With the new patch coming so soon (January 19, 2017), XL has decided to reveal more info. In this article, we will be covering the “expansion” of the level cap, how that will come to be, and the improved skills that come as a result of these new levels. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

The New Level Cap

Unlike the previous expansion to the level cap, which brought that cap from 50 to 55, this new cap will not be set at 60, or 65, or the such. Instead, XL is introducing a completely new series of levels called Successor Levels. There will be a total of 7 such levels, and once you level up, your current level (55 or the such) will be replaced with a special image and your successor level beside that image. This image and the level is shown below, beside the image that shows what the current system is.



In other words, you will not be leveling to level 56, 57, and onwards, but will be leveling to successor level 1, 2, and the such.

In order to level up to the next successor level, you will also require a certain number of Honorforged Medals, which can be obtained from the Honor Shop for 2,000 honor per. In total, you will need 74 of them (Which is 148,000 honor in total), so start saving up your honor now!

Below is a table of the requirements for leveling up.

Level GrowthExperience Required for the Next LevelCumulative ExperienceHonorforged Medals Required
Level 55 → Successor Level 13,777,1583,777,1588
Successor Level 1 → Successor Level 21,531,9465,309,10410
Successor Level 2 → Successor Level 31,531,9466,841,05010
Successor Level 3 → Successor Level 41,531,9468,372,99610
Successor Level 4 → Successor Level 51,914,93210,287,92812
Successor Level 5 → Successor Level 61,914,93212,202,86012
Successor Level 6 → Successor Level 71,914,93214,117,79212

XL Games estimates that it will take about 2-3 days of daily quests to level up a successor level. Of course, you can do it much faster with the Experience Stones from daily bosses, so you might want to start stacking up on those as well.

“Successor Skills”

With the implementation of Successor levels come changes to skills as well. Before I begin, please note that there will be no new skills. Anyhow, with 3.5, XL wants to freshen the experience of PvP by improving certain skills, which they will do by making sub-skills for popular skills such as Rapid Strike, Triple Slash, and Tiger Strike.

At the beginning of the update, there will be three skills in each tree that will be modified and designated as Successor Skills. For each of those skills, two sub-skills will be added to the game, which players will then be able to train and choose.

These skills will also feature a new and unique “attribute” system. There are 8 attributes: Flame, Life, Stone, Wave, Lightning, Squall, Quake, and possibly Sunset (Haven’t found a good translation for this attribute as of yet). As you may notice, these names are taken from some of the crafting attributes. That being said, I am not sure what they do, as XL has not really provided any info on that as of yet. All I know is that attributes seem to affect the way in which the Successor skills work, and for each sub-skill, you will be able to select one out of the four attributes assigned to that sub-skill.

The amount of sub-skills you can select will depend off of your Successor level, and you will get 1 Successor skill point every single time you level your Successor level. Thus, at Successor level 7, you will be able to select a maximum of 7 sub-skills. Also, in order to have Successor skills at all, the tree from which you desire the skills must be level 55.

So, I said that there are going to be 2 sub-skills for every Successor skill. But what will differentiate these two sub-skills. According to XL, there will be two categories: Fighting and Endurance. These two categories will influence whether the skill is more geared towards burst and DPS classes, or to more control and tanky classes.

A special window has been added for the training and implementation of these new successor skills. If you would like to see it, please scroll down to the Images section. 

New Areas

With 3.5, XL has also decided to implement two new areas: Whale Song and Sea Candle. Whale Song will be located in the Southwestern part of Auroria, while Sea Candle will be across the Aurorian sea, so probably near Golden Ruins.

In both areas, there will be new raid content, as well as some new dailies to gain honor (Up to 2400 a day from Whale Song). In Whale Song, there will be a new boss called Karzai, the Man with the Shield of God . In Sea Candle, there will be some other sort of new boss.

XL states that your mission is to prevent your enemies from forming raids while the zone is in war, but they also state that there will be certain measures in place to avoid large forces monopolizing the Whale Song content. XL seems to indicate that there will be certain towers that will protect the lesser force, and balance it the fight out.

Other Changes

  • The amount of Abyssal Shards to craft an Abyssal Crystal has been decreased from 40 to 30.

Hatred Skills/Abyssal Skills Changes

In 3.0B, XL Games balanced and fine-tuned some of the Abyssal Skills, in response to some of the feedback from the Korean community. In 3.5, they will make some changes in how Abyssal Skills are leveled.

Hatred Level GrowthCurrent Required ItemsPost 3.5 Required Items
24 253 Abyssal Crystals3 Abyssal Crystals
39 40200 Warrior’s Medals15 Abyssal Crystals
54 5520 Honorforged Medals30 Abyssal Crystals

Leveling Changes

In order to help newer players progress, XL is lowering the experience requirements for earlier leveling, such as the grind from 50-55.

  1. Improved leveling in levels 1-30 by removing/changing some quests.
  2. The experience required to from level 50-55 has been decreased by 30%.
  3. Added a new series of daily quests which reward an amount of experience equal to the Library Daily quests.

Below is a table showing the new values of experience required to level up post patch 3.5.

Level GrowthCurrent Experience Required for the Next LevelNew (Post 3.5) Experience Required for the Next Level
Level 50 51764,400509,600
51 521,375,920840,840
52 532,201,4721,387,386
53 543,412,2812,289,187
54 555,289,0373,777,158
Total (50 55)13,043,1108,804,171


Basic Successor Skill Window

Select your desired successor skill in this window


Selecting the Sub Skill

Allows you to choose between Fighting and Endurance (The left is Fighting; the right is Endurance, or so it would seem)


Selecting the “Fighting: Sub-Skill

The eight sub-windows, that are situated in a circle, are the attributes, from which you can choose the “sub-sub” Successor Skills (Sorry about the subs). Notice that no skill is selected as of yet.


Selecting the “Endurance” Sub-Skill

Finally, the player has selected a sub-sub skill in this window, and has his desired Successor Skill.


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