As many of you may have heard, Erenor Cloaks are coming out in 3.5 as counterparts to the new Erenor gear. Today, we’ll be taking a look at these cloaks. They will be quite hard to obtain, as they require the same scroll material that is used in crafting Erenor armor.

Crafting Erenor Cloaks

  • Desired Ayanad Cloak to be upgraded
  • 1 Moonlight Erenor Crafting Scroll
  • 800 Warrior’s Medals
  • 10 Moonlight Archeum Essences
  • 2 Blazing Cloth or Leather (Depends on the Cloak)

There you have it. The only hard part should be the Moonlight Erenor Crafting Scroll, as that takes a tedious amount of grinding, or can be bought off another player for a large sum of gold (30-35k by Korean standards, so around 20-25k if adjusted to current NA gold values).

The Blazing Cloth is required for regular cloaks, while the Blazing Leather is required for Flaming cloaks.

Experience Values

GradeExperience Needed To Next LevelEffects Granted

Erenor Cloak Stats and Effects

Like Erenor gear, Erenor cloaks are item level 68. As with the previous cloaks, there are 5 different variants, which each variant having two cloaks, a regular one and a Flaming cloak.

As can be seen from the table shown in experience values, the Erenor cloak has 4 effects at Mythic grade.


Below are listed the effects

  • Common effect: Movement Speed Increase 13%
    • Regular: Defense Penetration Increase
    • Flaming: Ranged Critical damage Increase
    • Or 4 of the 14 additional effects
  • Common effect: Block Chance Increase 8%
    • Regular: Magic Defense
    • Flaming: Maximum Health Increase
    • Or 4 of the 14 additional effects
  • Common effect: Increases Health by 1536
    • Regular: Healing Power Increased
    • Flaming: Critical Heal Bonus (+12.0% at Mythic)
    • Or 4 of the 14 additional effects
  • Common effect: +99 Attack Speed
    • Regular: Backstab Melee Damage Increase
    • Flaming: Melee Critical Damage Increase
    • Or 4 of the 14 additional effects
  • Common effect: Decreases your cast time by 9%
    • Regular: Magic Defense Penetration Increase
    • Flaming: Magic Critical Damage Increase
    • Or 4 of the 14 additional effects

The 14 Additional Effects

Generally, you will select 3 of the 14 additional effects for your cloak. Of course, you can select 4 of the 14 additional effects, but that is not recommended.  Those effects are listed below.

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Intelligence
  • Spirit
  • Stamina
  • Mana
  • Recieved Healing
  • Continuous Health Regen
  • Post-Cast Mana Regen
  • Fixed Melee Damage Reduction
  • Fixed Ranged Damage Reduction
  • Fixed Magic Damage Reduction
  • Focus
  • Resilience

Some of you may notice that these are the same effects as the Ayanad cloaks. That’s because they are the same thing. They haven’t changed, but they obviously went up in what the amount they provide.

With effects such as Strengh or Intelligence, you can have up to 123 of those values added at Mythic. Compared to the maximum of 98 on Ayanad cloaks, there is quite a large difference between the two cloak tiers.


That just about concludes what there is about Erenor cloaks. They’re quite simple, and are like their predecessors.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section. I’ll be sure to answer them as soon as I can.

9 Responses

  1. Vax

    Do you know if Synthium Shards drop in the new zones or are we doomed to farm DS @ war to infinity and beyond to level these…

    • Mark

      I’m not sure about the new zones, but are you aware that you can farm the Synthium Shards in zones such as Sungold Fields and Marcala? As long as the Mana Tower in the zone is claimed by a faction, it will spawn neutral, orange mobs that drop Synthium shards.

      • Vax

        Yes but I generally consider DS better because of the at War drop rate buff.

  2. zexan

    why is the Twintail cloak the only one that doesnt have an increase to its stat?

    7% is what ayanad cloaks currently have o.o

  3. Mrzombie

    If my current ayanad cloak is flaking windsong (rammed CRIT dmg), do you know if it’d be possible to go to the def pen cloak again? Or am in stuck on ranged CRIT dmg?


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