Is the remove buff proc is based on any type of damage ?

  2. Kathrann

    Do you know if current heros will get these rewards or do the rewards start next cycle?


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